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  1. Its a genuine model. The f300 and Megasonics shared many cases and subsequently the ref No. Was available with both bracelet and strap. Stainless steel, goldplated and solid 18k. Think there may have also been a SS with yellow gold bezel. K
  2. As Harry states, it is real. Though not worth very much, even if serviced and running. If she plans on keeping it, then by all means have it sorted. If she plans to sell it, I suspect making a her money back will be unlikely. K
  3. Pic of the inside of the case to bracelet links/endpeices. The original spring bars are quite substantial and have pointed ends, it would not be overly difficult to modify a suitable strap to look right on one of these. The original straps may be even harder to find than the bracelet, the only 2 I have seen were somewhat deteriorated. They had padded rectangle segments, almost to mimic barlinks on a bracelet, and due to this design are weak at the dips. I am sure either Tom or Jon would have a pic. K
  4. Sorry Simon...can't find it ( if I even still had it ). K
  5. I think I have an instruction book...I'll take a look later. K
  6. :thumbup: :thumbup: Or I will happily take a look for you..... Normally I wouldn't be quite so mercenary in offering my services, but as i am currently unemployed I have plenty of time on my hands for such investigations.... Oh and a couple of quid here and there always comes in handy for food and such like... PM me if you require my help
  7. Probably..was trying sneak past a good sounding C word...without actually be factual.. Doh ! and to be caught out so quickly ..the shame, the shame ! K
  8. Twas purchased as NOS. If only my pics were as good, I reckon I could have done you for more Gary !! Slightly rounded triangle shape.... Concentric So now it can be a Certina Chronolympic Concentric C-tronic.....breath...phew. PS Andy..you finished with my clock yet ?
  9. This is true in some circumstances..namely if the clutch is dry/worn/damaged..normally indicated by a spinning secondhand whilst changing the time. In this instance its best not to move the hands anticlockwise and it can totally destroy the indexing... K
  10. This...I suspect would definately be classed as one... And i love it....
  11. Real deal. Nice rare piece...came with special packaging etc.... K
  12. Buy the 19 TDI Altea Stu...similar to mine...don't go for the Sport, and no real advantage in the 20L really...just pricier. Plus Rach mentioned she like it when we were up. K X
  13. Not sure about that but I've just checked my Albatros which has Renata 309's in it. I'm confusing myself now, although that's not too difficult I'll admit. Cheers, Gary 323's are the no longer available original mercury cells ....not even sure how i managed to get them...they were pulled from general sale years ago. I put a pair in my old CQ, which rather surprised the guys at STS when they opened her up for a service...:D
  14. Hmm yes i suppose, if its the Seamaster variety, but i had assumed from the original price jack mentioned of £495 it was the Geneve models.. K
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