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  1. Hi rhaythorne,

    just had a look at your old page listing rlt watches. The entry for rlt 4 mentions a legend about rlt 50/50, just wanted to know if you'd like to put the record straight or leave it as is, since watch rlt 4 50/50 is numbered just like the others in the series. My suspicion is there might be a 51/50, owned by Roy himself, and maybe being at the root of said legend/myth.

    picture availsble upon request! ;)

    best regards, in or out :P

    1. rhaythorne


      Hi namaste (isn't that a bit like saying namaste namaste? :-S),

      That's interesting.  I don't really maintain the page anymore but I'd love to see a picture of said watch.

      All the best,

      Rich H

      Oh, I was an "in", but I guess we're all "out" now ;-) 

  2. I'm glad I didn't know that at the time! It's not the watch that would have skipped a beat! I obviously need diver's watch!
  3. UPDATE ON THE 69! water resistance I'm on holiday, taking the kids to visit their grandparents from both sides who have all emigrated to the South of France. Not much computer time available, a lot of time is spent around swimming pools. It's very hot down here. The problem is I have brought my RLT69 with me, and I have already twice forgottent to take it off before swimming (I know, some people don't deserve their RLT's) Good news! Jumping in the pool and swimming, even under water, have not done any harm so far! If I remember correctly these watches are rated 50m, so that's a 100% pass rate so far on water resistance! I'll update if I have another senior moment around the swimming pool!
  4. Alan you're not trying hard enough, those bookshelves could make room for many more!
  5. There is too much butter on those trays! I like the Tag Monaco ( I know it's not a Manuel wind-up. And oh boy is he a wind-up ). I'm sorry can't hide it, can't help it, I dig the Monaco. Now I would never buy one (well not for the asking price) because there are a lot of other options that offer more "watch" for the price. I mean a proper good movement, maybe in-house, with some history, so from that point of view the Speedmaster sounds like a good option to me. But there's a lot of choice out there, and if you are willing to consider secondhand, you are spoiled for choice! Good luck!
  6. I love the M2 (and the EarlyBird, and the Caribbean 1000 ) DI3077 looks very good too... and quality seems to be on a par with RLT (well almost!)
  7. Great watches Ian! As Pavel said, the dial and hands look fab/mint! Are the crowns original? Great find as a pair, congrats Ian.
  8. There can't be enough, ever. If there is not a next one, you're just someone with more watches than he needs! As soon as there's enough, you're not collecting any more! As long as you have this next one on the horizon, (no matter how far away the horizon!), you're collecting, you're in business, you have a reason to live, you can waste time searching the internet, walking into every watch shop you come across, spend hours on forums, ebay, etc. To be or not to be! What was the question? (help I need a doctor )
  9. That is an amazing watch Roger. I'm going to ask Roy to hold one for me!! Seriously, I know not a lot of people here are familiar with the concept, but I'd consider that a KEEPER! Enjoy without moderation for many years to come!
  10. Mac, my junk inbox is littered with emails that start with: followed by hyperlinks. Would you like me to forward one or two of them, you seem to need them???? Jase, we're all dying to find out!
  11. TOTALLY GORGEOUS Paul! I love Hamilton's asymmetrical case designs Do you use rechargeable batteries for your electrics?
  12. Nice, everybody seems to agree with me! Well 2 people do!
  13. Don't forget your bowler hat Stanley! It's Flying Deuces all over again!
  14. Very nice! Maybe one day there'll be a 69 with seconds subdial
  15. Building sandcastles with the little ones, sounds like the ultimate diver test to me, look forward to trying it this summer!
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