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  1. Thanks Nick! - Hope your handicap has come down or I'll be giving you 2 more shots? - No golf today as I played yesterday & have a match 2moro! - Only 1yr to go before I'm officially a 'senior' - Not around here so much now as I have no money for watches (more of a lurker now lol) Cheers Paul
  2. Haven't time to trawl through 19 pages! but I recently bought 'Heritage' by Opeth (very Prog Rock ala 'Damnation' CD, not their usual Death Metal stuff) & 'Grace for Drowning ' by Steven Wilson (of Porcupine Tree) who also mixed the Opeth album - Both are superb & sound quality is second to none - Wilson has done a Bluray version of his album (which I have on order) - He is one of the few producers to try & use the 5.1 format & his 5.1 mix of the Opeth album is fantastic Paul
  3. I agree with Gaz - This isn't one of these guys who turns up after a 'google' for the watch he is looking for ... To the O P why not say which watch it is & leave your contact details on this thread - If the seller reads the post it is his call if he contacts you Paul
  4. Hi - You can certainly still have the watch but only if you own a Time Machine as I sold it over a year ago! - I probably was the person who listed it on the other UK site btw so it wouldn't have helped registering there (?) - On a serious note, if you spend a bit of time here & build up your post count you will be able to post a 'Want To Buy' for one of these & maybe someone will offer you theirs? Cheers ... Paul
  5. Hi - In case you weren't aware, if you were thinking of using the recording facility on the H D Sky+ box, you have to subscribe to Sky for it to work (unless it can be hacked?) Cheers Paul
  6. Didn't realise Yoda was a member here but yes - love it, I do! - Strap works well with the watch imho ... Paul
  7. & nice catch! - Looking forward to my 40th, maybe I'll get something that nice? Paul
  8. PaulBoy

    65 Today!

    silverflyer - 65 today! (isn't that when the State Pension kicks in! :band:) Anyhoo have a great day ... Paul :cheers:
  9. Pure class Shawn :man_in_love: - Now all you need is a Csar and you are sorted :whistle: Health to wear ... Paul
  10. u back on the hard stuff shawn? - joe bonamassa 'dust bowl' for me, a real return to form for the gifted bluesman ... paul :D the man is a genius paul.... he sure is mate - check out his dvd at rockpalast from about 2006 - some amazing stuff on there :man_in_love:
  11. u back on the hard stuff shawn? - joe bonamassa 'dust bowl' for me, a real return to form for the gifted bluesman ... paul
  12. I loved my Jsar! but like you said I just kept banging it on things due to the height of it :( - It's like straping the Empire State to your wrist! - Too tall, but when you put that bracelet on you won't take it off as it's probably the best one I have owned - Health to wear matey ... Paul
  13. Bry - In case this is urgent I have sent Shawn a txt as he doesn't hang out here too much nowadays ... Paul
  14. 'Dust Bowl' Joe Bonamassa - A real return to form for the blues maestro ... Paul
  15. Suprised nobody has mentioned the Marinemaster 300 - Fantastic build quality on these higher spec Seikos ... Paul
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