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  1. Watch looks fantastic & (apart from Colin?) who gives a flying faheeny about the box (though it is pretty decent) - Health to wear
  2. Nice use of the old Mark Twain quote & definitely applicable to watch buying ... “Giving up smoking is easy… I've done it hundreds of times”
  3. Armida A1 for me today ...
  4. Love that Oceanographer Jay - I always wondered, with the raised baton markers it uses, do they have lume applied on them / in them / under them? - If so, what's the lume like?
  5. Not really a Rolex person, but spotted these in a WRUW thread the other day ...
  6. Just prior to the latest cull by @Bricey I asked him if he had a blue diver "surplus to requirements" (silly question, but who can keep up with his "revolving door" purchases!) Anyhoo, this Aquanero Hydrosphere ticked a lot of boxes for me & we struck a deal (top bloke Colin, as we all know) - His mini-review comments about the less than stellar bracelet were right on the money, but I would wear this on a rubber strap or (my favourite) perforated / rally strap anyway? - See what you think ...
  7. Pretty neat solution - I like the leather strap, not so sure on the black bracelet (?) - Anyway, it's your rodeo, so health to wear ...
  8. I'm stuck indoors too! - Only as waiting for a new V/Media set top box (2 hour delivery slot my posterior!)
  9. An old favourite strap on my A1 today & as I was taking pics I thought I'd close the curtains for an updated lume shot
  10. A Longines I have always liked & whilst I prefer on a leather strap, I think it works well on the mesh - Health to wear & nice job on the 710 (that'll teach her!)
  11. Still a bit in the dark, but googling "Al Czervik" revealed this explanation which clears it up nicely As discussed in the previous installment, Ty Webb vs. Al Czervik is the Caddyshack semiosphere’s hermeneutic code. The paradigms Ty Webb and Al Czervik, that is, challenge and subvert the structure of meaningfulness established by the master code Golf Club vs. Caddy Shack. The paradigm Ty Webb does so in an antiheroic fashion — by rejecting both the “value” Golf Club and the “disvalue” Caddy Shack; the character Ty Webb refuses to buy into either the dominant culture or the counterculture. The antihero wants it all; they want to have their cake, and eat it too; faced with an either/or decision, they choose “all of the above.” Al Czervik, as we’ll demonstrate in this installment, also refuses to buy into either the dominant culture or the counterculture… but this paradigm is anto-antiheroic. The anti-antihero doesn’t want anything this semiosphere has to offer; faced with an either/or decision, they choose “none of the above.”
  12. Not quite sure what @WRENCH is trying to say? - At least with a trolley (regardless of what tech is built into it) a golfer is walking in the fresh air whereas @wrenny1969 is saying where he plays, players are discouraged from walking & forced into riding buggies? - Not much exercise there! - I will walk until I am unable to & wouldn't want to play a course where you cannot walk ...
  13. That looks great & always a bonus when you pick something up here from a fellow forum member - They (dare I say we?) always seem to take better care of watches than people from other places we buy from? Health to wear
  14. I've had a couple of San Martin watches - Great quality for the price & I like your new one - Also not a fan of Merc hands & those pencil ones suit the watch to a T Health to wear ...
  15. What in hell's handcart are these! - Vaguely watch shaped? - Can you actually tell the time? - Suppose I shouldn't be surprised that they are Hublot ...
  16. Ich weiß nicht, was ... according to Google Translate? - Anyway, Armida on board today to help me through the chores ...
  17. You need a cover story ... "Glamor Master" is the Scottish Gaelic spelling for "Claymore Master" as in the big mental sword thingy ... Job done!
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