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  1. Thanks all, appreciate the kind words! I just got photos back from the spa on my other two - can't wait to get them home! Cheers
  2. That sure is a classy looking watch!
  3. Cheers guys! Here it is next to my 6105-8000 (note to self - check times and dates are the same before taking photos!), which came from a forum member here a while back! All the best!
  4. Thanks! It's crazy - and if it wasn't such a dreadful play on words, I'd say it's like a little time capsule!
  5. This is on my wrist - as you can see, it's taken the hits! It's good to be back!
  6. Here it is again, slightly different angle - and better light cause I took it today! Cheers!
  7. Hey all This is a quick pic (taken last night) of one of my 6306s, dating from January 1979. I'll try to snap another couple in the sunshine (fingers crossed) today! I'm kinda torn on favorite diver at the moment - 6306s sure are fine, but I love the 6105s as well! Hope your days go well Mark
  8. Hey! On my Gen 1 (FWIW ) you have to pull out the crown one stop and then press the chrono buttons - each button controls a different register and each push moves that register on one place! Hope this helps - and they're neat looking watches! Makrie
  9. yep, I goggled at that one too... and even lesser examples seem to be fetching far more at the moment as well!
  10. Hey! As I fall deeper and deeper into virtual collectorhood (a state wherein I justify ever higher theoretical expenditure on watches which aren't available to me anyway), I'm building up some sort of a picture of the state of the Seiko vintage diver's market - and deciding I don't really understand it at all! My thoughts on the issues of rarity, value and desirability are below... I'd love to read yours! Desirability? Well, the issue I have is that it seems that everybody wants the same watches I do (it's all about me !)! Yep, just like everybody else, I'm looking for 6105 8110's (with round printing on the back) and 6106's (7000, 7001, or Scubapro(!))... do I have a finely developed sense of paranoia, or am I just a market sheep somehow mistaking myself for an independent thinker? (Reading it back, I guess that question should be rhetorical!) :sheep: Does anybody else feel this way? Next up, value... I'm lucky enough to have a reasonable amount saved up to buy watches with (probably 'cause I haven't been into watches for long ) and have no problem paying a fair price, but in the three or so months since I bought my first 6105, prices have more than doubled! I don't mind the new prices, but don't want to be caught out if this is just a temporary blip (no, I'm not collecting for value, but I don't want to feel 'ripped off', I guess)... and as for other, less seen watches, how do I have a clue what to pay? I mean really, what's a fair price for a Scubapro... and how much would I have to offer to wheedle one out of someone's collection?! (yeah, any thoughts on lovely scubapro's gratefully received - or a pricing benchmark for 6105's!) Rarity... I've no idea here... seen a couple of lists online, but they've all been different. Is there an 'RLT Forum' take on the situation? My apologies if this post seems like self-centered whinging... in fact, I'm enjoying myself immensely, checking out watches, following auctions, forgetting to bid and missing bargains, it's all been good... but I'd love to hear others' views on the state of the market... and to see pictures of your (or my!) 'grail' watches too! Thanks for your time Makrie
  11. That looks great! They've sure done a great job with the hands!
  12. That's beautiful! You must be thrilled! Thanks for sharing it, the photos are lovely too... I really like the colors. Cheers Makrie
  13. I like that subdial layout... like the old Seiko chronos (in look if not in function)! Cheers
  14. Wow! That's quite a look... I didn't know there was a polished vs brushed dividing line, but now I know I'm brushed! I reckon I probably just couldn't handle the attention! Cheers Makrie
  15. Top information... and how funny that we're so close on either side of the case-back style divide! I'm thinking I should get a beater 6105 to wear daily, having this one on I'm beginning to feel ever so slightly paranoid about messing it up! Time to go trawling, I guess! Makrie
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