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  1. Affordable watches ! Order now at:


  2. I'd say you can get fakes of pretty much any brand; they are all imported from China, and as long as they are dirt cheap, there will always be a market for them. The thing is, it depends on what kind of person your friend is and where he frequents. If he only goes to respectable places, such as middle/upper class shopping malls, then there's no need to worry about fakes at all--actually it would be virtually impossible to find fakes in such places. One really has to go out of the way to dodgy places (usually signified by a large number of foreign backpackers/hippies), like night markets, to find fakes.
  3. I don't think they were ever considered high-end, really; rather they overpriced their products.....
  4. I don't know what the dot means, but at 16:22.5 hrs is not when the hands overlap. They overlap at 16:21.818 hrs or 16 o'clock, 81 minutes, 49.1 second. (I have just neardily worked out an equation to determine when the hands overlap, if you are interested :tongue2:......or as sad as I am :cry2: )
  5. Yes. A Chinese fake.... I have a link to a picture but don't want to post it.
  6. I have done that, and in a way am still doing it. I used to have maybe 15 watches, but over the years I have sold them off to make way for three new ones which I have always wanted. I now have 6 watches in total, which I still think one or two too many. I also now want a new watch to fill in a gap in my collection, so I may be selling one or two in the future. Have I been happy with the cull? Absolutely. Like you, Mark, I am not too possessive about material things: I enjoy them while I can, but won't be sorry if I lose any. Do it, Mark, and I'm sure you'll be happy. Born
  7. This one, the only oldie in the house. :)
  8. You wear your watch too tight, I'd say. You should be able to insert a finger between the bracelet and your wrist.
  9. Ooh! That's nice. Very masculine.
  10. I have had may be 5 Breitlings, and all of them have been very comfortable, despite my wrist being very small (6.5"), even the Hercules (44 mm with integrated bracelet weighing ~ 220+ g). I have tried to picture what you describe in my head but still don't understand it. Could you post a picture, diagram or something?
  11. Finally, I can join in the fun! Just got this last week, and it's now the only vintage in my collection: Born
  12. Nice one. I gave mine to my Dad, and he seems to enjoy it. Born ********
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