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  1. Another day with this old friend - As eluded to yesterday, sadly need a new home for it
  2. Reunited with an old friend today - i sold this Limited Edition Zelos Swordfish (The Ti 42mm version, rare as rocking horse dung!) in September - The buyer used it for about a week (having been full of praise for it) but then noticed a couple of the bezel markers had come out? - Despite it being 100% when he received it, Ebay told me to accept it back as a return?- The buyer (& I) both contacted Zelos, who were happy to send us a replacement bezel - Big shout out to @simon2 who fitted one of the new bezels for me - As you can see, the watch is back to it's lume-tastic best! - Sadly, as I bought my Armida A1 to replace this, the Zelos will shortly be heading for the Classified Ads - Anyway, happy to wear it in the mean time ...
  3. Having had an RLG myself I'd be surprised if you end up dismissing it entirely? - Great watches for the price you can buy them imho - As mentioned, get it on a strap that does it justice & it may be a keeper? (who am I kidding, this is @Briceyffs )
  4. Health to wear Colin - I think it was @Roy himself who spotted this bargain? - I was almost tempted too, but can't get past the second hand I'm afraid ...
  5. This A1 seems to work with everything I throw at it - Was taking some (more) lume shots today on my engineer / lumpy strap & that looks rather tasty (if I do say so myself?)
  6. I'm with Duncan here on the strangle idea, but more importantly, the strap - What were they thinking on that first hideous thing? - The second one is much better, but black leather with maybe a red stitch, would look the business - Anyway, I'll let you get back to your watch & the process of hiking your customer's bill after the grief he caused you
  7. Home today - Maybe something nice in the post? - We can but hope ...
  8. The Nomos is a real beauty & if the RLG I had is anything to go by, you should be suitably impressed with the quality at this price band? - Look forward to seeing your updates / reviews when they arrive in darkest Cambs
  9. Received this nice Zuludiver strap today for my birthday - Already heard a rendition of "When I'm Sixty Four" (if you wondered?)
  10. The Monaco & Speedy are a given, but I'd leave all the exotic stuff (nice as they are) & just add to my diver fetish with the CW, Seiko & Doxa beauties
  11. If you think this (& any future watch) is worth checking out, when you are looking at it, could you copy the link to the item & paste it in your post? - It would help people here not having to waste electricity searching for the item individually, which in itself can't be good for the environment?
  12. Yes, I understand the principle of Kickstarter, but this particular watch isn't Strond starting up a business selling watches? - They used Kickstarter to launch their DC3 model before this one? - My question was, is that normal / how Kickstarter works? - Can you just come back every couple of years & launch another model? - I can see it being a great way to get started, but in Strond's case, they have started already?
  13. It's not the worst watch I have ever seen, but having seen their previous "inspired by" model with a slither of a DC3 fuselage stuck on the dial, I see that this watch was launched on Kickstarter too? - So is it normal practice to launch new models of your watch on there? - After reading about how things can go wrong on there (like @pauluspaoloabove) I wouldn't touch anything there with my "inspired by Ferdinand de Lesseps" bargepole!
  14. After heavy overnight rain, looks like my Hydrosphere is the most appropriate choice for me today
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