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  1. Thanks very much Paul - Off to cousins I go. You actually serviced the movement on this watch for me about four years ago - It's lost roughly eight seconds since then you cowboy Very best regards.
  2. Hi - I'm wondering if anyone can help me find the Omega part number for the small pushers on my 196.0030 Megaquartz Geneve. It's been refinished (nicely) at some point but whoever did it didn't remove the pushers before doing the case side and took a side edge off them (they should stick out a little). It's a small thing but it bugs the perfectionist in me and I'm getting nowhere in my search for replacements with just the case number. Thanks for reading DB :-)
  3. With that button arrangement it's probably got a Sanyo LED module in it. These are fairly common by vintage LED standards and are a decent piece of kit. You'll find them in some Compuchron, Baylor and Chronosonic LED watches if you want to find a replacement. Best place to start with a none functioning LED watch is to carefully clean all of the contacts with rubbing alcohol. That's the contacts to the batteries and the buttons (And the butons themselves). Also check that any contacts between the module and the case are clean (there might be one at the bottom of the module).
  4. Just so you don't get disapointed on Christmas morning: It's actually not got a "watch" function - It's just a calculator that goes on your wrist. And an expensive one at that :-) Still a cool bit of kit though
  5. Been wearing this for the past few days and thought I'd share a picture. I really like the functional simplicity of it.
  6. That's beautiful - great choice. Why don't you just give your better half another watch to wrap. (My wife says that all old, round faced watches look the bloody same...)
  7. Just my opinion but: Kello is pants - I can't believe they're allowed to keep selling it. I've tried everything and the only watch I have (and I've got lots) which it will even give a reading on is a ref 3590.50 Speedy Pro. To get the reading I have to use an external mic and take the back off the watch. Then the reading it gives is almost a minute per day out. I guess if you want to time a grandfather clock to the nearest minute it might be ok....
  8. Great watch - the time zone feature is superb for Summer holidays. I especially like the way that the calender starts up in 1970 when you put a new battery in - then you can take it up to 2008 one year at a time (only to find that that was as far as Seiko programmed it so you might as well have kept it in 1970 anyway...). Great work with getting it up and running in such nice shape. Here are a couple of mine (Gold one went out of the door a while back but I still have the steel one).
  9. Thanks for the replies. It is losing time at the date change and leaving it face down doesn't seem to help. One slightly odd thing is that with the back off, the balance seems to slow down a lot when the case is at a 45 degree angle (from flat on a table). It's got me wondering if it's perhaps a problem in that department.
  10. My lovely Seiko 6139 has recently developed a problem. It underwent a full stripdown service about two years ago and has been running great since but recently I've noticed that after keeping great time all day it's dropping about five to ten minutes overnight. My initial suspicions are that it's got something to so with the date change (lack of power to push it round from somewhere in the escapement) but other than this I'm blank. I doubt it's the power reserve (mainspring) as it's running for a whole day off the wrist. Also the auto date change and chronograph are working perfectly. Anyone got any ideas what it could be before I bite the bullet and send it off for another service? Thanks for reading and here's a pic of the watch in question...
  11. There are a lot of mass produced "rare" watches out there as well. To be fair though "old, mass produced watch" just wouldn't attract many buyers (well maybe Mel :wink1: )
  12. Moon Phase has pretty much summed it up but the big problem with blu tac it's too sticky and leaves deposits on whatever you're using it on. Rodico is dryer, more compact and less sticky. You can use rodico instead of tweezers to position small screws - if you try this with blu tac you'll end up having to use tweezers to remove the screw from the blu tac.
  13. At least you manage to buy cracking watches whilst under the influence (and the motor isn't at all bad either). I bought an Omega Constellation a couple of years back after "a few" and I was sure everything was cosher because I'd checked and double checked the pics (with one eye open). Lettering on the dial was ok, bracelet was original and had all it's links, correct crown, correct hands etc, etc. However when it arrived a week later I'd forgotten to count the hands (the central seconds hand was missing). I've been timing my own auctions to end about an hour after last orders on a Friday night ever since...
  14. That's really nice - I love those massive crowns with no guards. Your shirt is looking a little bobbly by the way
  15. Lovely collection. They're all great looking watches but for me the best one is the 7A38 - it's a stunner. Whats going on with the modded upside down 6309? Makes me dizzy trying to get my head around how you've done that - is it just a case of rotating the dial or is there more to it?
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