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  1. Very cool pickups Jase! Love the Rotary, classy! :)
  2. For the last set of disks/pads for our one we priced OEM and Aftermarket and OEM was more than twice the price, but that could just be rip-of-aus prices of course...
  3. I bought the saloon version of your car Jas (auto, leather, 2.4vtec with all the bits etc) new here in Aus in late 2005 and still have it. Only downside is that its ate a lot of disks over the years (I would say not up to spec for auto or the weight of the car really) and in more recent times there have been a few small leccy niggles, but it starts daily and still runs well after 67k kms of city driving. I dont think mine is a car i could ever 'love' but its been a reliable work horse and would be better as an estate, the saloon has awful capacity for large objects (rear doors dont open very far and even the drop down rear seats dont help as the boot lid/high sill/narrow seat opening is all killer - none of which will be a problem with your estate of course, im just saying.
  4. Great work Tom! My mum always said i would learn something new every day, today she was right! :)
  5. Great idea, should be pinned along with my TTIUWP (I think i got the letters right! LOL) thread :)
  6. Nice work. cant be bad for the cash. I did a thread on this a while back, (not sure where it is, but Hints section I think, someone was going to make it a sticky but it didnt happen :lookaround: ) but if you run a tooth brush full of washing up liquid into the crevices first then you will remove a lot more gunk, also use hot water, it melts wrist cheese better...
  7. Supercool Jakek! very nice collection mate. :)
  8. It all depends on how its sent and how it is declared and what effort the seller will go to to help you... buy the seller again...
  9. We host DeskDivers and Taboulet with 1&1.co.uk, But went with GoDaddy for a change with PloProf and Jon Wallis. I have to say both have been superb over the years. I think i can count on one hand the times both have been down in that time. All sites written in iWeb of course :)
  10. More good work there, well done. While the dial isnt for everyone Im sure we can all see and appreciate how cool that effect is. 60hours to make this from scratch seems like a good return to me. nice work!
  11. The free paper (the MX) on the train/buses in sydney had that ad yesterday. not wasting anytime then :)
  12. Brian, by 'watchguys' I meant watchmakers. Most of them dont have the correct tool from Omega. They say they have but most havent bothered to buy it, its not cheap. Sadly this means that the SMPs always have to go home for swapping and thats never fun :(
  13. Well... Most watch guys know that the SMP bezel needs a special tool to remove it, FWIW never ever be tempted to try and do one at home...
  14. Love that Tissot Gary, really solid and dependable. These are one i would class in the same territory. I met a guy a few weeks looking in the window of an antiques shop, he had one of these on his wrist. He told me he bought it new in 1977 and asked where to get it serviced in the UK, since he was jsut visiting Aus. small world.
  15. Changed already! Lunch time meeting means a spruce up! Zinex Trimix (for those that dont recognise then, its on Mushrooms!)
  16. Well its been a long time since Ive posted a Friday thread on here, but here you go! Porsche Design Lemania 5100 - Bund issued.
  17. Its a bit like going to a travel agent and asking for advice on where to go for a holiday, we all have our own ideas here and you might be better off spending a few hours looking on ebay and the 'Omega' threads on here. check the pics and decide what you like best, work from there. Anyway, welcome to the world of vintage Omega! :)
  18. And me! Cheers for the heads up Sam!
  19. Really interesting thread ad good to know there are more people out there who enjoy, and repair, these LEDs. :)
  20. Jason is right, and no there are not buckets of NOS cases out there, if only there were...
  21. Beware of any main dealer doing you a clutch without the flywheel... I had a juddery clutch in my personally imported Scooby back in 2001 and the dealer refused to honour the international warranty as it was imported from Europe... B'stards... So I had them open the car up and fit a few pressure plate in the UK as the dealer agreed that if it happened again then i would be covered under a UK warranty on the repair etc. When doing it I asked to see the old parts and talk to the mechanic. We looked at the flywheel and he said 'you look after your car, there is no blueing from heat on the flywheel and its within tollerance so we can leave it, thats very rare, the pressure plate was faulty.' Cost was round 600quid. 8 months later I had the same fault, dropped into the dealer, a call was made to Subaru and lo n behold they wont honour the claim as I didnt have a new flywheel with the clutch! B'STARDS! I left the main dealer network at that point and let them know what I thought... I still saved a packet over buying an overpriced UK imported car all up, but Im sure dishonouring a claim like they did was illegal, but who on earth can you argue with when you have to get to work the next day, sigh. :( I had a big 3.0 litre BMW diesel last year (Thanks Mark!) and it did huge Mpg, you could easily get 600miles from the tank and often more, sometimes big isnt always thirsty...
  22. Oi you lot! haha! Mel, Im not sure its painful being in an app, but definitely different being iPad'd. LOL Mike, Some would argue its a nightmare... LOL. FWIW The 'How To Take Care Of Your Watch' appeared in hardcopy of the last issue of Omega Lifetime and you should be able to get them from most Omega ADs these days, it seems in the UK they are not just in Boutiques now.
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