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  1. i like zelos watches they do make some excellent watches would love a Helmsman 2 the bronze one https://zeloswatches.com/collections/helmsman-2 https://zeloswatches.com/products/helmsman2?variant=8886115237977
  2. I watch the shows when peter simon is on he is such a funny man should have his own show have not bought any thing yet from them but i might as they do easy pay in instalments have some good watches on, did not know vostock are built in Lithuania now
  3. i like the bottom one what's the price
  4. No backlight full lume blue dial the watch is automatic
  5. it's a pilots watch so needs a big crown i like it.
  6. my only white face watch with the same miyota 9015 inside.
  7. That's better thank you looks great love blue lume.
  8. Looks a really nice watch,need a lume picture.and put the bezel triangle lined up with the 12 please don't like it when its not lined up sorry
  9. that's a great price for a automatic and with box.
  10. got this cannot get a good picture but it is a nice blue dial
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