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  1. Anyone know where I might pick up one of these movements? It's for a Heuer Twin Time but used my many MFG. Thanks Skip cwljr@aol.com
  2. ESA Y2 900.231 I am looking for one of these movements as well. Old thread same problem>>>
  3. Got to love the internet. We go from: "Unfortunatly Sicura have absolulutly nothing to do with Breitling, as some one said in the mists of time there was a brief connection. Sicura are and always were the cheapest of watches, always will be, people link the two names in the hope that some unsuspecting punter comes along & pays lots of money for there watches. Don't take afence its just the way it is. " To "In August 1979 the entire Breitling firm was due to be closed, the workforce had already been given redundancy notification, closure was due to foreign imports of cheaper watches, inflated swiss franc prices and the public movement to buying electronic watches and the illness of Willy Breitling. Voluntarily closing the firm prevented a public auction of the remaining property. Willy Breitling fought hard to find a buyer and to keep the name Breitling going, he knew the company was going to close and was desperatley trying to find someone to take it over, as both his sons were too young at the time, one bid from Ernst Schneider of the Sicura firm was accepted, and in April 1979 a contract was signed, well before the closing deadline. Ernst Schneider took over the names Breitling & Navitimer and thus had the right to go on using Breitling as the firms name. Willy Breitling died in May 1979 but the name lived on. Today the new company is officially registered as Breitling Montres SA on November 30th 1982 and was located in Grechen. Ernst Schneider had negotiated a solution to assure the continuance of the Breitling name From the book "Breitling 1884 to the present day" by Benno Richter " I'll take version number two myself...
  4. the Super Ocean Heritage 44m on mesh or the Emergency :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:
  5. That is why. Very hard to find in any condition...
  6. Interesting with the crown guard!
  7. It's a girls watch. I wouldn't pay a dime for it :yahoo: :yahoo: :eek:
  8. I've owned a couple of these and sold them :wallbash: Looking for another right now ..Anyone has one for sale please let me know :eek:
  9. The 1450 is the best bracelet Omega EVER made. :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:
  10. Hmmm. Way too big. Looks like a dinner plate on your wrist. Stunning watch though...
  11. Just picked this one up the other night. Rebranded Seiko from the 70s. Pretty rare to find in decent shape. Link to finished auction. Seller's photo below which I couldn't resize...
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