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  1. haha cool! Glad youve got it and can start to play... and its a great place to escape when the tantrums start in the house of course... :)
  2. Hey, thanks Jon..... funnily enough, I just had a bit of a victory over my petrol strimmer...bought it 18 months back and have had major problems trying to start the damn thing....bl**dy 2 strokes...but resetting the plug gap its well behaved now....I should have known...my 16th year of life was spent trying to start 2stroke motor cycles!! Cheers Matey Roger LOL, I mess with 2 stroke bikes daily these days and spend this week fighting to start a couple of recalcitrant buggers myself. Simple technology but hard work when it decides not to play ball. :(
  3. It also depends on the grain your watch had when new... if its circular then STS can do that fine, its the sunburst grain thats better from Bienne. In all other respects STS and Bienne are the same I would say. Ive had work done by both and would use either again, and am doing so as I type :) Search out the old threads, its worth it...
  4. Well done on getting the allotment back Roger! Ohhh and now you can have some fun with petrol powered tools too... schweet! :D
  5. Have a search on STS or Bienne on this forum, there is plenty of info and also before and after shots to be found of the work by both, some of them posted by me, including a couple of flightmasters.
  6. Well i dont mind that you dont post much Tom, cos when you do the goodies are all there... :) Blimey... in contact with JOG as well... eeek. Please do ask him about where my prototype fits into the scheme of things whilst youre at it, I suspect he or someone close to him sold my one off. I know there is a fabled drawer in the Bienne museum thats got a few spare spaces in it now... ooops :D
  7. I used to live for the updates back in the day... F5...F5...F5... wahoo! :D
  8. No worries mate, i posted in a hurry so im glad you worked out what i meant LOL Yep I would leave the GP alone... better safe than sorry. Love the engraving, history is so important. :) Well yes its a quartz... but not just any quartz... its an early Omega in house movement and really something quite special compared to a modern movement, or even one that was sold only 2 or so years later. Early quartz is super collectible now as people realise just how cool the technology was back then. In fact in this recession Omega quartz has seen growth price wise, rare when few watches are adding any value now.
  9. Yep Paul is right, use a wide thin tool and you need to feel for the area where the spring is easiest to lift, thats the best point to gently lift. When I put bezels back i always set the spring to have the empty area at 30mins, then i know i can easily get it off later, plus if you do it at 12 you might crack the acrylic as its thinner there cos of the huge hole for the lume on the marker. be gentle and go slow.... MK2 watches had a nice page on removing the sm300 bezel, worth a look if youre bored one day... And yes we have seen lots n lots for cracked and chipped and lifted bezel acrylics over the years, sigh... watchmakers can be a clumsy lot :( Full link for those who want to know more about the smf300 is here: DeskDivers Omega Seamaster f300 article
  10. Yep defo a 1310. The pushers control the day and the secs, check for a manual old omegas website, brilliant resource and a big up to Steve for making it. :)
  11. Another great piece Ondrej, It looks extra crisp on the finish, very nice work.
  12. Defector! haha! :D Loving this and have long looked at these, but the timing was always off for me when they came up for sale and I know ive missed a trick, this is a great partner to the MQ2.4s and I feel the love :) Great pics as ever m8! :)
  13. Titus it seems was just hovering up what the other manufactures had in their warehouses. Good info, thanks.
  14. A guy local to me when I lived in the UK had a painted one! it was maroon... LOL Looked at a few over the years, but its got a cheap engine for its size/weight and really isnt much of a sportscar. a missed opportunity really :(
  15. I tried to do this in the UK back in the mid 90s on a corner block like yours and the council said no way. They like to keep land like that even if its not used (the bit i wanted was about 2m high with old bushes) and wouldnt even allow me to cut down the bushes and use it as parking, plus they said they would come and check periodically to make sure i didnt do it anyway... nice. Its always worth asking, but dont expect miracles is my approach. Good luck Cammy!
  16. The D1 is not the same module as the TC1 or 2... and a D1 is not a TC3, or is it..?! You need to know what you have... pictures are good. Anyway... Email strikes and spares and they will help you if they can, few other people know much about these now...
  17. I still love this watch and was chatting to a mate here today and showed it to him and he said 'I also bought one of these, great value arent they!' LOL
  18. That model was my first Omega Dive Watch purchase... it was a slippery slope! LOL Enjoy it!
  19. Yep, get em sent in, Tony and the team at STS will help you out as you know :)
  20. I should also add (and I know many of you know) that I also love the work done by Bienne, but in this case it is probably overkill for the results needed on the watch in question.
  21. Simon... as your 1000m only needs a service, I would send it to STS. Drop them an email and mention my name, in fact they have my 1000m in for the same work as I type :)
  22. I never had any luck with Avon from 2000-2007, but times change so maybe the new ones are better. I also liked the Toyo's but had issues with a car with big brakes and big power as the tyre could slip on the rim a few mm, not ideal, but that was 2003 and those should be better now. I have an Accord (known as a 'Euro' here in Aus) and we got then with Bridgestones from the get go. I upgraded to better bridgestones on the last go round and theyve been good, in fact over the years b/stone has always been a good tyre for me i think. sadly a set of 4 17's here in Aus will set you back $1100.. 675quid, even after discounts, i wish i was back in the uk everytime i need tyres for something, its one of the 'rip off Aus' things here. :lookaround:
  23. nice setup! love those horns, amazing to look at... wonder what they wound like? I have a mostly Arcam/Kef/Rel/M&K setup these days and have had a few sets of Arcam over the years and love their kit, great sound but sadly not budget. I never really felt the Cambridge Audio kit when I demo'd it each time but maybe its better now? a local shop to me here has some and im tempted to go and look, but im more than happy with what i have so probably best to leave it well alone LOL
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