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  1. Thanks everyone for the replies and guides... I am inspired to give it a try...off to order the springbars now... Roger
  2. Yes...the ones that I have work well...I have a load of straps that I like to swap around...be much easier for me too Roger
  3. Yes..they should have done it like my much missed Rainbow
  4. Me too!! Also think 30 minute and 60 minute chronographs are far less useful than a 12H. Also agree with the OP about extended date windows. Roger
  5. Now that my dexterity is not so good, I,m wondering whether quick-release spring bars can be fitted to good quality leather straps? I already have a few (mostly from Christopher Ward ) and find them useful. How hard is to fit them? Roger
  6. My thinking too....the winders I have run 3 minutes clockwise, wait 1 minute then 3 minutes anticlockise...it then waits 6 minutes before repeating the cycle. Also it is on a digital timeswitch to give 8 hours per day.
  7. My first watch.. Xmas 1957....still running fine. 2years back I took it too a watchmaker for sevice...he laughed and said "its a throwaway toy and not worth my time"
  8. Close relatives? Poljot and 1st Moscow Watch ?
  9. I have one of their chronographs...very adequate, well enough made...no criticisms at all. Roger
  10. Bought this years ago, didn't bond with it so to the back of the safe it went. Any info greatly appreciated please. Found this on ebay but sure its the same item apart from the No 6333:- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rare-Vintage-Hamilton-Everest-Chronograph-H6333/184286836628
  11. Morning All... Olympus today..... one of a fairly small number of pure mechanicals that compensate for different month lengths, only need to alter this one on leap year day..Feb 29th
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