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  1. lewjamben

    Mafws Game

    Laura Is Kinda Extremely Sexy MOLLY
  2. Recycled picture, but this today;
  3. lewjamben


    Erm... a Scrabble "L".
  4. This again today although that is subject to change:
  5. Washing the car today, so I'll be wearing this: HAGBHWE
  6. This Aramar Arctic Marine which I haven't worn for a long while. Sitting on a mesh strap today:
  7. Another day, another opportunity to wear the Strela. This time, a close up:
  8. I don't get to wear this often so...
  9. I'm going to put this on in a mo.
  10. lewjamben


    Just finished hardwiring the 710s dashcam. Now going to spend a few hours cleaning it. She's got me well trained!
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