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  1. I was refused entry to a rather up their own backside dealers once.I had just finished work,in those days,it was a manual job,that involved some hush hush I had stopped by on the way home in my work clothes,to enquire about an extra link for a President bracelet.Twice I pushed on the door,with the assistant,just standing there looking at me,talking to another assistant.I knew they were not going to let me in because I looked the way I did. I had my watch in my pocket,so I knocked on the glass door,until she came to enquire what I wanted,hoping I suspect to shoo me away. I held up my watch,and two fingers,and walked off As for sales staff not knowing all their products.It is hard for any sales person to know everything,and they could be new staff,so I go easy on them..When I buy something,I usually do my research before going to a shop anyway,so never ask any questions,unless it involves discount.
  2. Watch collectors,gotta love em
  3. Classy watch,always like that model.Conratulations.
  4. Right.. Most of you will not know who I am. A little background,I used to be a regular on the forum,many years ago,and also a moderator.Since the forum started I have been around.Some old school members will know me. I used own many expensive watches,and cheap ones too.I gave up collecting owning and wearing watches years ago,got bored moved on.Quartz was always my thing though,mainly to annoy all the mechanical snobs I do read the forum from time to time.Roy is a good friend of mine and I respect him a lot. What I am about to say is from me,no one else,the moderator under my name,means nothing.I have not moderated this forum in years,Roy just never took away the status. I read some of the posts on the forum,and to be honest,stop being so serious over watches guys.Friction on a forum is always going to happen,but people taking it personal over discussions over a piece of metal,is a bit silly.Unless you made or designed the actual watch being critised,chill out I am not aware of any personal attacks on the forum,since I started posting again,but everyone seems so uptight and jumpy over comments.Some people will never get on,but getting bent out of shape over what some other person says about a piece of jewelry is a bit daft. Discuss what you want,relax,enjoy and be nice to others. My post is not aimed at anyone or any particular post or thread,and I am speaking as a member not a moderator. Peace. Alex
  5. I totally missed your post mate,as I hardly bother to read the forum there days. I would like to know how my post was any kind of barb? I stated in my post,I don't care who buys and wears what.It makes no odds to me at all,be it Patek or Casio,I have owned them all,and own none now,as I don't use watches anymore,got bored moved on,part of the reason,I don't use the forum much anymore. I am am happy to discuss any watch be it cheap or expensive ,and if you would kindly read any of my other posts,you will see I am no snob or a person who belittles others watches.I might have some fun occasionally.,but never hate on anyone or any persons watches. I also wrote,own what you like. At the end of the day,this is a forum,a place to discuss watches,be it good or bad.
  6. Lucky you,nice one. You won't want my opinion,but i like to type so here goes.. They are all reliable watches,so no worries there. Tudor,I like Tudor and the Heritage models are the nicest.I preferred when they used Rolex cases back in the day,so the ones you are looking at are a good choice. Never liked the Speedy reduced,always seemed like the poor cousin of the full size ones.I would much prefer the moonwatch,class watch,manual wind,so it is cool as hell,will never date,fashion wise,and is a nice size. Myself,I would not want two different sized versions of the same watch,you will end up favouring one of them,buy something different. Accuracy is possible with any modern mechanical,but,if you demand accuracy,buy a good quartz.
  7. I just re wrote your post for you bruce,I could not be bothered with my own thought out response,so copied yours,but gave it some pizzaz Just kidding,we feel the same,although,it is a free market,so anyone can sell anything there is a market for,and trashy flashy and cheap is the future.I used to let that stuff get to me and get on my nerves.I sold off all my good watches,except for some gifts from roy and my RLT4 white dial.Now I could not care less who buys what
  8. If I may give my thoughts on this topic and Bruce's post. Most people who buy a watch,buy it for its looks,not for what it is.A watch is jewelry to most people,who are not collectors.Male and females,want to look good,a watch is a statement.Who cares what movement is inside it?Does it look pretty or cool is the deciding factor for most. Even most high end watch buyers,don't know anything,except brand names,they buy because they know the name,through marketing and advertising.An average person,does not know the movement number and model of a Rolex Sub,they buy it because its a Rolex,and Rolex is the bestest,it says so in the glossy magazines Really all the watch industry wants to do is appeal to everyones vain personality.To sell you stuff.The cheaper stuff is no different,a fashion watch is exactly that,a disposable fashion accessory. People on watch forums and groups are different there hobby is watches,and view watches as prized possesions,as works of art to be cherished and admired.A rich guy who buys a nice watch,most likely has been influenced by the glossies.He will have no passion for the watch,just that he likes it. No matter what the watch or item is,if we like it,its worth it,that is the point of owning stuff isn't it? No idea where I am going with this,but it makes me feel warm inside typing it
  9. Seiko make watches other that dive watches? Just kidding.I might have a pic of my Grand Seiko quartz somewhere,but I don't have pic hosting,so close your eyes and imagine it for me,save me asking Roy to host it for me,he doesn't like doing it,since the pic of the Donkey
  10. Pics of said tights and Boa,or it never happened,and I get offended by liars
  11. I must add,one vital part of info.I do sometimes carry a watch.I have been known to remove a strap on a watch and carry it in my pocket,when needs arise.I was after a large watch for pocket watch duties in the sales forum,but not a pocket watch,as I am not that old
  12. Stan my old mate. I ask other people the time Remember the scene in easy Rider,when Fonda throws his watch away,then rides off on the bike? I have an alarm clock to wake me up,I go to work,there is a clock on the wall,and on a computer screen.I leave work when the clock says it is time to go home.All I need,anything else is not needed,and just jewelry.
  13. Well, I used to own several Rolex,Lange,Omega,a Patek,and a vintage Vacheron,a few others I forget,they are all the same. Of all of these the Rolex would always get is that real?Normally I would answer no,its a good fake,and hand them the watch to inspect Not bruising or insulting.I never made the watch,and it is just a watch,Just like a pair of shoes,a t-shirt or any piece of clothing. I don't wear a watch now,havent for about 8 years.I own watches,no expensive ones anymore,but don't wear them.I buy an occasional watch too.Mostly my 2 sons wear them for me. I get more insults over not owning a mobile phone
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