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  1. Jean Richard Geneve Aquastar 60 A new arrival this morning, dating from c.1960. Straight off to Richard Askham and James Hyman for some work. These are quite rare and come with a good back story https://www.wristchronology.com/don-walshs-mariana-trench-watch/ This is as it arrived.
  2. IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph ref. 3706 Before IWC lost their way. HAGW
  3. 1970s Tissot Navigator Automatic
  4. Yes that's right - what is know as the transitional piece - the only one without the more usual Mercedes hands. Slightly better (lighter) pic:
  5. Tudor Submariner 76100 Lollipop Just taken this as part of a trade deal and now on a Phoenix grey NATO Classic mil sub look!
  6. A-13A Pilot Watch ...at least till I manage to get my hands on a Sinn EZM1... HAGW (clean version)!
  7. Working from home today so Omega SMP on Toxic NATO HAGW!
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