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  1. Argh....I've found it.....what the trendy young man was wearing around town in '74: http://oldwww.nvg.ntnu.no/sinclair/other/blackwatch.htm Happy Days! Steve
  2. Ah the memories: I built a Sinclair 'Black Watch' from a kit around 73/74 and that worked for about six months and chewed its way through about twelve sets of batteries in that time! Steve
  3. Hi All, With apologies to forum members outside of the UK who probably wont have seen the show it was interesting to see that Sam’s watch looked like a Casio/Pulsar/Seiko dual analogue digital display similar to: http://www.tokunaga.ne.jp/en/museum/089.html, a type of watch popular around the early mid eighties…..certainly not around the early seventies – the period the series is based in! So what should Sam have been wearing……a LED or early LCD perhaps or better still a mechanical movement in a TV style case. Steve
  4. Excuse my ignorance of these matters but does anyone know if the British forces still get issued with watches courtesy of the MOD. Presumably the services have different requirements for the various roles they have….chronos for the RAF, divers for the Navy etc…..or are staff expected to supply their own? If indeed they are MOD sourced which manufactures have contracts with them and are similar watches available to the general public?
  5. Does anyone have any experience of using either STS in this country or Omega in Bienne for Omega watch restoration? I’ve recently acquired a 1974 Omega De Ville automatic (in good condition apart from a small mark on the watch face) which I need to get back to as close to factory fresh as possible….sentimental reasons again! Any advice regarding this would be appreciated particularly with regard to shipping to Switzerland and customs etc. Thanks
  6. I just want to thank Bry through this forum for the great job that he’s done in refurbishing a Seiko A128A LCD that I bought off flea bay a few months ago. This watch was the same model that I bought with my first ever pay cheque in 1978 and which cost me the princely sum of £75 – half my monthly wage in those days. Sadly the watch was stolen during a burglary in 1986 and, as it was of great sentimental value, I’ve been looking for a replacement ever since. So thanks to Bry, and to Jonathan (Mr Seiko) in the US who supplied a new crystal, I am now the proud owner of a lovely old piece of time keeping history which is almost as good as new. Thanks guys
  7. All NASA issued astronaut watches are the property of the US Govenment and as such not for sale but Aldrin's Speedy must be somewhere......
  8. Forgive me if this has also been asked before but what watch would be the 'Holy Grail' collectable? Possibly Buzz Aldrin’s Speedy Pro – the first watch worn on the moon? Armstrong left his in the LM during his EVA so Aldrin’s watch was allegedly there first. Subsequently this watch went ‘missing’ many years ago when Buzz was traveling with some light fingered baggage handler being held to blame.
  9. So possibly one for each day of the week plus one or two for special occasions! My problem is that I can never bring myself to part with any of them as they all hold special memories……I must be getting sentimental in my old age!
  10. Just a thought but at what point do you have enough watches? I have a modest collection of 10 ranging from a black plastic analogue/digital Casio (Swatch look alike) to a Cartier Tank Americaine via Omega Speedy and others. Trouble is only 2-3 of these get worn on a regular basis….the rest just sit in a safe place! I don’t regard any of my collection as an investment, but purely as nice pieces to own. Is it time to stop collecting?
  11. Hi Guys, I’ve recently bought a Seiko A128-5010 LCD from a seller on e-bay to replace one that was stolen in a house burglary many years ago. This particular watch was of considerable sentimental value as it was the first thing I bought with my very first pay cheque! The replacement is in pretty good order for a watch that is now getting on for 28 odd years old. Electronically all seems fine and the crystal is in pretty good shape. However the case has a few light scratches as has the bracelet – which is slightly stretched. It really needs a good clean and polish to get it looking its best. Can anyone recommend somewhere/someone that might be able to undertake this work for me? Thanks Steve
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