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  1. RLT 29 for sale on the dark side https://forum.tz-uk.com/showthread.php?504589-FSOT-Tag-Heuer-Edge-Prototype-RLT-29-Custom
  2. forgot about these in scotland Alphaville guess what song was playing
  3. this is a quality watch that i have miyota 9015 inside c
  4. i want this https://www.steeldives.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/steeldive-sd1903-stainless-steel-case-pilot-watch?variant=42219750883547
  5. what about a second hand steeldive watch seiko nh35 movement very good something like this eBay item number: 275083717597 or pagani design
  6. Hello north east myself.welcome to the club
  7. This is my mine for this year esay to read
  8. I like that one very nice dress watch
  9. this thanks to Simon2 for fixing Tritium GTLS Self Luminous Watch
  10. something lilke this https://www.forbes.com/sites/arieladams/2014/11/12/24000000-patek-philippe-supercomplication-pocket-watch-beats-its-own-record-at-auction/?sh=3c5224d020dc and this https://www.patek.com/en/collection/grand-complications/5270-1R-001
  11. i have this one with i think a 24 hour indicator or day night moon indicator
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