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  1. Hi all I've been a forum member for a while, but work and personal circumstances meant I have been absent without leave :-) I am now back and willing to add my five tuppence (no, not quite that old) view on all things horological. Best regards to all and hopefully I'll enjoy a warm stay here. Mel
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  3. Just received my Vostok-Europe "Mriya" from Roy. It's the blue version with leather. Love it, very chunky and I can see how they took the styling cues from the turbofan engines. My first Russian watch and I'm impressed!
  4. http://img243.imageshack.us/my.php?image=dscf0014xs4.jpg
  5. I picked up an Allaine 30 jewel watch just like this in an antique shop in Romsey, Hampshire. It was in a basket with others marked "£1 working or not". I picked it up, gave it a shake from side to side and it started up. It has kept excellent time since. I had the heavily scratched crystal replaced (but kept the original). Given it a polish and its a beautiful little watch. It does have a second hand but no date. Considering I spent £16 on it in total, its a bargain and definitely a keeper. The only downside is that the micron gold plating has worn down next to the screw down case, so hav
  6. Apologies for the large pics and quality. I first saw the 6138 on a photo montage on another forum. There were two infront of a box for Gran Turismo 4 and I thought they looked fantastic. I'd always been a motorsport fan and this picture struck a chord with me. I had owned a Tissot PRS516 before, but it had been a quartz version and I was intrigued by the 6138 movement with the vertical clutch etc, as I'd owned automatic watches before and preferred them to battery powered. In fact the only battery powered watch I own is a Citizen Promaster Chrono that was a present from my wife when we wen
  7. I had to return a recently purchased Seiko 6138 to have some minor repair work done. I have today received the watch back and I'm very impressed with the work done. A very happy customer! regards Matt
  8. Now call me indecisive, but I have decided that I want to try and find one of these. Can anyone suggest where I can start looking for one? Roy, any chance of getting any of these in?
  9. I've been looking at these for the last week, anyone know how much I should expect to pay for one in good condition? Yes, I'm ashamed to say I've also been looking on an infamous online auction site, but am wary of bidding until I know what I could be letting myself in for, as I have a limited budget. anyone wants to part with an Orange Monster as well, please get in touch
  10. Is there an Alpinist for sale?? Am keen to get hold of one... Uk collector
  11. I've uploaded pics of my collection http://public.fotki.com/MattUKWatchCollector no passwords needed, feel free to add comments regards from the sunny UK Matt.
  12. At the current count, I own; Rotary 9ct Dress watch (18th Birthday present) Casio G-Shock Citizen Promaster Chronograph with white face, a 1/100 sec chrono in stainless steel. Invicta 9938, the one with the stunning blue face and 23ct gold plating. Omega Seamaster. This is a late 60's version, it is a NOS rebuild. I unscrewed the case to check the movement, an Omega 565 movement. It may not be 100% original but I just love the retro look and it keeps its accuracy amazingly well. Seiko 40th Anniversary, 7S36 movement, in titanium. Although I like this watch, I haven't bonded with it as w
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