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  1. Lunar Pilot to start the day, but might have something arriving later (come on postie!)
  2. Hi Paul (great name btw) - Thank you for that - "tips were ground and they were hardened and tempered"? - You could be talking Swahili to an oaf like me with 10x thumbs!
  3. That's very generous of you @Craftycockney but I found a set of the Horotec ones Roger recommended well within budget & plan to buy those Think I am sorted now
  4. Hi Roger ... I understand what you are saying, but really don't have a ton plus to spend here - Good advice on how many screwdrivers I might need though ...
  5. I thought I'd search to see if there was a recommendation for a decent watch / precision screwdriver set that someone could recommend? - I found this thread, or should I say "post", as no one answered? - So same question from me - I'd rather not spend Bergeon money (or £50 even!) and set must include a 1.0mm flat screwdriver for removing bracelet links - Thank you in anticipation ... Paul
  6. A rare no golf day today, so having a bit of Lunar Pilot time
  7. Sounds like a fun meet? - Like the Panda too - Nice to be young enough that your girl thinks you might be cheating on her!
  8. Harsh, but fair - As PP said, fashion watches & I am about 100 years too old to consider wearing any of them
  9. This nice Phoibos Eagle Ray is waiting in the "departure lounge" as I have my eye on something else (well it has been about 2 weeks!) I was scrolling up the page for some reason & saw this picture before seeing who had posted it - I immediately knew it was Graham60! - I know you're only using a phone, but the pictures you take are fantastic!
  10. Me too! - My Phoibos Eagle Ray going on the bay this weekend - That's a beater for 1/4 of a grand!
  11. Nice one Bricey! - A real step down from the French Cake Watch (FCW) to the Chocolate Bar Watch (CBW) - I'd say mod it with a brown dial & make it the CPW (Cow Pat Watch)
  12. Couldn't see any on eBay or Etsy (?) - I did find one on chrono24 for just under £500 - Listed as "Navy Diver Retro 465N-a5M" - One of my many "why did I sell that watch?" watches
  13. I had this Zeno about 15yrs ago which has a similar look? - Couldn't see any for sale on the Bay & can't remember what sort of money the one I had cost?
  14. Yes to all of the above - New battery & reset - Hope you enjoy your return here in better health?
  15. Great list (& post generally!) - Agree with the Bulova pair (as I have the Black Lunar) - I would have had an Orient (Mako or Kamasu) diver in there, but the Bambino is a craking choice
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