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  1. Hi , forgot I was registered to the forum but just wanted to post a shot of the new OW with 12hr bezel on flieger strap . Just got it this morning from Roy and it is an outstanding watch for the price , definitely recommended .Included a couple of others form my collection . Apologies for pics , I had to scan the watches ... Enjoy btw , which do think is my favourite ???? Regards, Mike the Seiko !!!
  2. What , not even a sneaky peek now and then ??? Must say that it is a nice looking watch , I have a similar dialed 1988 Hamilton . Mike
  3. Dont know myself but try NEDS MIL-W-46374 info site undser 'galleries' on MWR , your old pals !!! Regards, Mike
  4. For the last year or two I found myself collecting large size wristwatches , started with a Speedy Pro and then divers . Initially I collected small diam Omegas and boysize vintage Rolex , had Rolex 5500 Aiking for a year and thought it was large !!! this was traded against an even larger Explorer . Anyway , my tastes changed but lately I have accquired some small diam issued mil watches , now I find myself only interested in small diameter watches . Has this type of 'reversal' happend to anyone else ? Must add thanks to Roy for Hamilton I received today . For anyone interested in military/issued watches that the picture on the for sale site doe not do the watch I received justice . The watch I received is in excellent condition 'in the flesh' . Regards, Miked
  5. I cant comment about England but in NI despite guns being shipped in illegally ,from wherever , and being freely available in the 'right ' circles , criminals will stop at nothing to get more . Households are reguarly burgled and the very few gun clubs that exist are targetted . My father owned two shotguns for 25yrs until he moved to Belfast , although he didnt need them the police renewed his licence but he sold them in fear of his house being burgled or worse . We have a 'peace' of sorts here but the large amount of murders and shooting incidents are carried out using 'untracable' shotguns and 'punishment' shootings in the main are performed with .22 pistols/adapted rifles . Not .38/9mm and above pistols/rifles/sub machineguns . I have nothing against legal gunholders . My father was a responsible owner for 25yrs , my 14yr old shoots at school as part of their CCF supervised by TA/RIR . However my personal opinion is that guns are made to kill and should only be available to military/law enforcement .
  6. I agree with Andy , the posession of firearms should be banned ,police/armed forces personnel excepted where necessary . I will not bore you with a history lesson of where I live but despite political 'developments' in recent years and still come of the toughest sentencing legislation in the UK , firearm murders are still a frequent occurence . Guns are a way of life and as the Sat/Sum mornig news in NI testify a most regular way of settling arguments , why fight someone bigger than you when you and your mates can wait then go beat his door down and shoot him in the legs/ankles and arms . Tougher and then tougher sentencing again is the only way . The US mafia was routed when the Feds started handing out 100 yr sentences. I will start another argument ... bring back the death penalty for pre-meditated murder.
  7. I have a SANDY 490F cmposite case and a Hamilton MIL W 46374D , both hand wound and great watches . Would like to get a SANDY 490E green composite next .
  8. Hello everyone , I have lurked for a while but have a keen interest in watches . My first 'decent' watch was a beautiful clean dialed 9ct Tudor dress watch , I had it serviced and the jeweller informed me it was a Dennison case and hallmarked for 1958 . Moved the watch on when my tastes changed but will always remember it for the non Rolex/Tudor case . MikeD
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