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  1. Great review! I've got a spare black Asus 4gb EEE non-surf (the one that's upgradeable) for sale right now, actually. Had to choose between it and my Toshiba U-100 and the latter stole my heart! Any takers? Clarence
  2. Thank you very much, everyone. I'm sorry I took so long to reply. A couple of personal emergencies came up and my laptop broke down. I finally got my hands on a 0.2mm mini screwdriver and did it really easily according to the advice given here. Everything was done in under 10 minutes. I'll take note of what I need to modify a watch. Maybe if I can find the time some day I'll go ahead with it. This is a great forum. Thanks. Clarence
  3. Thanks for the replies. This is the watch we bought: watch The watch is a 7009-208A. Unfortunately I don't have my digital camera with me at the moment, but the links look a little similar to these: Links As for modifying Seiko divers in the future, I intend to change the strap, bezel, hands and dial. I just want to get a sense of how much equipment I have to buy before I can start modifying them. Thank you very much! Clarence
  4. Hello. First of all, apologies if I can find information anywhere else, but I haven't been able to. I'm trying to size a Seiko 5 bracelet. It uses leaf springs, I think, but I can't seem to get them out by using a ballpoint pen and perhaps I'm using the wrong tools. I'm wondering if I should just get those cheap 16-piece watch adjustment toolsets they sell on ebay. Would that really help me do the job? Also, could anyone tell me if I need any additional equipment I might need to modify a Seiko diver? Thank you very much. Clarence
  5. Thank you all for your replies. Unfortunately, I made a mistake. The circumference of my wrist is only 5 3/4 inches. I also happen to be only 1.65m tall, so a relatively large watch might be quite obvious. The Seamaster I wear has a diameter of 34mm, not including the crown. Even a watch with a diameter of 40mm seems to big for me. Are there any formal conventions out there about relative watch size for men? Clarence
  6. Hello, I am relatively new to watches and a problem has just occurred to me while browsing the internet. All these lovely mens watches that I see are far too big for my 7 inch wrists. It seems the Omega Seamaster my father gave to me must have been a ladies watch. Is it my genetic fate to wear ladies watches? Clarence
  7. You might like the watches at Tokyo Flash too. Clarence
  8. I had a Baby G when I was very young, but not quite a baby. When I was in the army almost all the officers were using Casios / G-shocks. I remember seeing one with GPS functions on it. Clarence
  9. Thank you, everyone. I don't ditch gifts, Ian. Clarence
  10. Hello, this is my first time participating in the forum. I've always had an interest in watches but my understanding was always rather superficial. I hope I can learn more about them in time. I am currently a student of English literature in London and aside from watches, I am also interested in cameras and fountain pens. I haven't owned many watches but some of them were quite special to me. My father had given me a navy blue Swatch Skin watch when I was about 14, and I simply could not believe how thin it was. The next watch he bestowed upon me was his old stainless steel Omega Seamaster, when I was about 16. The watch served me well for several years, but it has since deteriorated to the point that the spring (I am unsure about the nomenclature) is difficult to charge, and only gives enough energy for one or two days. I am currently looking for an affordable watch to replace the Seamaster. I tend to prefer watches with a classic styling, leather bracelets and complications or a window that reveals the heart. I am obsessed with time, but it's a pity that I have to rely on my mobile phone to keep time. Hopefully I will soon be able to gaze at a more elegant timepiece to watch the passing of the hours. Thank you for reading. Clarence
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