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  1. Many other forums are suffering from this. The simplest solution is to use Firefox or Chrome.
  2. Yes it was amazing, it had been kept in it's box in a drawer for fifty years until I bought it. I had it serviced and eventually sold it when times were hard. *sigh* It's hard to think about it and some of the others that went during that cull: My Tudor Oysterdate My Omega f300 (refurbished by STS) My Poljot 3133 My Seiko 6138 My Bulova Accutron 218 But looking on the bright side, watches that were presents could never be sold, so I still have my Seiko Diashock SARB035 imported from Japan.
  3. I have this Fossil CH2600 quartz chronograph. I wanted a watch that looked similar to an Omega Speedmaster. For £68 from Amazon, I'm happy enough. The only thing I can critisise is the bracelet, it is a folded bracelet and I would have preferred a solid bracelet but I guess it would then cost more.
  4. Specsavers time, Mach....that's 100 times worse than a Monster...... :yucky: :bad:...even the the date thingy's showing three days at once...do you really need to know what the date was yesterday, and what it's going to be tomorrow?...and why does the second hand look like a a pair of scissors? And there's no point in having a knurled bezel if it can't turn due to having four totally un-necessary screws embedded in it. Hilarious :lol:
  5. well, I've had mine since they first came out (can't quite remember when this was, but its more than a year ago) and its running on its original battery. So, not quite sure what you mean? i said i might be wrong, i'm completely prepared to be wrong a year is not a long time time for a modern quartz though is it it? i may still be right, but it is looking like i may well have been wrong I don't think you are wrong.
  6. I think he meant you can buy a quartz clock that plugs into the mains. The power source means you can afford the power to sweep the second hand, but a wristwatch battery would soon drain trying to do that. But Bulova seem to have found a way, well they definitely have going by your experience.
  7. That's not too bad. Your watch Mach? Do you have a model number?
  8. Questions: 1. How are Bulova the only watch maker able to make a quartz watch with a sweeping second hand? 2. How do they do it? 3. Why does no-one else do it? 4. Why is the Precisionist range so ugly?
  9. German watch deserves a German strap. I am a fan of the Hirsch Liberty which can be purchased from watch-band-center.com in Germany. Mine: RLT also do a nice Flieger Strap, I have one, very nice. Here: http://rltwatches.co...&product_id=131
  10. That is a wonderful watch, the colour is different, I like different, love the strap.
  11. Good eBay hunting skills dude!
  12. no8yogi, I like your Garrard very much, but if it was mine I would have to have a new strap. Mine has an unusual lug size at 17mm. I got a very nice Barington Ostrich leg 17mm from watch-band-center.com in Germany. I would have black on your watch.
  13. One of my biggest regrets was selling this one, I was struggling financially at the time, you know how it goes.... :wallbash:
  14. Very nice, I love hand-wind watches. Mine is an automatic and it does have an inscription on the back, but that's OK because the inscription is my father's name.
  15. Me too. I like that model, 29 jewel auto, lovely. I'm wearing a 17 jewel hand wind today:
  16. Pleased for you, Speedy is my grail, I need to win the lottery first though.
  17. I used to have one of these many years ago /nostalgia
  18. Seiko 5 Desert Military Diashock Orange Bullet SKX031 Pulsar badged Seiko 7T62
  19. By the way, you may be interested to know that Rolex call this model the Submariner LV. LV means 'Lunette Verde' which is French for 'Green Bezel' (I think).
  20. Love it, much wantage. I bet you are really, really pleased you scratched it! :wallbash: I can't see any scratches on the glass, if there is, they can be polished out with an abrasive polish. You can get a new bezel here: http://www.alpha-wat...ils.php?myid=88 If you are at all ham-fisted, get a watchmaker to fit it (if you get one that is).
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