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  1. My good ladies 40th birthday today and I got her this. Just got the bracelet adjusted, and she's popped it on. I really quite like it :-)
  2. It was running, but that dial didn’t move, at least as far as I could see. However, I do like the idea of a 40 hour power reserve. I guess I should have waited an hour.
  3. At a recent visit to a country house, I found a clock like the one pictured. Made (or retailed) by Grants of London it had two sub-dials. One was a simple strike / silent dial, so no problems there, but the other which was reading 34, had 40 at the 12 o'clock position. I asked a couple of people in the house why but no-one could explain the answer. I suspected it might be the date, but if that were the case I've only seen them going to 31. The dial in question is top right in this very poor picture. Can you help me out of my wondering.
  4. Running a mixing desk with this on today. Manual wind, and clear back.
  5. It's a funny looking thing that. The "machined precision" font looks like the incredible hulk font. I guess if you have to write that on the watch, I'm wondering just how precise it is.
  6. Had a friend over last night and got into a conversation about our respective watch collections, whilst supping some single malts.. Great night.. Anyway I digress. We both love to see watch movements on show and have a few watches with backs that show the movement, but we both agreed that we fancied a skeleton watch would be a good, but both of us have never found something that looks quite right. I don't really like the look of full skeleton fronts, and I've found a few with semi-dials that I like, like the fossil ME3083 (which although cheap captures the kind of look I'm after) . So, my question is, do you have a skeleton (or semi-skeleton) watch that you really get on well with, that could inspire me?
  7. I like this so much I've not had my flat white(s) today and have diverted the cash to obtain one :-)
  8. I'm still very much in love with this one.
  9. Welcome, welcome. I'm not so experienced in the old forums myself, but the folks around here are a pretty nice bunch.
  10. ​I *love* that watch. Most certainly on my list. Plenty of the non second-hand versions around but these are a lot more special. Love the crown as well...
  11. Just doing a spot of browsing for 24 hour watches and came across this... Not seen or heard of them before. what does anyone think?
  12. Thanks for the advice. I've got the case to bits safely and removed the dial and hands. Easy bit done I guess.... will have a rest before starting anything more challenging.
  13. I have a Seiko 7002 watch which recently filled up with swimming pool water when I forgot to take it off. The watch didn't cost me all that much, and so rather than send it for repair I have decided to have a go at stripping it down and repairing it. I suspect I'll probably end up breaking something, but I suspect I might learn quite a bit if I take is slow and careful. The watch has a couple of light rust spots appearing on a couple of visible movement parts, but they don't look very well advanced. I've found some disassembly guides on-line, and a manual for the movement here http://www.thewatchs...nuals/7002A.pdf However, I'm not sure what I should be doing to try and remove any damage, and what to do to lubricate things if I get it apart. Can anyone advise, or give me some useful pointers to information.
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