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  1. They've started doing this in London - makes a lot of sense. I recently chopped in my old diesel Jag for an Mitsu Outlander PHEV. As our daily usage is about 15-20 miles, with the occasional long-run for holidays and visits etc. it made sense. Big motor with room for the kids and luggage, two electric motors making up 4WD, no road tax... It's parked on the street outside, but I plug it in most nights and rarely visit the petrol station. Pure EV range is up to 25 miles dependent on weather conditions and hills etc. Even once the range is used up, on a motorway the engine kicks in and charges the batteries pretty quickly so I can switch back to EV mode. I'm a convert - quiet, instant torque, relaxing, practical and so far very reliable.
  2. I very much enjoy the capability of having such comprehensive access to communication, news, the internet etc.in my pocket. I like the fact that my little girl can skype my mum and dad, and that the missus can send me clips of my daughter at work. However... My newly cquired Xiaomi is set to silent at virtually all times and all but the most important notifications are switched off. I choose when I use it, it doesn't choose for me. I've also always got a copy of Private Eye in my inside pocket or my Kindle in my bag for when I find myself with time to wait.
  3. Welcome from one (adopted) Londoner to another...
  4. This was picked up in the initial aftermath of the referendum, however you're right in that it seemed to slip away quietly. It's a fairly clearly written clause - two years to negotiate, with the option of extending the period with full agreement (which I imagine is pretty much a de facto arrangement) of all remaining member states and the UK. Everyone who needs to understand this probably does, although the Government seem committed to the idea of two years max, but that's probably political spin more than anything else to keep Farage et al at bay. All overshadowed by the more media-friendly row about who should oversee the whole thing - the executive (ruling party) or Parliament as a whole. All the High Court appeals associated with Gina Miller centred around this, and I think that the Judges got it right in stating that Parliament as a whole should oversee the negotiations and an input, rather than giving the Tories a free-hand in shaping the future.
  5. Sorry to hear about this - a similar thing happened to me a few years back when I lived in Leeds, so you have my sympathies. I'm not far from you in E. London, so on the off chance I'll keep an eye out in the second hand shops and pawn brokers just in case the burglars hail from my neck of the woods. Another good place to watch is eBay - set up a search for 'MuDu' and scrolll through the offerings - if you find it let the old bill know and consider a buy-back, possibly using a different account from your own.
  6. Excellent choice. The missus got me a pair of Loake Wharfedale brogues as an anniversary present four years ago. They are superb, I reckon the soles have ten years left in them, and the leather another twenty or so. There's an outlet store in the City (Harrow Pl) which sell L1s at about £80 - these are the Indian assembled shoes, but are still good value at that price - pay more for the English made and you are getting (IMHO) a very good shoe at a competitive price. Better shoes are available, but probably not at the typical Loake price-point.
  7. I'm fairly sure that even if this is declared as Treasure, and the Crown decides to keep hold of it, then the finder receives the monetary value as recompense. Still quids-in, but in all honesty, I'm surprised it was reported in the first place. Having said that, if you tried to shift a large amount of these things, then the cash going into your account is going to attract some attention from the bank and possibly the authorities...
  8. Normally a suit during working hours, but I had to attend some training this morning so I've dressed a little more casually today.... From the ground up, Loake Wharfedales, navy chinos, white M&S shirt, grey cotton-cashmere sweater and a Moon Shetland tweed blazer with an Ollech & Wajs M1 on a 'Bond' NATO. I pretty much always wear chinos or cords these days (outside of the summer months, when it's almost exclusively shorts) and am a big fan of a cotton Oxford. As my wife said to me the other day; "You were born for smart-casual".
  9. Fag packets are crap these days, and they're getting crappier. A mate at work had a pack the other day, Mayfair I think, in the new plain packaging. I think 'they've' finally made smoking 'uncool'; the fags you smoked used to be a reflection on the smoker. A chap I worked for chugged through 60-80 JPS Superkings a day - unsurprisingly he's no longer with us, but by God, did he love smoking. I smoked B&H Gold back in the day, moving on to Dunhill in the latter stages before packing it in.
  10. Loads of this goes on in our office. A very fruity place... My submission: Wastrel. A word I hope to bring back to common parlance.
  11. I found that I was watching the Beeb, C4 and occasionally some of the natural history stuff. I've always preferred the 'wireless' so we binned it. I like a good drama/box-set/film and the news/current affairs/politics but find myself hitting the 'off' switch more and more. Still, if you're looking for money off Sky, tell them you're leaving and refuse the first two offers of discounts. The third or fourth person you speak with will offer you a year for free 'to think about it'....
  12. I made the Sky channels disappear from my TV quite some time ago, saving me eighty quid a month. Don't miss it at all, bought a Humax box to retain recording ability through the existing dish. They offered some hefty discounts along the protracted drawn out route of leaving (Skexit?) before they finally accepted that I actually wanted to cancel the contract - surely worth a go if yu're looking to save some cash?
  13. I collect pretty much anything that I can get my hands on - probably have around fifty; Poljots, Raketas, Vostoks, Volnas etc. I have a re-issue Strela (which I love) but never bought an original when the prices were lower. Are they more available in Russia, and if so, how much do they sell for? I also regret not buying an original Sturmanski when I had the chance.
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