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  1. Mine don't need winding when they're worn, they just keep going and going and going until I stop wearing them and then stop about 40 hours later.
  2. I want! This at the moment: But waiting for the postman to bring this back to me after a couple of days away
  3. I do like the Christopher Ward, although not overly keen on the shape of the hands and it would be nice if it was sold on a PVD bracelet.
  4. Thanks lads! I am very happy with it - I tried a blue one on in Ernest Jones probably about 18 months to 2 years ago and I was a bit disaapointed to be honest. I'd never had a watch over 40mm at that point and I perhaps felt it was a bit big, or didn't look as nice in blue. This is 41mm excl crown and 21mm lugs (just to make it nice and easy to get straps). I think the quality is fantastic for the price - I haven't compared them directly with an Omega (as I don't have one :D ) but compared to my TAG (which would cost almost 3x as much new - how?), it comes out very well - case and bracelet are very well made and finished, solid 120 (I think) click bezel and the lume is good but not as bright as some I've had. Minor points are the end links seem a bit loose in the lugs, I would like more adjustment in the clasp and it would be nice if the clasp had a push button as well as the fliplock, but apart from that it's grand. More pics anyway - case back is lovely I think :wub:
  5. Just picked one of these Longines Hyrdoconquests today. Like it very much overall - nice clear dial, well made and nicely finished and nice case back too! A Q&D for your viewing pleasure.
  6. I think that's a great looking watch and one I've wanted to try for ages, but have never seen one on the high street.
  7. Carrera Twin Time for me. Had wanted one for years and nearly bought an Aquaracer, but glad I bought this instead.
  8. Glycine for me - can't sell it so I might as well wear it :crybaby: :D
  9. Search Google for Ryte Time watch repairs. Steve (B ) has repaired and serviced a couple of my watches and is remarkably good value for money.
  10. My first Escort then Mondeo and Focus have all had it. It doesn't demist the window (in my cars anyway!), it just defrosts the ice on the outside. The best way to demist them is to turn the hot air on them and switch on the a/c. I'm pretty sure it was a Ford patent and it ran out last year or the year before so the other manufacturers have started picking it up and putting it on their options list. I think it's a great feature and one that I really missed when I got a 1 series
  11. Yeah but your mam didn't invent Paddington Bear :lol:
  12. I used to go my holidays there when I was little!! Great shots
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