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  1. If it was no good then how did you get money for it? Was obviously of value to someone....
  2. OP your better off asking on the Rolex forum where your more likely to get help or at least some guidance on this particular model. If you don’t want to send it to Rolex (not sure if they still have any of those movements in stock let alone the cost) then you could approach some Rolex approved repairers to see if they have any movements in stock. Sticking in any random movement defeats the whole purpose of a Rolex. It’s the equivalent to restoring an old Jaguar E-Type and fitting it with an engine from an old Vauxhall or Toyota.
  3. It’s easier to steal a wristwatch and sell it on than it is to steal a car of value. Most stolen cars are either used in robberies or stripped for parts. Stolen watches can be sold for any amount as anything they receive from the seller is a bonus or traded for other commodities through gangs. ANPR cameras and potentially having a tracker fitted makes hiding a stolen car harder than hiding a small item of value. I was actually more worried about my cars being damaged in the UK than actually stolen. But I knew my watch could make me a target for theft. Btw £20k car is nothing these days. About the price of a basic VW Golf or Ford Focus or Audi A3 or Mercedes A class I guess. Basically 20 years ago it would get you into a 3 series saloon or Mercedes C class. Nowadays it gets you into a hatchback. Many people lease their cars too which makes getting into a £40k+ car much more attainable.
  4. It's only an extra hand; it is a GMT watch after all lol!
  5. I put my watches in three categories: £0-1,000 - Mainly G Shocks, then Tissot and SevenFriday £1,000-£10,000 - Omega, Longines, Tag Heuer, Breitling, Rolex, Zenith £10,000+ - Blancpain, Hublot, AP In the UK I'd wear the G Shocks and anything under £1,000 sometimes in work and in the evening. Not just based on value but that's how those types of watches fall into that category in terms of durability, style and discretion. People wouldn't think some G Shocks were in the £1,000+ range and that's fine by me. Sometimes I'd wear the £1,000-£10,000 variants at work to put a smile on my face depending on whether I was in a suit or a dress down day. I'd wear these on weekends too depending on what I was doing. I kept the £10,000+ for more special occasions as that's why I bought those particular models. They're not the most practical to wear everyday if they get damaged and the AP ROC is huge on the wrist! In Thailand nobody cares whats on the wrist unless its a Rolex. I'd wear the G Shocks day to day and then anything £1,000+ for when I go traveling or dress up somewhere. Nobody has really paid any attention and I do feel safer here than in the UK. But I do try to keep to the better areas and since an early age I've always tried to be careful with my possessions. Fakes are everywhere here from cars to clothes to watches to women.....I'd guess people see me and think my watch is fake too which is why I've never had any issues. The whole economy is down in Thailand and the majority of the population can't imagine spending £1,000+ on a wristwatch. They have other more important priorities and they think we have the same mentality; hence the fake watch comment.
  6. SD4000 today: Final day in Khon Kaen showing my friend around Thailand.
  7. DSSD today whilst out of town:
  8. Final day in BKK helping a friend who was here all alone. Got free junior suite upgrade after some issues at the hotel. What an experience waking up to this: Daytona for morning, changing to AP ROO for the drive home: Missed out on seeing [mention]Caller. [/mention]whose in the same city but it was a spontaneous visit. See you next time my good friend!
  9. Trying to go for a square theme today. Let’s see what you all have! Monaco today:
  10. Daytona on the wrist today: Haters are gonna hate but this is one heck of a watch. Such a slim case despite the chronograph movement and a very legible dial too.
  11. Going away for a few days; took a few decent watches with me. Starting with the PO9300 today:
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