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  1. Blue is one of my favourite dials, like my Alpha on vintage blue leather with orange trim ...
  2. Hi Herold ... Welcome & good luck with your search for knowledge ... Paul
  3. A quick update on this "What happened to the Lumpy" thread ... I initially tried to order a Lumpy style bracelet from Banggood but it remained out of stock for over a week & I gave up - I then tried Amazon & bought the bracelet shown in the pics for about £30 - Feedback from buyers was very positive & I have to say that I would add to that - Typical Amazon, the small box you can see was in a shoe box size box! (of course they care about the planet!) - As you can see in the pics, I haven't taken the plastic protection off as I am not sure if I really need another bracelet (?) - The
  4. A rare day off the golf course for me, so happy to give the 262 some wrist time
  5. I agree, that looks even nicer in the flesh than the stock picture - Health to wear
  6. One of the things I missed while away was the way people here were always happy to help others - Well done scottswatches
  7. I tried (& failed) to find any discussion / threads on this issue - The one watch I own that I only wear for "formal" occasions is a bog standard quartz model - It only sees the light of day half a dozen times a year (or never in the last "annus horribilis") - I wanted to know whether it is better to store a quartz watch with the crown pulled out, which on my watch stops the watch - I don't want to do this if it is not good for the movement and/or is false economy as, from what I have read, it can cause the battery to run down more than when it is left running? - I found reference to this
  8. Great catch & who can resist a bargain like that?
  9. Wow! That's a real retina burner! - I could see it being worn by Snoop Doggy Dog on his next "Let's Eat" ad though
  10. I had a poke around the bay of e for 36mm Autos & found a new Alpha Explorer (Miyota movement) and several used Citizen autos - You will get better value on a used watch provided you buy from a reputable source (ime)
  11. Dive with them? - Are you mad! - I can only answer for myself, but I just like the diver look & as Sulie said, they are easy to read & when I was a working man, solid watches that would take a knock or two while arresting drunks! - I guess if they account for 90% of the market they must be popular & if good enough for James Bond, who am I to argue? ...
  12. Not sure about what they call the "nautical bezel"? - Here's the bumf on Delma: "Delma is a family owned Swiss watchmaker which was founded in 1924 by Albert & Alfred Gilomen in Lengnau near Biel, in the heart of the watch industry. The brand is still family owned and is now in the third generation. Famous for professional sports watches, in 2019 Delma celebrated 50 years since the release of its first diver's watch."
  13. Lovely watch & a great deal - Health to wear ...
  14. I had a Pilot (42 iirc?) many moons ago - It was a very well made & finished watch - One of the best Pilot watches I have owned - I had the Automatic version, but there was a Manual also - One of my many "Why did I sell that?" watches ...
  15. Chulyquang ... The workmanship on your straps looks top notch (that's very good fyi) - I only wish I had a watch to fit one on that would but up to the job ... Paul
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