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  1. Hey fellas! Just happened to pop in and caught this thread. One of the originals still ticking over here in the Sunshine State...
  2. Recently got this back after a lengthy trip to the spa...looks new again, including original sunburst finish on the case front/end pieces, and polished sides. :yahoo: (please excuse the crap iPhone pic and cloud reflection...doesn't do it justice whatsoever) Omega Seamaster 176.007 :cheers:
  3. Joining the Seiko crowd today, with a quick and blurry iPhone pic... Seiko 6138-3003 on Toshi Tan :cheers:
  4. One of my favorites for now... Omega Seamaster Chronograph 176.007 (must get around to taking some post-cleanup pics) ...and looking forward to this for Friday night... RLT 8 on Toshi Vintage Briefcase :cheers:
  5. Well, howdy boys...it's been awhile. :lookaround: This recent arrival... :drinks:
  6. Been following Commander Hadfield via Twitter for some time...fascinating guy, and some truly jaw-dropping photos from his window to the world. On the watch-related side of things, he posted this recently..."Cosmonaut wristwatch, certified for the thermal vacuum of a spacewalk." (Also note mirror strapped to wrist...for reading backward print on front of space suits.) And a video of his X-33 "floating" in space... Hadfield is preparing to return to Earth soon. Checkout his Twitter feed HERE. :cheers:
  7. How do you divide Mach in half, Carl? Surely you are not suggesting cutting our mod in half.... :giljotiini: :D See here. :whistle:
  8. Nice one. :thumbsup: Gotta love the wrist-gripping profile on these... EDIT: And a crown big enough a gorilla could manage it. :yes:
  9. Hey hey boys. How's it hangin'? :smoke: Quite a few of these 'round today, so reckon I'll post mine since it's on my wrist... Glycine Combat Sub :drinks:
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