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  1. Made a change :thumbup: to find this nice little manual wind 6602-8040 Seiko dating back to 1968. and like all old Seikos I come across, still running well despite probably spending it's latter days unloved the bottom of a draw before finally been tossed in to a box of "crap" ready for the car boot.
  2. Only one for me, picked up at the car boot the other week, now residing on E-bay :dontgetit: Mike
  3. Well much to my surprise the police have caught the scum bags :thumbsup: from a solitary finger print they left before putting their gloves on. Most of the stuff along with the watches are safe but they have "sold" some rings and a Mac Book Pro. Just hope the police made a mess of their front door when they raided the scums house. Annoying thing is when they come out of custody the police will have to give them back the £220 (works lottery money) they nicked as you can't prove ownership, unless you make a note of the serial numbers :angry2: Anyway it's looking a lot better than it was this time last night :thumbup: Mike
  4. My brother in law has had his collection of pocket watches and 24hr watches (Mainly Russian) stolen, some time today while he was visiting his elderly mother in hospital, who had a fall. So if any one knows of any been offered cheap in dodgy circumstances could they let the police or me know. These collections are quite large with over 200 pieces between them. Along with Apple computer gear and Canon camera gear they seem to have cleared his flat out latterly. I'm dashing over there now so will tidy this post up with some extra info latter. These are from former forum member "Rabbit" Mike
  5. Yes thats the original on the Navigator/Seastar range. The one Jason has shown is one with a diver bezel insert glued on, if I remember rightly. These bezels are always the weak spot and are easily damaged. Here's mine You will strugle to get replacement, maybe better keeping an eye on E-Bay for a cheap broken watch but with a good case and bezel.
  6. Nice Rotary Jason :thumbsup: All I could manage was to handle this Heuer diver. Never seen one like it so put it back!! unsure if it was rare or some kind of franken :shocking: Yes you guessed after a quick search when I got home, it's an ultra rare watch :crybaby: and not for a lot of money, less than £200. Like this one but with better dial and hands but quite faint engravings on bezel. Pics borrowed from Classic Heuers Very similar to an old Sinn
  7. Thanks for the info Mel, very interesting. Yes it was the dial that stuck out, never seen this one before. As I said it never ceases to amaze me how these old "disposable" Timex watches keep working despite what ever might have happened to them before they are chucked in a box of junk at a car boot sale. Still showing the right time since setting it at 9.00am :victory: P.M me your address and I will pop it in the post for you Mike
  8. Rescued this tatty old Timex from the car boot sale this morning. Just like most other old Timex watches I come across despite being stored in a box of junk old quartz watches it still works and has been holding good time for the last few hours :thumbup: Anyway what's the story with this one, I've never seen/noticed one like it before it has their V-Conic movement but the case back is marked Germany. Can't see any mention of G.B or U.S. and it has no code at the very bottom of the dial. Any info would be appreciated as I'm quite curious about it. Some very quick pics. Mike
  9. Yep he still has it, waiting for that Squale to join it :thumbup: A true gent of the forum :thumbsup: remembering and offering me some time after, the Luxor due your "mess up" with the Cyma. Should the Luxor go, I will give you first shout but to be honest I can't see that happening it's trully one of my favourites :wink2: Mike
  10. Don't think they are worth £120, £80 is nearer the mark but personally I would put a best offer in at about £65-70. They are similar quality to the Alpha's and the like from China and they can be got for around the £50 mark delivered from China I think. Pays your money and takes your choice.
  11. Would not get to carried away, these are a lot cheaper on E-bay even with shipping from Germany. Despite their German "connotations" I think a lot of these come out of China or at best assembled in Germany with Asian parts. E-Bay link Mike
  12. MIKE

    Out Of Stock

    P.M sent :thumbsup:
  13. It's faired cousin says hello :thumbsup: Can't beat a Hinckly triple for "grunt"
  14. Westcoast Time have one on E-bay at the moment for £250. Good recomended dealer but they are in the USA so you could be hit with customs charges. Mike
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