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  1. It’s out of your budget unless you go used but a G Shock Gravitymaster is supposedly designed for fighter pilots (going by their adverts anyway). Big enough to go noticed and full of features such as GPS and Bluetooth:
  2. DSSD today. Crazy how it’s a lump of metal yet it’s dwarfed by the Mudmaster:
  3. It's normal to pay the current retail price of the watch and not the price it was when you first placed the order. Take for example a Rolex s/steel model now; you'd place a deposit and then pick it up in month or even years in which time the price would have most likely increased. At least they sent a letter informing you of the price increase. Maybe a polite conversation with the SA or manager to see if they can throw a deal in with regards to a future service, gift voucher or some cleaning products.
  4. GA-2000 today that’s going to become obsolete as I’ve ordered the Gorillaz version. Not sure whether to sell it or open it up and see if it blends for some YouTube entertainment:
  5. Cheaper location for rent and still accessible from enough cities :)
  6. Nissan GTR (ahem!), Audi RSx, BMW Mx, Mercedes AMG.....they still love the supercars and hypercars but these usable performance cars are more usable and attainable.
  7. G Shock Sankuanz to match with my purple t shirt:
  8. Gold square: I’m sure it’s going to pick up another scratch or two today:
  9. The boxes in the background? They’re the watch winders Edit: realised your talking about the squares. They’re the normal negative displays. The camera/flash changes the appearance.
  10. DW-8200 Men in Black as apparently I’m not a serious G Shock collector unless I had an 8200 in the collection according to some on another forum: Not worn a watch for almost a week due to this little brat: 2 1/2 months old and keeping me busy. Need to be careful with the collection as he’s a destructive one. He plays with my 4 year old Pom as she just sits around the house all day so I’m glad she gets some physical and mental stimulation now:
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