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  1. I was offered discount from Beaverbooks when I was looking at the blue divers version a while ago so I would say yes. Rolex dealers can give discounts but they're normally on the precious metal versions.
  2. Overlooking the Mekong river with the MTG:
  3. Crossed over to Laos for a road trip. SD4000 for the afternoon:
  4. Metal square in aged IP finish arrived today. The normal metal black version is on the left and the aged IP is on the right. It’s twice the price but the manufacturing process is much more difficult to get s consistent finish: Going to get it sized up and wear it for the rest of the day!
  5. Metal square today: The aged IP version is on order; can’t wait for it to arrive as I paid RRP for it and not the inflated prices online! Counted around 65 G Shocks in the collection now [emoji28]
  6. I think most on this thread don’t realise what Rolex the OP is referring to apart from you and I. Not only is this a s/steel ‘hot model’, it’s also a special edition to commemorate James Cameron’s dive with a DSSD attached to the capsule. The watch is near impossible to obtain from an AD and all grey dealers are selling this model for a large premium. For the record had the OP been referring to a Submariner that was out of warranty, I would be more inclined to go with [mention=2078]Daveyboy[/mention]’s idea of taking it elsewhere to get repaired and possibly replacing the crystal at a later date.
  7. I have the anniversary version of this. It is huge! Haven’t used any of the features yet either but it’s definitely got an easy to ready time display lol:
  8. Your comparison between servicing a Porsche and Rolex are not really comparable sorry. An authorised or even backstreet garage can get access to Porsche parts and even the code readers to reset the service lights. Should you get the car serviced within warranty from outside a Porsche dealer, this can cause issues with warranty and even with gestures of goodwill to allow them to contribute towards repairs. With Rolex however, supply of parts are restricted and pressure testing to over 4,000 metres is not possible by anyone but Rolex alone.
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