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  1. I quite like the colours and dial layout on that and the bullhead is a bonus!
  2. Look for Wolf winders especially if they’re on sale. The single winders should fall under budget but if your friend needs a twin winder then it’s going to cost much more. Avoid the cheap winders as they’re often noisy and have no magnetic shielding. The pads that the watches sit on are often not Greta either and can damage straps. The Wolf pads are softer and some of the best I’ve ever seen.
  3. That’s not only Rolex, it’s for the ISO rating where it’s tested at IIRC 20-25% more than the stated rating.
  4. You made a WRUW thread at 12.20am? Guess I’ll be making one for Thursday and Friday later today then. Hell I’ll make one for everyday next week [emoji849]
  5. Starting the day with the AW S6 for a workout:
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