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  1. I still have this watch... tis indeed a beauty :) I really hated the mirror dial, the blue and grey versions look sooo much better imho...
  2. I'll add this as its one of my fave pics, but im not wearing the watch now its for sale, instead I will be wearing my PAM25 which i wont get wet as its leather strap wouldnt thank me LOL!
  3. I have been a huge fan of this project right from the start... but... wow, was it really all those years ago! Time flies when youre having fun i guess! er.. LOL! IMHO Andy has been doing an amazing job with this and it's great he has shown it on the forums here as people should be seeing his mad skillz. Ive said before but Ive always felt that it was sad that what he is doing is so rare these days as producing a fully hand made case with hand made dial and everything being of a design he did himself... Sadly not many people can or will do that these days. I think most poeple who make more than a few watches a year just cant afford to spend the time to do things by hand so hit the CNC, which is a shame as the very hand made nature is key to a project like this. Ive seen the pics and can attest that there is real blood sweat and tears that have gone into what Andy has done so far, you cant get much closer to the maker than that! haha! :D Im very excited with what Andy has started and cant wait to get one of these for myself, I just know i will treasure it not just cos its cool but also all the work that has gone into it. Excited to see the next installment! :)
  4. Wow, i have a dremel and use it most days, but i do a lot of motorbike modding and other things round the house. I would not be without it and would buy the real thing, the cheaper ones ive had before were rubbish compared. get the acessories for it from the usa... cheaper by far!
  5. Always happy to hear more about this project Paul, keep going mate... :)
  6. Great to see youre still going on this one Paul, I dont post much these days as im working on other things and have no time, but am always keen to hear about your progress mate. :)
  7. no worries m8, its just that we are the first link on the page if you google 'Tudor Submariner Snowflake' LOL IMHO you cant go wrong with these watches, but I blanche at the prices being paid now for them. In the current market I would much rather buy an Omega like the one you originally wanted as I feel youre getting more for your (less) money, but what do I know. The lure of the Snoflake is always strong :)
  8. no need to guess, read the DeskDivers article m8 ;) :D
  9. Er Rolex will still sell you a bracelet... I always advise people to get the best watch you can afford. Dials, bezels and hands that are nice always at a premium and hard to find if yours are knackered.
  10. Thanks, Im always a bit flummoxed that people on watch forums havent heard of it... Sadly i dont have the time to post on forums much these days... Jason's watch he shows above was a wrench to sell, and the 2nd one that i had, they are lovely watches and the blue is so much nicer on these than any other model imho. The matt dial and bezel is perfect and its a sexy thing to wear. The first one i had was when they were a 500quid watch and I wore it as a beater to save my more expensive pieces getting trashed... that watch never really got bashed up as I am ultra careful with my watches and still does the round on the forums, its an easy 2k+ watch now... better to have loved n lost, n all that LOL
  11. Here you go fellow Aussie, I hear these guys are quite good.... DeskDivers Tudor Snowflake Article
  12. I dont get on here as much as i used to, but for those that wanted one of these I had an email from Blurb who publishes the PloProf book, they say: ".... let your fans know they can save $10 with the promo code SAVE10 at checkout before February 27, 2012" Im not sure I have 'fans', but hey a saving is a saving, so thought it worthy of mention :) Link to their website is here: Omega PloProf Book by Jon Wallis
  13. Looking good Roy, nice to see you making a new diver :)
  14. Hi mate! long time no speak, hope all is well. :) Yeah, sadly Jeff made me an offer i couldnt refuse and the big orange beast set sail for a new home. Jeff is a passionate collector and loves all things Aquadive and its no burden to have him enjoying the watch, he also has the other AD50 that is the subject of the new article listed above, plus a bunch of other very sexy pieces indeed. nice chap too. :)
  15. Thanks guys, glad you liked. Andy's work on this watch blew me away, and its great to have another AD50 back from the dead.
  16. Maybe have a chat with Hanno at Strikes n spares Jack, he might know who can help even if he cant... he has always been great for LEDs btw.
  17. Glad to see Rich's book is now out, from what i saw of the early stuff it was going to be a good read. Well done Rich!
  18. Just go back over the past 5 years worth of Friday threads, only buy the books you really want, ie brand or model specific once you have decided what you like... ie, if you like the Omega PloProf, then buy the PloProf book... :D Well i would say that... haha. Ok joking asside tho, the other generic books are cool, but Friday threads are instant and free. :)
  19. and yet more i sold... if only we could keep them all... SHOM Jacques Mayol 50's bumper Some of the PPs ... and there were plenty more as well... :)
  20. Another SM120c Pre moon 68 Speedy I must have restored 4 or so of these over the years, but never liked wearing them LOL Mac's watch now i think... SilverHawks watch now i think...
  21. One of those old PPs built up as in an incorrect config to prove how its done what it should look like old memomatic a restored memomatic X-33 restored MK5
  22. Over the years ive sold a lot of Omegas as my collection changed around and funds were needed for various projects and grails, including about 7 PloProfs i bought when i wrote the book as i needed to gather info and also for photos. restored (by Omega! they dont do them anymore) CQ MK2 racing SM300 dealer display SQ The best holiday watch! SMP300
  23. a beater! Prototype Megaquartz 2.4 Lapis 1510.... always stunning! one needing restoration... Off to STS soon! The big brother of the 1510, the MC!
  24. The PloProf's bigger brother... another watch Foz and I shared a passion for, in fact we enjoyed it so much we started the website for it really, sad perhapsh, but true... before then almost no one knew about them... how things change... Omega never made a blue dial, so Foz and I embarked on projects to build our own versions... Memomatic... the best ever alarm watch, to the minute accuracy!
  25. the sexiest f300 ever Some of my TCs LCDs The watch that i loved so much i devoted months of my life to writing a book about it, PloProf!
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