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  1. That's a great choice you have some nice watches.
  2. Yep Peter Simon should have a comedy show I like Vostok
  3. found these pics from last year with new strap on
  4. This is mine when new will take a picture later has started to go dim now naturally
  5. it's nice but the name master banker i keep saying something else in my head and it's not banker
  6. i like yellow just needs some blue and white Leeds united
  7. I like if it has the sekio nh35 movement in a least it hacks and can manuel wind better than the 7s26 imo
  8. I allways end up in tears watching this programe love it some good stories about the bits of stuff.
  9. If I had some money would love one of these a dress watch at the right size 43mm it's very nice. https://www.oris.ch/en/watch/oris-110-years-limited-edition/01-110-7700-6081-set-ls
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