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  1. Working from home today so Omega SMP on Toxic NATO HAGW!
  2. Montblanc heritage chronométrie 112533
  3. Possible birth year watch? Also happy to discount by 15%. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/272357150237?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  4. Have a look at The Military Watch Resource (MWR) which is purely for military issued pieces. Should give you a better idea of what's out there.
  5. Yes that's right! The dial is set out in line with what the military required, just like our MOD issued watches. I think its very clear and precise but depends what sort of dial/hands layout and configuration you prefer. Some nice little reviews of the watch here: http://www.broadarrow.net/adanacnav.htm http://www.broadarrow.net/adanac.htm If you're looking to start collecting military issued pieces this is a fairly low cost introduction to the joys (and frustrations) of collecting.
  6. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Military-issued-1986-ADANAC-Navigator-USAF-Issue-MARATHON-Watch-Co-/272238865263?hash=item3f62b36b6f:g:~uIAAOSwNKVXMdmQ £360 on Ebay but yours for £300 delivered RMSD
  7. Latest acquisitions: 1995 issue CWC RN diver 1999 issue Pulsar (short hands)
  8. This is what I currently have with a 95 issue CWC diver incoming: Once you start you can't stop! Just need a bezel for the 82 - I live in hope!!
  9. The dial doesn't move so don't think that's in any way related. I think that what I'm hearing is in all probability perfectly normal so probably time to stop worrying and just enjoy the watch!
  10. Just picked this up: Its an absolutely gorgeous piece and in superb condition for its age (1971). The only thing that concerns me a little is what I assume is a noisy rotor. You can hear the usual swishing and winding of the rotor when you move your wrist and listen closely but you also hear what sounds like a clanking noise too if that makes sense. Almost similar to the noise that an old bumper movement would make? I know that the rotor in some watches can be very free moving and that this tends to make them noisier than others. I've also noticed that if you lightly press down on the crown and then give the watch a quick flick that the clanking noise seems to stop and that you can just hear what I'd call the more "normal" rotor noises. Are these noises normal in these older Seiko's or is it indicative of maybe a loose rotor or a loose bearing? I have been told it was serviced within the last couple of years and before the previous owner purchased it. It's currently keeping great time - it can also be wound manually and the movement hacks, both of which function correctly. I've had watches in the past with noisy rotors so maybe I'm being a little paranoid? Any help or advice as to the likely source of these noises from collectors of older Seiko's would be much appreciated!
  11. Just picked up a non-working Seiko Gen 2 non luminous with the 7T27-7A20 movement. I know that Seiko don't offer a repair service for anything over 10 year sold and that they recommend Premier Watches who specialize in vintage Seikos. The 7T27 movement is obsolete so just fitting a new movement isn't possible. Premier Watches have however advised that they can repair/refurbish the existing one. So before I send it off to them for an estimate has anybody else got any other recommendations for someone who could repair/refurbish this movement? Thanks.
  12. Thanks Jason - Eddie is definitely making a PRS version but the new bezel won't fit - I've already asked him. :taz:
  13. As some of you may know I'm trying to get together the 7 issued Precistas that were issued between 1981 and 1993. Here's how we're doing so far. These are the 5 issued ones: 81 6BB chrono 82 auto diver (still trying to source a bezel) 82 G10 84 6bb G10 93 diver Still looking for the 88 & 89 divers so these are filling in: 93 diver PRS-17Q (Eddies 89 diver re-issue) PRS-14 auto (closest I've got to the 88 diver)
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