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  1. Just picked up a Seiko 5 7009-4040 A that keeps stopping any ideas? Got a real smooth sweeping second hand and really like it just want to get it working back to normal Any advice/help would be great Mike
  2. Hoping this will be at Waddington in July :thumbsup:
  3. Welcome aboard! i like the seiko those hands always remind me of a smaller Samurai plus the second citizen is nice would look better on a different strap methinks :-)
  4. Nice collection there! Good watches to start collecting these as can be affordable for newbies as well
  5. Chronotac for me too looks a nice classy piece or if you want to go for sympathy vote go for cheapest looking watch you have in order to get job lol
  6. Cathedral hands... :drool: Excellent watch used to own one of these myself if you ever decide to flip it ;-)
  7. Love my Seiko's would not swap mine fantastic watches for the money and lots of spares about if they do go wrong
  8. hirsch or toshi both quality although for chunkier watches toshi all the way
  9. that was a rush shot normally wear the buckles under at bottom of my wrist but love natos very comfortable and the zulu's are strong as an ox
  10. Just got my SKX009 back from being modded and very happy with the result Many Thanks to Shawn! for his artistic flair on this one :-)
  11. good work Roy I am a sad Facebooker myself so will come in handy :-)
  12. I collect Military pieces myself although started with the Seikos both can be had for reasonable prices as well. Another brand worth a look is Vostok these can be had cheaply and are a little different :-) Good luck!
  13. black or brown hirsch with white stitching vote here too
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