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  1. Always owned all my cars apart from a Nissan Leaf which was on finance and used as a runaround while I had the RS3. It was cheaper to run two cars than the RS3 on its own due to the mileage I used to do on my daily commute. GTR was a money pit and lost a huge amount of money on it. Think two high end precious metal AP’s and you get the idea. Makes sense in UK where cars are much cheaper and the garages are more reliable and knowledgeable. But in Thailand its extremely difficult to maintain imported cars unless you have endless amounts of resources and patience. Saving my money for a decent
  2. I didn’t pay much attention in the UK as it was more ‘smiles per miles’ but over here I do as it’s a hybrid. But you get the comparison right? Waiting till next service and hope the mechanics or technicians pick up on anything not right, or picking up on it sooner and avoiding potential catastrophic engine failure.
  3. I understand your point but monitoring the timekeeping occasionally makes sure the movement is working to within spec. Any deviation might indicate a possible warranty issue or potential service approaching. Imagine buying a car and then ignoring the fuel consumption increasing over a period of time. Could indicate an issue or a service due.
  4. Not been wearing watches that much as I busted my wrist (weights not Muay Thai this time!). But wearing these two today: PloProf as it was wound from when I saw [mention]Caller. [/mention] yesterday and now the PO9300: (Used iPad not camera) Staying in Khon Kaen which is the Isaan region of Thailand (North East); you can see my hospital in the background along with the main shopping plaza and a monument: HAGWE
  5. Ban him!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. The problem with sending it via low cost couriers is that it might end up going missing. I used DHL to send things from UK to Thailand. They charged customs once in Thailand but I knew the items were safer than other companies.
  7. I hate to disappoint but look at some of the established brands and see how their sizing has been increasing over the last decade: Patek AP Hublot Rolex Omega Breitling Tag Heuer Apple Seiko Citizen Casio All of these have a decent marketing budget and they’re not going to be producing products that they cannot sell. They produce what the market wants which is larger watches. They also have smaller watches in the range but on average they are either being static or getting larger in size. Personally I prefer my watches large but as has been stated previously the lug-to-lug measurement is
  8. Then your either a troll or your talking out your a**. I have three of each brand on a bracelet and I’d say it’s a level playing field between the current models. Use a loupe and you’d find bigger differences but to the naked eye and in the palm of your hand it’s a marginal difference if that.
  9. Many? Not many on here own a Rolex and out of that not many own a Tudor too. Even on the Rolex forum there isn’t a large percentage that own a Tudor and there’s some crazy collectors on there. It’s a nice brand and I do love some of their watches but I’d always feel as though I should have worked harder and got a high end Omega or an equivalent Rolex. At the price point (after discount) they are very good quality and well made and I’ll give the brand credit for that. Came close many times on buying the titanium Pelagos in blue but there was always something else more interesting that wou
  10. Generalising like that just goes to show how little you know of each manufacturer. Do you even have any current models from each manufacturer? Depending on the model, each manufacturer has micro adjustments on the bracelets. I’m not sure which came first out of the SM300 (need to check on that exact model) or DSSD for micro adjustments but they’re pretty much on par with each other. The SD4000 has glide-lock but it’s not the same as that on the DSSD and requires you to remove the watch from your wrist. DaytonaC doesn’t have glide-lock, only a hinge that lets you extend the bracelet by a pre
  11. So this is my third Apple Watch since they were first released. I never got on with them in the UK as I hated all the notifications and it was just a duplicate of my iPhone the majority of the time. I saw the series 3 at a good price and bought the smaller 38mm version as I want to sell it when the series 6 is released in September/October. Most Thai people have smaller wrists so the 38mm is easier to sell than the larger size. Now I’m using it as a fitness tracker and it makes much more sense. It’s not replacing my other watches but worn when I wouldn’t wear the others. Whether that
  12. The normal version in s/steel and the black version look really good in person. Very technical looking as per a Hublot. It is quite a large and bulky watch but with that movement it’s well worth it. I almost got it instead of the Blancpain last year but I already had two Zeniths in the collection. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Google the numbers on the caseback to see if the model matches the one you’ve shown. I had a quick Google and it’s coming up with a different model. Make of that what you want. Edit: the subdials confirm it’s 100% fake. Often the fake chronographs have the day and date in the subdials and you can see the 9pm subdial shows 7 and the 3pm subdial shows 31.
  14. Seriously if you had a brain you’d be able to afford a proper watch rather than the ones you found inside kids Kinder Eggs. 1953 was decades before the mobile telephone and handheld GPS. Having built in redundancy in your equipment was far more difficult back then and you needed to carry much more to have a similar level of safety these days. Now a phone doubles as a watch, camera and GPS. So we take a watch anyway in case the phone dies. We have a handheld GPS in case the phone dies. We have a dedicated camera for better photos but the phone is more convenient at times. There’s no logic
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