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  1. Perhaps they saw the amount of 'watches' from 'boutique makers' succeed and thought this would be a way to increase their profile? Good in theory but, as the comments show, backers can be harsh on their feedback and expectations of campaigns are getting higher.
  2. Is Kickstarter being used as a way of tapping into a market that would not normally stop and look in the window of a watch shop / jewellers? I only found out about this through a tailored ad on the internet (they got me pegged). That’s why I thought I would mention the FAQs ;-)
  3. Seems strange to have them in this sub-forum but Alpina have put a multi- function smart watch - the AlpinerX. https://alpinerx.watch/ Not the best laid out Kickstarter page. The useful stuff like dimensions is in the FAQs. I haven’t bought a watch in a long time but I am almost tempted. But for the fact that it won’t displace any of my others and I’d would worry about long term app support.
  4. The rucksack I carry daily is a brand started on Kickstarter by an ex-work colleague. And very good it is too. www.riut.com <shameless plug> I have one Kickstarter watch and it is no knock-off or parts-bin special. A Stuckx ‘The Bull’. Came with the softest strap of any watch I own. But I would be very careful supporting any future campaign by anyone else (Stuckx were great) as I have been disappointed with other Kickstarter efforts.
  5. I regard my condition as 'stable'. The watches were a good distraction when other things weren't going so great. Topped out now when I got a daily wearer I love and too many unloved in the watch drawer. And other things got better. Started to slip into RC cars but that collection has topped out now too. Also, the 'hits' can be small, frequent and low cost (nuts, bolts, dampers, paint, the list is almost endless). There is no cure for the wanty wanties...
  6. I received this Quartz ML for my 21st from my parents. It was my daily wear for a long time. One night / early morning I was walking home when someone tried to mug me. A tussel ensued and when I woke up after hitting my head n the kerb, I sprinted for home. Still had my wallet...no watch. Police came, ambulance took me to the local A&E with pretty hefty concussion. When discharged, I walked home - past where I'd been attacked. I had a good look around and tucked into the kerb I found my watch. No strap, glass broken, hands squashed into the dial, scuffed case and a bi
  7. Very nice. I've always wanted one. My Mum got one for her 21st...she's 70 this year and still wears it.
  8. Most of the above I might call 'busy' rather than fussy as they are functional. I regard my Chr Ward as a bit 'fussy' due to the number of details on the dial... ringed hour markers edged date window trident on the second hand wave pattern dial double maker logo red GMT hand. Oh rse, can't get photo bucket to work...
  9. If bullheads are marmite watches, this is this is the extra salty spoonful at the end of the jar...
  10. I'm a big Aevig fan and the Huldra does it for me. Hoping the next gen Huldra is as enticing as that blue one. Keep hold of it as Chip has a habit of not repeating versions - I managed to get a champagne dial mk1 Corvid and the new auto Corvid champagne dial is nothing like it - more like the sand version of the mk2. The zixen is interesting... No Obris Morgans? I love my Aegis.
  11. I'm a Resourcing Consultant so obviously I need a dive watch. My other half is cabin crew so I got a GMT. [/URL]
  12. I fancied a modded watch and a sterile dial appealed to me. I was pleased with the results...
  13. Thank you, Roy. Merry Christmas to all!
  14. Lovely! And welcome! How about another pic with a better view of that GMT hand? My Mk1 Trident GMT says hello!
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