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  1. it's nice but the name master banker i keep saying something else in my head and it's not banker
  2. i like yellow just needs some blue and white Leeds united
  3. I like if it has the sekio nh35 movement in a least it hacks and can manuel wind better than the 7s26 imo
  4. I allways end up in tears watching this programe love it some good stories about the bits of stuff.
  5. If I had some money would love one of these a dress watch at the right size 43mm it's very nice. https://www.oris.ch/en/watch/oris-110-years-limited-edition/01-110-7700-6081-set-ls
  6. Received this today for the price you cannot go wrong love it some non expert pictures.
  7. had one great watch super dial just the watch itself too small for my wrist needs to be about 44mm 45 mm imo
  8. i have one of these https://www.makarawatches.com/
  9. https://www.h2o-watch.com/h2o-uhren/h2o-kalmar-2-oceanictime-8000m-10-year-edition/h2o-kalmar2-ot8000m-10year.html one of these for me
  10. work watch then a differat one after shower or bath.
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