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  1. after many years of wearing a 200M vostok diver - one day the seals failed all that happened was that the crown stem rusted badly and seized sealing the case again - donor crown, stem and seals sorted it again for many more years
  2. very interesting hommage, too expensive (almost get an original for that price) plus no different to the 3133 / Poljot international hommages - all copies and not original re-issues
  3. 'very' is the answer - I had one for well over 6 years - eventually the gasket on the crown failed and the stem rusted up and seized stopping water damage to the movement! brilliant design
  4. Esme, sunning herself with the Atlas mountains behind her...
  5. an observation on the condition of the mechanicals; you mention it doesn't wind anymore, just backwards - seems its fully would and can't unwind. looking at the centre wheel pinion (the one that is usually unjeweled) you can see in the photos that this is badly corroded - causing no doubt, the mechanism to seize up so it can't unwind. needs a full service as corrosion may be present elsewhere - need to factor that into costs and then sadly the scrap value begins to look more promising to a charity shop...
  6. thanks Roy you're a star - can you delete my other one too? the calculator one
  7. I cannot see how to delete an advert - as i would like to resubmit one having accidentally marked as sold (I think i got comfused with the 'complete' button and the fact that that meant sold when I thought it meant the ad was complete and ready for posting) thanks
  8. I added sales post and accidentally it seems to be marked as sold - which it isnt, how do I mark it as unsold or delete the ad to upload it again?
  9. Trebor roberT - makes sense now... after all these years....
  10. @Karrusel thanks - the more information the better - i'm pretty sure my hands have been repainted... but not seen another with that colour combo 24h internal bezel (I assume it was red/yellow or red /white) its great it has such 'patina' as that way I am not afraid to wear it. This is what the original hands would have looked like: https://omegaforums.net/attachments/img_20160912_182007-jpg.282389/
  11. Here is a photo of the back @Karrusel
  12. thanks for the comments - it is an early 60s one - I think its a Mark 3 case with some mark 2 features so who knows... I've known about Enicar Sherpas for years but only recently read up about the founder being called Racine and the very interesting history they had too on the wrist it dwarfs the Omega speedy and seamaster and Rolex submariners of the time
  13. been after one for a while but very good ones go for silly prices... plenty of patina on this one and its been serviced recently and keeps excellent time...
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