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  1. This nice Phoibos Eagle Ray is waiting in the "departure lounge" as I have my eye on something else (well it has been about 2 weeks!) I was scrolling up the page for some reason & saw this picture before seeing who had posted it - I immediately knew it was Graham60! - I know you're only using a phone, but the pictures you take are fantastic!
  2. Me too! - My Phoibos Eagle Ray going on the bay this weekend - That's a beater for 1/4 of a grand!
  3. Nice one Bricey! - A real step down from the French Cake Watch (FCW) to the Chocolate Bar Watch (CBW) - I'd say mod it with a brown dial & make it the CPW (Cow Pat Watch)
  4. Couldn't see any on eBay or Etsy (?) - I did find one on chrono24 for just under £500 - Listed as "Navy Diver Retro 465N-a5M" - One of my many "why did I sell that watch?" watches
  5. I had this Zeno about 15yrs ago which has a similar look? - Couldn't see any for sale on the Bay & can't remember what sort of money the one I had cost?
  6. Yes to all of the above - New battery & reset - Hope you enjoy your return here in better health?
  7. Great list (& post generally!) - Agree with the Bulova pair (as I have the Black Lunar) - I would have had an Orient (Mako or Kamasu) diver in there, but the Bambino is a craking choice
  8. If you are getting any sort of significant shock to your wrist I can assure you (as someone who has been playing golf for 59 years!) you are doing it wrong! - As per my previous post, I have had the pleasure of owning various watches over the last 20+ years & have never taken them off when playing golf - These include many different brands from basic Seiko's all the way up to more salubrious Omega's - I have never had an issue with any of these watches due to wearing them when playing golf (& trust me, I play A LOT, just ask the wife!)
  9. Bracelet back on the Eagle Ray today
  10. Wow! - A post I can actually add some personal experience to! - I am retired & as my WhatsApp account says "I'm playing golf, or waiting to play golf!" - I don't use a golf / GPS device on my wrist, but do have whatever watch I am wearing on while playing - Today I was wearing my Phoibos Eagle Ray diver & yesterday I had my Bulova Lunar Pilot on during play - I have worn ALL the watches I have owned for the last 20+ years whilst playing golf & have never experienced any issues doing so - As someone said above, "if a watch (any watch) cant stand up to a round of golf its not a very good watch."
  11. I am in the "wear it to bed" camp - I like to know what time it is when I wake up for the inevitable trip to the loo in the wee small hours (see what I did there?) - Although I do have watches with 200m + WR I always take them off in the bath or shower as I can't imagine steam etc would be good for them ...
  12. The watch isn't quite for me, but what a fantastic post - Huge amount of effort, top work sir
  13. No, in most respects you are correct, but in terms of watches I've never seen the weight of a watch given in pounds & ounces, only grams - 255g confirms it's 'kin heavy!
  14. Ounces! - Who are you, Delia Smith? - What's the weight in grams please
  15. Do you know what movement they fitted in your watch?
  16. Two nice buys there Bricey - Health to wear
  17. Finally got round to fitting my Lunar Strap to my Lunar watch! - Feels really good & pretty tasty looking imho
  18. After a bit of drama on Friday when my Eagle Ray stopped (Indian, not the arrow, as I failed to wind it enough before use ) - On my fav Para strap today I could die a happy man if I owned one of these! That's a beauty & will look even better as the bronze ages - Health to wear
  19. Hadn't seen the chrono before (nice!) & as you say that bottom one is bonkers - I'm 7'5" (wrist) but wouldn't want to risk any damage hauling any of those around
  20. That looks a beast of a watch - Is it as big & heavy as it looks? - I'm a Precisionist fan btw & recently bought a Black Lunar Pilot (my fav at the mo )
  21. Before the Name Nazis spot my mistake ... Model is an Eagle Ray
  22. Hi Paul ... Yes Phoibos Sea Eagle (strange brand name & even stranger logo - known as the "Angry Octopus") - I'm gutted to say it stopped working on me today - Think I need a
  23. Bit of a late start this morning, so grabbed a pic of my new arrival on a Horween strap (sorry about the crap pic - taken upside down with my wrong hand!)
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