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  1. That's where i live Seaham they have a load of poppies on around him at the minute ready for the parade.
  2. I think the G shocks would look lost on his small wrists
  3. They have gone to Florida to do some flying over there the daughter and son in law,he kept asking me to go up with him in the little one no way,my son has recently lost a very good friend who was in the Alps not so long ago and crashed into another light plane they both passed away and the other two survived only this year my wife's heart goes in to her mouth everytime he says he of out in the plane
  4. The son in law has just passed all his exams to fly a big plane's already has the little plane licenses it has cost quite a bit to do as our family and his were not born with silver spoons in our mouths we would like to buy him a pilots watch not to dear max £300.00 do they still wear them?he is tall and lanky with a small wrist any idea's would be appreciated.
  5. Been on a first aid refresher course for two days this one.
  6. Just like to say a big thank you to two forum members who i have bought watches from recently Jon for the Nite and Bernie for the Citizen great guys to deal with.vigman & Tazmo61 you might know them as.and to Roy for this wonderful forum. thanks bowie
  7. Lovely looking car Davey enjoy the drive with a big grin on your face.
  8. yea it does sweep in the advert wonder if it has been speeded up.like the blue dial.
  9. Nice watch is it luminous, what's the rear like.
  10. Found this on the other side Argos back catalogues from the 70's onwards great to look at for toys,watches,hi-fi phones,game-consoles,what was available at the time and prices. http://argosbookofdreams.co.uk/
  11. wrong date but this one.
  12. me too love the big day date window's
  13. Have had mine from new from my mam on my 18th birthday,apparently i got the last set of hands and glass with bezel from sekonda a few years back,I'm 61 next January has had only 1 service but works great.
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