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  1. Doesn’t look right to me. Sub-dials and limited numbering look odd. And you mention it’s quartz?
  2. GMW-B5000 range. Available in s/steel and titanium. Budget around £500 to £1k; you can get the rubber strap version cheaper. I have a few for sale but postage from Thailand and with customs it’s not going to be cheap. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Only IP coating so not solid gold. But such a fun watch to wear.
  4. There’s other watches that take closer design cues than these two. You make it sound as though they look exactly the same. Not sure what your issue is with your strong thread title or is it just click bait?Here’s one of my Zeniths and Rolex: Let’s see yours as your such an expert on the brands.
  5. Not seeing any similarity apart from the bezel. Whats your point? Unable to buy one as an investment or something?
  6. Normal Speedie absolutely fits a 17cm wrist. In fact I find mine wears quite small but then I’m used to wearing larger watches. Avoid the reduced; it’s cheap for a reason. They’re not popular or in demand unlike the normal version.
  7. Do you know how many factories there are in China making the products and the different levels of QC in each factory per customer request? Either your something to do with the products in your post or you haven’t got a clue of the manufacturing processes.
  8. I see threads on the internet all mentioning which brands hold their value. Rolex tops the list but only a few models hold their value. Same goes for AP and Patek. Your thread was going the same way which is why I’m confused by your reply. If you know what the hot models are, why are you even asking the question?
  9. I prefer the Wolf versions instead especially when they’re on sale. You really do get what you pay for and if your watch is worth thousands then it’s worth spending a tad more for that extra quality and protection.
  10. Ignore the brand. The specific model is more important. Your naivety on the subject means you’ll never make any money on them. It’s not as though you can go out and buy a ‘hot piece’ and then sell it for profit the next day.
  11. They’re not an AD and they supply grey market pieces. Have you tried asking for a discount from your local AD?
  12. Blame [mention]Caller. [/mention] and the forum members for choosing this haha. It’s a lovely watch but the QC isn’t great. Found another spec under the crystal; will have to go back to the service centre under warranty again
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