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  1. Looks like a back wind ladies Longines in an 18K case You could probably narrow down the movement by searching for ladies sized Longines back wind movements .. there likely isn't many What other information were you hoping for?
  2. On a side-note, adding "with all due respect" to a comment meant as a put-down doesn't change the put-down. For example: I think you're an idiot to bastardize an IWC (with all due respect)
  3. Yep, ladies Men's rectangular watches go down to 25mm wide (some longer ones even go down to 20mm) but round ones usually only go down to low 30s
  4. It's collectible as it's one of the dirty dozen wwii military watches
  5. I think the pins you refer to are just normal, generic spring loaded pins of suitable length The Eterna and Longines bracelets look legit. I don't know anything about Rolex
  6. Ladies cocktail watch .. nothing really exceptional about it .. but it does have a 14k gold case
  7. I have a solid 14K Elgin from 1928 you can have for 350GBP but it's not a hunter.
  8. The double F symbol is the Fontainmelon cartouche. It means they made the movement. I don't know what the "1" means
  9. Not sure why Canada is on the movement but there hasn't been any movements made here since the late 1800s Lots of watch assemblers though (using imported movements from other countries)
  10. If it were that, it would be on the case, not under the dial
  11. Picked this up in my internet travels "Ralco" watches were produced by Movado, the name originating from the first letter of the names of three members of the Ditesheim family (owners of Movado), Roger, Armand and Lucien. For more information on Ralco watches, please refer to Van Osterhausen's book, "The Movado History". I think that's a FHF186 movement http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&a&2uswk&FHF_186
  12. False statement. They aren't common but they do exist. Usually the case top itself will have a gold marking on the side or between the lugs.
  13. India has a climate that is hard on watches as well as watchmakers that "made do" with what they had. As a side affect, most vintage watches are frankenwatches and with repainted dials. As always, research before you buy
  14. If there are bits of it that are solid gold, the whole thing will be worth what the gold is worth. Otherwsie it's a give-away
  15. Movement looks to be a Bulova 10AE and Bestfit lists it's base movement as a FF324 http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&a&2uswk&Bulova_10AE
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