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  1. here in belgium, the cost for a service is out of control.. few watchmakers still do this, and the ones who do are the ones i don't have the money for.. by the way, it is still ticking strong, i just need some info on howe to get it running on time ( of course with a 5 min acurracy range ) i thought this wasnt so hard to do ? greets alex.
  2. so, the watch has arrived and is looking great! it's a lot thinner than i imagined it to be, i think its around 6-8 mm .. but hey , thats no biggie.. it is ticking nice and hard and keeps it going for around a day and a half.. now the only problem i got was, the firts time i wound it up, after 8 hours or so, it was runnning 5 min fast.. so i opend the back and adjusted the regulator a bit, now i've got the problem that after 1 hour or so, the watch is running 5 min fast !!! thats no good! and its stays like that to! doesn't matter if i put the regulator more to position A or more to position R... anybody know how to change this, and to give me more info on the regulator ? thanks alex!
  3. i still have to receive the watch, will let you know when it comes in.. charles hubert, at first i was looking for a new, and since they are at a good price, around 70 euro's, i thought it wasnt your tipical chinese junk, because those things go for like 12 dollars or so .. but enough with the charles hubert, if somebody wants to try them, the fun or **** is not for me i know silvana is not a waltham or so.. but i don't expect it to be so for the price, i just hope it keeps ticking for quiet a while.. thanks for respons.. greets alex.
  4. it wasn't expensive, but by the way you are talking about it, i have the feeling i paid 20 dollars too much.. :s i know it isn't a charles hubert, at firts i was looking for a new watch butt now i got more intrested in the old one's.. so in your opinion, its a crappy watch with no value? it is still ticking, it looks nice, its silver,, the only thing i do'nt know is how to open the front lid.. greets alex.
  5. i found a solid silver silvana pocketwatch for a reasonable price.. it looks very nice, anybody know this brand? the dealer said its a swiss clockwork, butt the brand is from france.. it was made in the period 1900-1910. greets alex.
  6. hi, i'm new to pocket watches, i love the antique one's! but thats for later, because now i'm young, i need something i can keep with me, all the time.. the inside has to be a real clockwork, i forgot the name.. damn.. but to the point ! i found a watch from charles hubert, thats very intresting, i'ts a hunter with front and back lid opening, and has skeleton view.. and its about 70 dollars, what isn't much! but on al the forums, ands site's, nobody speaks of these watches, what does it mean, there crap or so ? i hope somebody can explain me a thing or two about thes watches, the qualite and stuff... thanks! alex.
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