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  1. I'd say you can get fakes of pretty much any brand; they are all imported from China, and as long as they are dirt cheap, there will always be a market for them. The thing is, it depends on what kind of person your friend is and where he frequents. If he only goes to respectable places, such as middle/upper class shopping malls, then there's no need to worry about fakes at all--actually it would be virtually impossible to find fakes in such places. One really has to go out of the way to dodgy places (usually signified by a large number of foreign backpackers/hippies), like night markets, to find fakes.
  2. I don't think they were ever considered high-end, really; rather they overpriced their products.....
  3. I don't know what the dot means, but at 16:22.5 hrs is not when the hands overlap. They overlap at 16:21.818 hrs or 16 o'clock, 81 minutes, 49.1 second. (I have just neardily worked out an equation to determine when the hands overlap, if you are interested :tongue2:......or as sad as I am :cry2: )
  4. Yes. A Chinese fake.... I have a link to a picture but don't want to post it.
  5. I have done that, and in a way am still doing it. I used to have maybe 15 watches, but over the years I have sold them off to make way for three new ones which I have always wanted. I now have 6 watches in total, which I still think one or two too many. I also now want a new watch to fill in a gap in my collection, so I may be selling one or two in the future. Have I been happy with the cull? Absolutely. Like you, Mark, I am not too possessive about material things: I enjoy them while I can, but won't be sorry if I lose any. Do it, Mark, and I'm sure you'll be happy. Born
  6. This one, the only oldie in the house. :)
  7. You wear your watch too tight, I'd say. You should be able to insert a finger between the bracelet and your wrist.
  8. Ooh! That's nice. Very masculine.
  9. I have had may be 5 Breitlings, and all of them have been very comfortable, despite my wrist being very small (6.5"), even the Hercules (44 mm with integrated bracelet weighing ~ 220+ g). I have tried to picture what you describe in my head but still don't understand it. Could you post a picture, diagram or something?
  10. Finally, I can join in the fun! Just got this last week, and it's now the only vintage in my collection: Born
  11. Nice one. I gave mine to my Dad, and he seems to enjoy it. Born ********
  12. I don't think your pics are bad. I really ike the second to last picture of the Max Bill. The colour combination is very good.
  13. If you like that watch more than others of similar prices and can afford it, get it. By the way, is it a gold-plated? If so, personally, I would not buy it just for that reason. I only do the real thing; if I can't afford solid gold I will happily do with non-plated steel.
  14. I think this is my first post on this forum. I shot a few pictures during the holidays using many techniques that I had never tried before, and thought I should share them with you here. The first one, the VC, despite looking like being taken in a light tent, was actually shot on a window ledge, with no supplementary lighting. I put the watch on a black stand and used a piece of black cloth as the background. The camera was set to full manual, in jpeg mode. What I found particularly effective was the use of the watch's dial itself as the reference surface for the white balance setting, rather than a sheet of white paper or grey card; the result was pretty much spot on. I was also surprised at how well the black stand and black background blended together in the final result. The following was done at night, on my bed, again without a light tent. In addition to the piece of black cloth that I used as the background, I used a leather camera pouch to add texture to the foreground. I also used two ordinary desk lamps in addition to the ceiling lamp to illuminate the watches. I found that using only two lamps made taking the pictures quite difficult, as the light was not well distributed; and ideally I would have liked one more lamp and some muslin screens to diffuse the light, but I had to make do with I had. The original size of each picture was about 3.7 x 10^6 pixels, which was the best my 5 year-old camera could do. No tripod was used in any of the pictures, as there was no space to put it. Overall, I think the results were not too bad. Any advice on how to improve my future shots is most welcome. And thank you for looking and reading this far!
  15. This one: Have a Happy New Year, everyone. :)
  16. Great looking watch! Funny I have seen PAMs several times, but never tried one on....
  17. That's a gorgeous watch; the dial and strap match perfectly. The photo is great as well.
  18. Look super! I have never handled Vj 22/23 before, and would certainly like to one day.
  19. Like many people here, I have both Longines and Omega watches. However, I find that for the same money and basic specifications, modern Longines watches are almost always better made, making it better value for money. Ignoring their social status, the only advantage that I can see Omega watches have over their Longines counterparts is their slightly more refined, co-axial movements. This difference, however, will not affect the precision of the watches to a noticeable degree in normal use. Whatever you choose, enjoy!
  20. That's very handsome. It would be even better with a Speedy bracelet!
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