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  1. i like the black and dirty orange dial colour me
  2. CW not for me never liked the name or logo on watch not one has floated my boat but i know a lot of people on here like them.
  3. two classic looking watches a great day out
  4. very nice congratulations
  5. had this on all week so far
  6. Happy new year to everyone hope we all have a good 2020 and stay safe
  7. These are coming soon assembled in the UK Portsmouth starting on kickstarter Jan 2020 https://www.nardiwatches.com/the-watch/
  8. A few weeks ago i said no more watches for this year (i lied) have 3 coming in this is the 1st came today and she said not another bloody watch i said that i could not remember lucky for me she's back to work Monday,could not miss this one a great price and not been worn a Homage to the J L Master Geographic all functions work great strap and buckle nice rotor here you go crap pictures better on here it's not were i received it from you can get different dial colours. item number: 233443313157
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