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  1. a strip of led's at front the dome thing in the middle is flap you can open to take pics from there
  2. just got this from the bay £ 6.99 different colour inserts folds down with led lights on top just plug in from your mobile phone charger micro USB, two quick pictures. with phone 1st two.
  3. Yes, another microbrand watch looks good to me I think the boss Roy did a review of one and maybe if you mention RLT I'm sure there is some discount ask Roy. also ask speedy112 on the forum he has one has put a picture on today's watch wear.
  4. don't know how old this is or seen any service think it's french too small for me to wear keeps good time. also, do you think the strap is original?
  5. well, I like over 40mm anything smaller on my wrist looks lost, like a child's watch on
  6. Great taste super picture I have one in oil done in the '80s
  7. the wife says the same to me when I have this on she says cover it over.
  8. I like that what's under the hood.
  9. I was also going to ask about the bracelet also, really suits the watch I remember when I 1st got mine from a shop in Sunderland it had a crappy metal one on also just been talking to an old school mate who has the same watch and he says its no good have asked him if he wants to sell it its a none runner.
  10. just put a new battery in this
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