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  1. Nice LE - On my "normal" one, the large sweep hand is for the chrono - The dial at 6 o'clock is the 60 second dial - I'm sure you'll work it out from the manual or via YT?
  2. That £275 one - As above, their shark mesh one with H links is a nice piece of kit - Depending on your wrist size, you could end up with most of the links removed? - It also has a good quality milled clasp - Not seen one on a Seamaster, but works nicely on my Steeldive & the Apeks above from @Roger the Dodger
  3. I can't tell you how excited I got when I read this! - Then I realised you were talking to @Bricey not me!
  4. Up early preparing for some "polar" golf - Steeldive at the ready as I tee off in the gloom! ...
  5. So that's an average of 10 posts per watch purchased?
  6. CW Sealander @ £595 (you can send me the balance as a £5 Argos voucher!) - I was just admiring this very watch today in the WRUW thread (beautifully snapped by @Graham60) - It's 39mm too ... You're welcome!
  7. Doesn't really help me? - I already have more money than sense & my most expensive watch cost less than £300! - You do the maths
  8. I totally agree with all you have said & wish you good luck in your battle - Isn't it a shame that some toe-rag in UPS has caused all this grief
  9. What's the score regarding the Autavia that was stolen in transit? - That bears more than a passing resemblance to the Panda Speedy here? - If you still plan to get an Autavia the Speedy Reduced makes more sense (to me)
  10. Always loved that CW - What brand is the rubber strap please?
  11. As per my recent thread in the Straps Forum, I've added a couple of mesh straps & (imho) this black one works nicely on the monochrome Pilbara
  12. I stick to watches in the 40-42mm range & might go up a mm or two, but would not go down at all - This is mainly due to my "Mr Magoo" eyesight & my 7.5" wrist size ...
  13. I did have a Nite Alpha & it was a nice watch with excellent performance from the Tritium - I didn't take any pics of the lume when I owned the watch, but this one was "borrowed" from their website
  14. I have one of the Houtman Pilbara watches which I cannot recommend highly enough - I have the White Salt version, but there is also a green variant (which they call Jade) - It meets all the requirements of your revised list apart from "shiny" but you could add a shiny bracelet if you think it needs blinging up? - Currently on sale @ £324 BUT if you were interested in one I can give you the email address of forum member here Jason @Houtman Watches Australia who will no doubt be able to offer you cracking deal (as he did for me!) - Don't be put off by Houtman being in Oz - I got my watch 3x days after dispatch Further info on the Pilbara is HERE
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