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  1. Chronographs are my "thing" especially 12h versions. This is one of my favourites. Roger
  2. I have a couple of Christopher Ward watches that were supplied with quick release....all work 100% Also bought a few milanese mesh Q/R from china...again all OK Roger
  3. Oh not another look-alike? There are a million look-alikes out there already
  4. Actually, I like it...have already sent availability questions to a couple of Dealers Roger
  5. If anyone believes (I doubt anyone does ) the presenters on the VChannel (sky 676)... the the Bulova quartz range are 8 times more accurate than any other movement out there !!! They ARE NOT...I have had a Precisionist for a couple of years now and its accuracy is easily beaten by my Breitling Airwolf, a couple of Seikos and a Timex Expedition. Roger
  6. Thank you Stan... Update..... nothing seemed to work so I decided that :- A: its an elderly laptop and B: I prefer something I am familiar with... I did the following..... In my spares box I had a 256 GB SSd so I fitted that and still having the installation disks...... I made it Dual-Boot with Windows 7 and Windows XP I,m wasting too much time on pooters!!! THanks again everyone for the help. Roger
  7. ...throw a laptop through the window? Having a tidy up in my Radio Shack..... over the years I have acquired a number of laptops the oldest running windows XP Pro and the latest Windows 10. One of this bunch of geriatrics is a Toshiba Satellite running Vista (yuk) Having some spare time I thought I would install Win10 on the Tosh... All went well and I even rant the latest updates.......every thing worked well with my usual programs until Idiscovered that it wouldnt produce any sound at all under Win10.. it was fine under Vista.... I have spent 2 days faffing about trying to get it to play my MP3 collection without success..It was fine under Vista and even reloaded Win XP again fine In the various Audio mixers the green bargraphs are all jumping about as expected but silence from the speakers and the headphone socket. Tried all sorts...downloaded some drivers but still SILENCE... Anyone know a good Glazier ?? Roger
  8. Likewise... Pic of where I saw out my career on BT I,m in the white shirt right at the bottom Roger
  9. Roy has got any of these left? Another regretted sale... Roger
  10. Excellent watch and I love that suede strap... I really MUST try one. Roger
  11. My only Zenith at the moment from 1973... just back from having the bracelet replated. Roger
  12. I use a Casio R/C for accurate setting but the big one can be read by my XYL. I got my G6 in 1980 and my Morse and GO in the 80,s Roger
  13. Recently got this for my Radio Shack as my eyesight isnt as good as it was. Ex Barclays Bank...recognises Leap years and will run for 3 years on 2 D cells. Roger
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