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  1. I loved the west end pocket watch, I see it was repaired and sold on your site. Out of interest how much did it sell for. Thanks.
  2. I've gone and brought another non runner from Ebay, I just couldn't turn it down. It's a 16s size, I'm hoping someone will be able to help me with a balance staff for one. OK so it doesn't just need a staff, the hands are rubbish, gold plated, the hands don't turn when the crown is pulled out, the Crown is way too small. But I like it, here hopefully is a picture of the movement, it's a good picture, ( if it uploads ),, sorry I tried
  3. It's a nice job you've done there, many people turn them away, as we know there notoriously temperamental, especially when the public get hold of them. I've done them before now and a week or so later you get them back and the customer has turned the suspension wire has been turn into barley twist. I have one myself that I got from a car bootsale, it had no suspension spring, but after looking through the 400 day bible I manage to make one up, strangely enough it's always gained, but after reading your piece I thought I'd thin the wire down a bit and have another go at timing it in. Keep us posted on yours.
  4. I'd love to see the pictures, post the pictures on another watch forum site and let us know which watch forum it is, then we can see them.
  5. Yes, it is his watch. Well I've worn the watch now for a week, it doesn't mist up. It's been worn everyday, good and bad weather , inside and outside of my jacket. It's been heavy rain it's been warm some days, I have it on a nato strap, today I showered in it, the first time I've ever worn a watch in the SHOWER, the watch did not mist up , it did exactly what it was supposed to do, worked without fault. Someone said it might be the ar coating on the inside of the glass, I have not seen the misting, but it's possible that what has been seen is the anti reflective coating. So we will leave it at that, there is and is no fault with the watch, it is and has been the ar coating on the inside of the sapphire glass...
  6. I'm still not getting the fact that you said the watch mists up every time you went out . I've been wearing the watch all week , in the pouring rain, in the cold, sat above a radiator, I've worn it inside my coat, outside my coat, I've had its inside a fridge then worn the watch. I cannot get it to steam up, or mist up as you have said it does, it had moisture on the out side of the watch after it came out of the fridge, but there was no evidence at all that the watch misted up on the inside. So I really don't know what the man has been doing to make the watch mist up.. I think I've done all I can to prove that the watch is fit for purpose. So before every one makes there mind up on one persons experience a watch, take someone's else experience of wearing exactly the same watch. Which has performed exactly as it is expected to.
  7. It's use has been mandated in the procurement specification MIL-W-46374F. Over 3000.000 watches in the US army were illuminated by traser. Does this still count a a small boutique brand.
  8. Gosh, it's an old one..
  9. I'm a bit confused, you say it mists up every time you go out, but it's just the same picture, so is it every time you go out or not.
  10. Well I had a look for Traser watch problems, and it kept referring to some company selling the watches ,who was having problems, and some one one else from Australia. All depends on what you do with a watch when your wearing it, a lot of people where them in the shower, which I've never understood.
  11. Well I sorted it out now, removed the stem, fitted a small spring within the pendant tube and ta da, no more wobbly crown.
  12. I have just got one of these waterproof russian watches, it has a bezel on it a anchor on the dial. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement screw down Crown, as the one that is on the watch the spring has gone on it, and it just flops around when its unscrewed. Thanks.
  13. Well , so many makers used aluminium, longines , omega , smiths , to name but a few. I've a couple of smiths some where, still going strong.
  14. Yes a nice result, as Simon says if a jobs worth doing its worth doing well. When I service and repair any of the watches I get in,I strip it all down and check and oil every thing, some times it takes a bit longer , but ha ho. I have a nice old Longines some where that I've had for many years, a bit older that the one pictured above, it's a stainless steel, blued steel hands, Pre shockproof.
  15. Well if your numbers are correct, it's an early one around 1893. I've a few of the old ones myself, nothing quite that old, but there good fun to use, once you've have it service should make quite a talking point.
  16. If you type it in the Internet, there's a great many sites with the info , you require. Have you a picture, is it working.
  17. Have anyone made an albert chain or had a go at making an albert chain them selves, I've made a couple myself , I'm hoping that someone out there some where uses a pocket watch and enjoys wearing them. I would like to see your idea's and your pictures, I will try to upload my efforts, although so far this is the only web site I have been unable to, I'll try again. Just pictures of albert chains please anything that you have been using.
  18. Yes very interesting, as someone said I also can not get the pictures to work. A friend of mine has one of the 300 watches, so it's nice to know what all the letters and numbers mean, although not all of the issued watches carried the markings, I know they were supposed to.
  19. Ω 1900 YEAR Mens Watches, OMEGA wristwatches plane propeller pilot ww2 vintage Ω I saw this on ebay, funniest thing I've seen in ages.
  20. as i seam to remember sellita have a good web site
  21. Well there nice, i like the tissot, but i can`t quite see from the pictures but i think the is a second back missing, i could be wrong. as for the other watch not a lot of value, i always troll through ebay and the internet, as luck would have it both of your watches have names on the dial.
  22. Price you paid for the service was very resonable, I've been looking on the Internet for prices for servicing, it seams to vary a lot , take a cuckoo clock for instance, I have one there's one company asking from £160 to £200 . That means in the 10 years I've had it it would have cost me some £400 to keep it running, as much as I like it ,I wouldn't be able to have it done. Not that I'm complaining, but I don't know how much a new striking cuckoo clock costs today.
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