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  1. pg tips

    A Very Blond Day

    I better not mention how many laws you probably broke doing that :D Could you expand, PG? I ask, as at work we have had queries in the past from folk who have contaminated fuel and wanted to know what to do with it. It might be useful to know what if any advice we could give if they have not yet siphoned the fuel out. I can only think that the laws broken would be over storage of fuel - ie more than 5 litres? Also would siphoning be more of a problem now due to filters being put in the neck of fuel tanks, to stop thieves from siphoning fuel. Contaminated fuel is classed as a bio hazard and as such has to be disposed of at a proper facility, it's technically not illegal to drain it yourself (although I would almost certainly say the petrol station would not permit it on their premises) but it is illegal to store it without a licence and then it has to be in proper containers, you can't go filling up any old bottles you may have! And any spillage that may occur will need to be properly cleaned.
  2. pg tips

    A Very Blond Day

    diesel is an oil and is the only thing that lubricates the fuel system, on the old low pressure systems you could get away with it, in fact it was common practice to add a bit of petrol in very cold weather. On modern High pressure systems the tolerances are much tighter with pressures of 1,000 bar! You start running them with no lube and they soon seize up. Most manufactures have a indicator of some sort now so they know if petrol has been through the system and they will invalidate any warranty. Having said that most times you'll get away with it. The worse thing is if you don't realise, drive off and the car doesn't stop within a few miles. If it stops because it can't run on the petrol it'll normally not have had enough time to cause much damage, but some cars will keep going and that's when the petrol start to do it's worse. all diesel in a petrol engine normally does is clog the filters, a complete system flush and new filter normally puts it right.
  3. pg tips

    A Very Blond Day

    I better not mention how many laws you probably broke doing that :D
  4. pg tips

    A Very Blond Day

    Wrong on both counts, in essence it all depends on a lot of different things
  5. Local story to me, unsafwe working with chainsaw! http://www.wisbechstandard.co.uk/news/full_interview_tree_surgeon_speaks_about_horrific_chainsaw_accident_which_left_him_minutes_from_death_1_965929
  6. I know a guy who did exactly the same, we affectionately nicknamed him stumpy!
  7. Thanks for the replies, been a lot of help, you read all sorts on the net from it only costs a couple of pence a day to run to I had to re mortgage to pay for it :D I think I've convinced her we can't afford it and it's not worth it, looking at some "warm feel" flooring solutions but it'll be a while yet before we're at that stage. The wall came out today!
  8. Just an aside my personal record for newest car with a broken cambelt is 8,000 miles on one of dagenhams finest! :D
  9. Well as your going to get the timing belt done I'd suggest while it's in get a service done, especially plugs and HT leads if it has them and ask the mechanic to check for any signs of poor connections etc, normally obvious by a build up of "fur" Like anything from the far east they are hugely reliable, think yourself luck, you could have bought an alfa!
  10. Cars get "used" to how they are used, everyone thinks it's a good thing buying a "one elderly lady owner" car and then can't understand why it begins to fall apart as soon as you start thrashing it. Engines in particular don't like a sudden change of use. EML's (engine management lights) are the bain of my life! Joe public think it's just a case of plugging in the computer and it will tell you exactly what's wrong and how to fix it, oh if only life was so simple! I've lost count of the times I've been to cars where EML's came on but have subsequently gone off, no fault codes stored, or no eml on and no code stored but there is an obvious fault. And it doesn't help when you get a error message along the lines of fuel trim bank 1 circuit too high! Why don't they write it in english?! A few years ago when tesco's had the dodgy petrol we were getting loads of oxygen sensor fault codes, garages would replace the sensor only for it to not cure the fault, the fault turned out to be the wrong additive in the fuel coating the sensors, the computer was correct in that it was getting unexpected readings from the sensor, but the sensor wasn't faulty! The contamination was corrupting the readings. It takes a good detective and some lateral logical thinking to work out exactly what's going on sometimes, was reading of a case the other day, car misfired when cold but when warm was OK, owner had taken it to 4 different garages and in turn had replaced injector, ignition coil, spark plug, coolant temp and ambient air temp sensors to no avail. all the eml kept telling them was there was a misfire on number 3! It turned out 3 years earlier the cam belt had broken (previous owner had to be contacted to find this out). number 3 inlet valve had been bent and was replaced at the rebuild. It turned out the con rod on number 3 had bent slightly during the impact but this had not been spotted, the 4mm difference in length was enough to reduce the compression when cold to give a misfire but when it warmed up it worked OK! Getting onto your Rio (for the love of god why? :no: ) it sounds like it developed a misfire to me, perhaps your well intentioned thrash caused something to get hot and breakdown under load (coil, plug, lead (if it still has them)) or even a poor connection that when hot gave an excessively high resistance, once it had cooled down fault was gone. Disconnecting the battery may have done a system reset on the electronic control unit (ecu) like when your PC crashes and you turn it off and turn it back on again, but this doesn't work on all cars, some need a eobd (electronic on board diagnostics) tool to do this. But that may be a red herring, it may have just fixed itself by cooling down. An eobd reader may be able to retrieve a code but not always. General rule of thumb with all orange warning lights is like traffic lights, if the car is running OK then it's OK to drive with caution but needs to be checked out. Don't drive with a misfire as unburnt petrol could enter the cat which isn't good over a prolonged period although newer systems will turn off the injector if it detects a misfire to prevent this. Another thing with misfires is the ecu may have turned the injector off deliberately, some systems do this when it detects overheating, a cylinder pumping air with no fuel in it will actually cool it down so injectors are turned off in turn to try and stop engine damage! It's getting really complicated out there :lol: The sludge in your filler cap is almost certainly condensation reacting with oil fumes, a classic symptom with short journey driving especially on cars where the rocker box is above the height of the radiator as cold air rushes in and hits the rocker box and you get the cold outside warm inside scenario, anyone with central heating in their house would have experienced the condensation build up on the inside of their windows. Owners of vauxhall chevettes would know all about this, it was not uncommon to get a pint of the stuff out of the rocker box every service!
  11. Not been "on forum" much of late for 2 reasons, we're having the downstairs "remoddeled" as she so quaintly put it! £20K's worth so not much room to move atm and I'm having to work every overtime shift I can get to pay for it. Anyway to the point, thinking of putting in underfloor heating, concrete floors so will have to be electric (no way am I chopping in to bury pipes) so just want a bit of advice, as usual the net has everything from good to bad. It looks easy enough to install myself, my dads a retired spark so he'll do the dangerous bit, just want to know does it work and is it expensive to run, bearing in mind we have gas c/h as well so I'm thinking of just an ambient heat to take the chill off, don't need to heat the house with it. Is it worth the time trouble and expense or shall I just tell her to wear slippers! thanks all. hope to be back sometime before christmas :lol: what has she started?
  12. pg tips

    Site Update

    :pmsl: next thing you know Griff will be back!
  13. looks great mate, regarding the crazy golf I saw a good grandfather clock obstacle once, you had to time your shot to miss the swinging pendulum
  14. :big_boss: one more thing... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-13909992
  15. he asked to have his details remved
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