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  1. win some loose sum sorry but £500.00 might not be a lot to you but to me it's a fortune and i'm not happy about it i cannot afford to just throw that money away on a watch
  2. new strap and bronze buckle on this steeldive.
  3. i now have this award 15 Year Service Award
  4. just recived this today but need a leather strap to put it on any idea's
  5. well that's the last time for me on kickstarter worse to come i have to tell the wife yet and i'm being made redundant at end of next month
  6. does that mean no watch and no chance of any money back
  7. I have not owt to see how lighter it is need some battery in the wifes scales.
  8. nice watch got this one.
  9. some nice watches on there cheers
  10. and not making anymore of them wish i had mine
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