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  1. Look for the Wolf watch rolls; I have four of them and they’re amazing. You pay a slight premium for the name but they are well made and protect the watches extremely well.
  2. Dietrich today: Watching the coffin dodgers on We Still Steal the Old Way
  3. The mkv was replaced by the mkvi as it was becoming too costly to produce. I agree with you it was a well built car. Didn’t have any issues with the .:R32 apart from some of the modifications and even then they were rectified easily enough.
  4. For me it depends on where I am. Being in the UK I went against the typical Asian mentality and wanted my cars to be fairly discreet. Nothing like these Bradford or Birmingham rudeboys with their flashy cars parked outside some self made Asian ghetto area terraced houses lol. That's why I went for a reasonable car and a load of expensive watches. In Thailand I loved having the GTR's as status and wealth here amounts to power. There's also a lot of respect for other people's possessions here. I've never been scared of anything happening to the cars unlike in the UK where you have jealous chavs or even stupid self centered people in shopping centre car parks. All I know is that if the GTR sells I'll be getting a cheaper car and blowing a load on a watch at the same time!
  5. Better photo of the new Gravitymaster. There is no case back; they made the case using a one piece carbon monocoque. The piece is extremely light, from Google it’s under 80 grams! A huge difference from the original Gravitymaster I have. It’s done away with the GPS timekeeping but it’s a much better watch overall. Looks the part too.
  6. Winner winner chicken dinner!
  7. Good morning everyone! New piece on the wrist today: Anyone want to guess what it is? There’s a squashed toad for the first correct answer. Hints: it’s limited edition and carbon fibre.
  8. I’ve worn my 2018 Ploprof for two days in a row and the only thing I would say is that only in Thailand would I get away with wearing such a beast! It’s not uncomfortable to wear; the main issues are the size and how it looks to non wis folk.
  9. Ploprof today for a road trip:
  10. I’ll take five Submariners at your AD’s and even give you commission for finding them for me.
  11. Daytona today for a double celebration this evening:
  12. Seen this a few times. Always makes me giggle. Love his Patek!
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