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  1. Kingsbury Dark Water 300 today - Despite only just getting this, it will shortly be heading for the Classifieds - The "lost" watch I bought it to replace has miraculously turned up today
  2. Correction: That's at least 22 16 more watches @Bricey could buy ...
  3. Anyone else like me still looking for their best buy of 2021? - I'm an optimist & there are still 88 days left this year! That's at least 22 more watches @Bricey could buy ...
  4. That's not a watch! - Ban him
  5. Trying some leather on my recent acquisition - Second pic is especially for @rhaythorne - No clenched fist here, total Spock style ... "Live long & prosper"
  6. I immediately thought of watch-band-center as they have a huge selection of straps & a large XL selection, but most of these are leather Zuludiver nato straps are "slightly longer" than a standard one at 300mm Their rubber ones are 120 x 80mm which I am currently wearing on 7.5" wrist & leaves a spare 35mm / 4x more holes (?) Good luck
  7. Back to the RLG today on it's new perforated strap (also have this strap with white stitch)
  8. Thank you @Bricey & @rhaythorne for your input - Believe it or not I am aware of the sun's existence, but you may have noticed it disappears at night which is when the watch lume would be of use to me? - Maybe my question was a stupid one in the first place, but rather than waste even a few quid on some P of C from the Bay, I thought I'd check in here to see what the WIS community used (if anything) to charge up their watches after consuming their Horlicks (other bedtime beverages are also available) - Google has thrown me up a few actual LED UV torches, but I'd still like to hear of any recommendations here ... Thank you ... Paul PS - If you search for LED / UV you get diddly (or at least I did!)
  9. As I wear my watch when sleeping & want to see the time in the wee small hours, I usually charge my watch up with the brightest light I have in the house (halogen downlighter in bathroom) I notice in a lot of reviews of watches on YT that they usually charge the watches with a torch of some kind? - This may (or may not) be an LED UV torch (that's a flashlight if you live across the pond!) There's plenty of these for sale on the Bay of E from next to nothing, but are these cheap jobs all you need, or is there a certain quality required to get the lume to light up well? - So please recommend one that you use - Sorry if this should be posted elsewhere, but I'm sure it will get shifted if necessary? - I also tried "search" first, but either got nada or gazillions of threads? Thanks
  10. I too always enjoy your weekly purchases! - The EB is a nice looking chrono (quartz I presume?) but the MV is a real beauty - Health to wear
  11. Even if I turn the hand I wear my watch on (right, as I am a leftie) I automatically make a light fist with my hand as I turn it - Looking at it with my fingers extended doesn't feel natural, but I am a few chips short of a Happy Meal
  12. Trying out the stock bracelet with my recent arrival - Not my favourite style of bracelet (which is why it's still in the wrapper) - I think something more "tool-like" would work better ,,,
  13. Don't think I've been referred to as "esteemed" before (where's the dictionary when you need one!) Anyhoo, thank you @Bricey for the tip off about the Kingsbury Dark Water 300 Diver, which as you already eluded to (see, I know big words too!) I was able to nab from you (thanks to some nifty "drone spider" work!) - I had to wait until today to pick it up (stupid RMSD arrived on a Saturday) - Nice basic long box with the watch on a rubber strap (signed Kingsbury buckle) another rubber strap & bracelet still in their wrapper & booklet with signed warranty booklet - Bought from original owner, but barely seems used? - Started up straight away (Seiko NH36) with hacking time / day / date all working well - Pretty standard look & layout for a diver with one exception, the 12x sided bezel - This gives the watch a distinctive look (which I like obviously ymmv?) but is not really practical for use as a diving watch bezel - It does turn (nice 120 click variety) but you wouldn't want to be trying it at 20 fathoms with a chuncky pair of rubber gloves on! - Caseback is pretty plain, but with a nice dive related logo (de rigueur for this sort of watch) - Haven't tried the lume overnight, but seems to light up pretty well - So imvho a decent diver for the budget conscious WIS - Only time will tell how long it hangs about with yours truly ...
  14. Big shout-out to @Bricey the forum's own Watchfinder General & King of the Micro-brands, who spotted this Kingsbury Dark Water 300 Diver on the bay of E He "says" he was watching the auction end on the watch, but got distracted by his kids screaming at what turned out to be a large spider! - Of course that was my "drone spider" in full affect! - Anyway I managed to win the auction & am very pleased with the DW300 ...
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