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  1. Thanks for the replies, been a lot of help, you read all sorts on the net from it only costs a couple of pence a day to run to I had to re mortgage to pay for it :D I think I've convinced her we can't afford it and it's not worth it, looking at some "warm feel" flooring solutions but it'll be a while yet before we're at that stage. The wall came out today!
  2. Just an aside my personal record for newest car with a broken cambelt is 8,000 miles on one of dagenhams finest! :D
  3. Well as your going to get the timing belt done I'd suggest while it's in get a service done, especially plugs and HT leads if it has them and ask the mechanic to check for any signs of poor connections etc, normally obvious by a build up of "fur" Like anything from the far east they are hugely reliable, think yourself luck, you could have bought an alfa!
  4. Cars get "used" to how they are used, everyone thinks it's a good thing buying a "one elderly lady owner" car and then can't understand why it begins to fall apart as soon as you start thrashing it. Engines in particular don't like a sudden change of use. EML's (engine management lights) are the bain of my life! Joe public think it's just a case of plugging in the computer and it will tell you exactly what's wrong and how to fix it, oh if only life was so simple! I've lost count of the times I've been to cars where EML's came on but have subsequently gone off, no fault codes stored, or no
  5. Not been "on forum" much of late for 2 reasons, we're having the downstairs "remoddeled" as she so quaintly put it! £20K's worth so not much room to move atm and I'm having to work every overtime shift I can get to pay for it. Anyway to the point, thinking of putting in underfloor heating, concrete floors so will have to be electric (no way am I chopping in to bury pipes) so just want a bit of advice, as usual the net has everything from good to bad. It looks easy enough to install myself, my dads a retired spark so he'll do the dangerous bit, just want to know does it work and is it ex
  6. :pmsl: next thing you know Griff will be back!
  7. looks great mate, regarding the crazy golf I saw a good grandfather clock obstacle once, you had to time your shot to miss the swinging pendulum
  8. :big_boss: one more thing... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-13909992
  9. there was a member here way back in the early days user name djb not sure if it's the same person though, only made 10 posts (the post count on the old forum was not carried over though so may have been more) last seem here in 2004
  10. now issn't that better than all those casios? nice one hippo
  11. there's a proper tool for cutting stems, I've buggered a few trying to do it with a saw or side cutters
  12. :notworthy: if your gonna do it, do it properly!
  13. As it so often is :lol: I remember getting issued a white laced pair in basic training at "Swinders" Quite sure we called them pumps there too, 1st thing we did was go and buy a pair of proper runners! last time I stand up and take sides with Mach! :D
  14. yeah but the name of the web site is... just google PE pumps and there are loads of sites that refer to them as pumps even if they are plimsolls, in fact plimsolls was just a nickname from the plimsoll line on a ship, developed in 1830 and called a deck shoe the nickname plimsoll didn't come in til 1870 but that doesn't alter the fact we called them pumps at school!
  15. School pumps dot co dot uk!!! http://www.schoolpumps.co.uk/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=3
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