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  1. wish i could do something like that fantastic.
  2. this one when i get up been in back shift just got in.
  3. also i know what you mean about picking the 177 slugs up very hand for my fingers just i thought 177 where better i used to have a bsa super meteor .22 when i was 16 that's a few yeara ago now i'm 62 and need specs for reading
  4. Target's i think but one for all kinds of shooting.
  5. Thanks for the replies will pm johnbaz
  6. Would like an air rifle but don't know what to get new or second hand what do I go for 22 or 177, what type of action spring gas or what can anyone give me some tips please do you need a licence, what make to Go for,price around £130.00 what can I get , I'm not very tall Thanks John
  7. win some loose sum sorry but £500.00 might not be a lot to you but to me it's a fortune and i'm not happy about it i cannot afford to just throw that money away on a watch
  8. new strap and bronze buckle on this steeldive.
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