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  1. Can't speak for others, but personally - so far - when - gardening, rock climbing, washing the car, out on the p!!s, mixing cement, mountain biking and walking in Glasgow. (I made the last one up!) fair enough.
  2. Mmmmmmmmmmmm Mixed thoughts on this. Yes it's cheap. But do you have a few watches worth hundreds, thousands? If so when you gonna wear it?
  3. At mo Rock Out - Motorhead. Robbie - you know me
  4. Bloody loads man! Have to think about this....................
  5. Lovely................as are most. But cop a REAL watch :whistle: Cheeky b'stard mode off...............
  6. Where the hell u find that? Was it in the glovebox of Jillian's car?
  7. I'm liking the look of it. Any around here? Thanks.
  8. Oh Crap........... Unless you changing to AP or IWC vintage line.
  9. Can't post pic! Says i can't use something that's in the line i posted.
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