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  1. Finally got my camera charged & snapped my new Perlon strap (from Lunar) - Works well with the Orient (imho)
  2. Here's how the Forest Green Perlon strap looks on my Orient - I think they look great together (shame the pictures are a bit iffy?)
  3. OK so my Perlon Forest Green strap arrived from @Jamie - Lunar Watch Straps today (usual speedy service - much obliged!) - Very impressed with the quality of the strap & the Forest Green seems (to me) to be a good match for the Orient's dark green bezel - Anyway, see for yourself ...
  4. $299 was half price in a sale at the big shop in NY! - £329 this side of the pond is a bargain!
  5. $299 gets you a new one of these (possibly my fav "budget" chrono?)
  6. A rare day off the golf course for me, so taking the V'nox for a walk (in the shade!)
  7. Thanks for the replies & suggestions gents (keep them coming!) - As below, I have had a play with the 22mm straps I have: brown leather / maroon two piece Nato / black with white pinstripe Para I have also ordered a Forest green Perlon strap from @Jamie - Lunar Watch Straps which is the darkest green strap I can find & will post some pics when it arrives ...
  8. Received this week (much obliged @Craftycockney) - Hard to get a shot of the (very) green bezel & dial - Tried a few alternatives to the stock bracelet (see below) - The jury is still out!
  9. Hi Jamie ... Thanks for that, it is an awesome watch for the price they sell for (even better when you pick up a mint one here!) - It is 22mm (I just double checked!) so I will get straight on the Lunar site & get one ordered (all done!) ... Paul
  10. Another great share - The Magrette is very nice, especially on the elasticated Nato - The 1953 is one of the nicer Invictas I have seen, but I'm not sure about the second hand? Health to wear both watches
  11. Hi Jamie ... I am trying to find some alternative straps to try on my recently acquired Orient Mako which has a dark green dial & bezel (see thread HERE)I wondered how dark the green is on your Perlon Forest Green strap? - Army green / khaki is too light, but do you think the Forest green is darker than those?Thanks ... Paul
  12. If the Strapcode one you linked to fits the bill, I'd buy it - They have a great reputation for all their bracelets & accessories - Unless you could find something similar for less money on Ebay (as Roy suggests) I'd go for the Strapcode one? - I'm not sure what you don't like about the San Martin one, but based on the quality of their watches, I'd be tempted to wait & see how bad (or good) it is first?
  13. Such a teaser - Could explain why you have eight kids
  14. IMHO it's too big - The watch is wider than your wrist & I don't think it would look right even if the bracelet was adjusted correctly - Again IMHO a watch looks best if there is some wrist visible above the case of the watch - My wrist is 7.5" and I find anything more than a 42mm case looks too big ON ME - I emphasize "on me" as there are plenty of people who like to wear larger watches in comparison to their wrist size - Below is a picture of one of my watches @ 42mm - Hope that helps ...
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