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  1. I could just have my RLTdar on full alert... ;) Im sure there will be forumers who wonder who the hell i am as its been a long time since I posted on a watch forum at all, just soooo busy with other things watch and bike related sadly. :/
  2. Vindication! hahaha :D Question is... do they look better aged or as designed...? more character in the aged piece i reckon.
  3. Ive said it before, I hate scooters.... but I do love the NSU. So coool. Get it back on the road and enjoy it I say! :D
  4. Fantastic to hear youre still on this Paul, congrats on being able to use it after all the hard work. :)
  5. It is the last couple of days of this offer (it only runs to the 12th), and probably still time to get one delivered for Christmas if you order during this discount period. To all those who purchased and continue to enjoy the book, thanks for your support, have a merry holiday season and all the best for 2013!
  6. Blurb are doing $10 off again for those wanting one for Christmas: A holiday gift for all your biggest fans We want to help make your holiday season merrier by expanding your band of admirers. So here's a code that gives them $10 off a book: GIVE10 Offer valid through December 12, 2012 (11:59 p.m. local time). Valid for printed books only. A $10 discount is applied to your product total with a minimum purchase of $50. This offer is good for one-time use, and cannot be combined with volume discounts, other promotional codes, gift cards, or used for adjustments on previous orders.
  7. Really good progress Paul, not far to have it back on the road now :)
  8. Well I promised... and then it took ages to deliver... hmmm.... Never underestimate the slog that goes into such a task is what I say, I sure did when I originally professed that I would have the updates done in a week... oops... it took more like 3 months! I'm pleased to say Ive finally got the story of the RD421LC fully updated til where it is now on my website, phew! My RD350LC 421cc Athena I have also condensed and updated, rewritten and improved and put my 1985 F1 YPVS on my website as well. The story of that bike can now be found by clicking this link: Jon's 1985 RZ350 that was a RZ250 YPVS F1 ....and the full site (with more upgrades - R6 shock / Zeel info / links etc etc) is here: Full 2smoked.com website
  9. In the pic above the creation is not finished, it has a stay for a rear guard, tho I bet it wont be very long. Id love that bike over here, would be good in our climate :)
  10. Looking good! love these tyres and the lines work really well. Going satin black and red?
  11. seems ok value to me, grab it! I had a few holy grail parts that I never fitted, and sold on when i sold my car. NIB Pop out rear windows and also a set of brand new anti roll bars that were the last set eibach made, sigh. Both those sold for silly money on ebay back in the day :/
  12. Did some digging and found this info on my old car... old quotes, but hey there it was... I loved that car and wish i still owned it :( But, all is not lost, I now own its modern equivalent... a brand new Polo Gti. :D
  13. A thought? Are you also going to go back to small bumpers?
  14. LOL Mark the GTI, especially the 16v, was a much more soulful car than the 1.3... I fitted a turbo technics conversion with Stealth racing injector setup to my Freg 16v 3dr... superb and very very fast car... pics are on here somewhere... small bumper, helios blue. Wish i had brought it with me here :(
  15. Excited to see this one Bond, like you I dont get the slammed look at all.
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