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  1. Citizen Promaster today: Love the feel of the bezel on this which is why I’ve not changed it for the newer model:
  2. There is when it’s their own stupidity that caused it and given me a headache to get the car sorted out. I went to give him a slap but the Police were passing by and told me to calm down. No helmet, no insurance and no brains.....
  3. Tag Heuer bullhead today with the 1887 movement: Got hold of a third Pomeranian; this is a sable coloured puppy that’s three months old. Named her Ghost after Game of Thrones series and hoping to breed her when she’s older with the male as Thai people love to buy certain dog breeds if they can afford it (Poms, huskies, corgis, chow chows, chihuahuas). The poorer people or people in the gutter end up with village dogs and mixed breeds so in a way the more affluent people here buy certain breeds as a sign of wealth and status. Project GTR has changed to Project C-HR lol. The daily runaround has been modified but a motorbike hit it the other day. Will have to make a thread of the car with updates if anyone is interested in that kind of thing: Feel free to laugh at the guy; he accepted full liability for everything. Road safety here is shocking; the amount of people killed everyday is horrifying and yet nobody’s attitude changes. They stay in the gutter and never want to get out of it. Quite similar to the chavs in the council estates in the UK to be fair.
  4. Monaco today: This never sat properly on the wrist as it was never worn enough for the leather to ‘break in’. Due to the Thailand heat and being sat on a winder all this time the strap has finally moulded to a round shape. Sits quite central now rather than being pulled to the outer edge.
  5. Wearing these two today; currently got the Zenith on for an evening out.
  6. As per@scottswatches let’s make Wednesdays into #quartzwednesday. I’m away for a few days again; taking these three high end G Shocks with me for daytime wear (Matt black square on my wrist now): When I say high end G Shocks I’m referring to the £1k+ price bracket. Are they worth it? Only time will tell but previous trends with limited edition G Shocks and the popularity of these are making it likely they will also increase in value. The squares are pvd coated titanium and the MTG on top is IP coated s/steel. All three have sapphire crystal. The plain square has a smooth matt pvd coating with polished bezel. The camouflage square has a gloss bezel with Matt bracelet and the printing is done in pvd which you can feel with your nail. The MTG has a gloss finish and has a slightly grainy feel to it but it’s not as rough as the camouflage square. I wasn’t keen on the camouflage theme when the initial photos were released but after seeing more and more photos I took the plunge. The metal squares are some of my favourite G Shocks so I new they were going to feel great. But once in my hand I was genuinely surprised with the MTG as although I like the model range, I’m not wowed by them (apart from the LE’s).
  7. That’s the Moonphase I always wanted. But then I found the blue dial and preferred the colour and baton markers. I hope you don’t have to set the complications up very often!
  8. I love taking moon shots, especially in Thailand as the shape changes here much more dramatically than in the UK:
  9. Get your Speedmasters (or Moonphase) out for today’s WRUW! Wearing my Speedmaster Moonphase today, at least until I hit the gym for a few hours. I put the Longines Master Collection Moonphase next to it to show a comparison between the two watches that appear to be very similar, but at completely different price points. This is the Longines I purchased with @Caller. who did try and dissuade me from the purchase due to it being too similar to the Speedmaster. The Speedmaster is circa £7k vs the Longines at £2.5k. Is the Speedmaster worth three times the price of the Longines? Well putting aside the laws of diminishing returns, despite the Longines having more complications due to the Valjoux 7751 movement (some models have column wheel, others do not. Fortunately this does), the Speedmaster wins due to the following (all IMO of course): - sits better on the wrist due to the larger caseback - higher quality clasp - larger case and dial - more legible - better AR coating - in house movement - better ‘feel’ overall, especially operating the crown and pushers. So some of you are asking why did I get the Longines? Well after reading car magazines for the past 20 or so years and seeing the BRM, Graham etc watches all advertised in there I’m sure I’ve seen the Longines Moonphase in there too. All the complications in one watch with a fussy dial appealed to me back then (Longines only had a white dial at the time). So after all this time, and with the release of a new dial colour with less numbers giving a cleaner look, it was time to add one to the collection. Impossible to glance at the time but makes me feel like a child in an adults shell everyone I see it. The Omega on the other hand makes me feel like an adult (a fortunate one at that).
  10. G Shock MTG 25th Anniversary: Lots of people love the rainbow IP finish on this. I just love the fact it’s something different in the collection.
  11. Yes some of the high end models are really surprising. They look relatively plain in photos but when you handle one for a length of time you pick up on the nuances that differentiate the model to the cheaper variants. I still wouldn’t pay RRP for one as that puts it in the firing line of the other big players and as an only watch you’d forever be defending your decision to purchase a pricey G Shock as opposed to one of the Swiss brands. But in a collection they certainly have a place especially with a discount.
  12. G Shock MR-G today: Ordinarily wouldn’t drop £2,800 on a G Shock but I picked this up with a 50% discount (from G Shock AD in Thailand, not grey import). Didn’t think Casio could pull off something in a similar price bracket to Longines, Oris, Tag Heuer etc but they certainly did the trick with this. If anyone didn’t know, the titanium case is manufactured by Seiko and they also apply the PVD coating to it. This is one of the reason the price jumps quite steeply from the MT-G range apart from the materials used.
  13. New in last week along with the Longines and SevenFriday but this model surprised me the most. Ordinarily I’d have opted for the automatic version but they weren’t available and they were at a much higher price point (think Longines and Oris tier). In fact I never really considered the T-Race models due to their motorbike inspired designs but after handling them in person I was genuinely surprised at how great they looked and how well engineered they felt in the hand, especially how solid the straps feel connected to the case. Although not a fan of MotoGP I do appreciate the mechanical cues that have gone into the design. The drilled brake disc inspired bezel along with a brake calliper for the crown guard and suspension arms for the straps really make the T-Race stand out to anyone who enjoys motorsport and mechanical engineering. The normal T-Race in s/steel, silver sub-dials and black dial looks great and at the price point it’s a real contender for a great looking analogue sports watch. But this PVD coated s/steel LE version has a different dial layout that makes reading the chronograph registers easier and the colours and strap made it stand out over the normal model. Definitely worth handling one in person if you’ve dismissed them (as I did) previously.
  14. Lovely watch; I’m a sucker for light dialled watches.
  15. New in yesterday and quite fitting as it’s Friday: This has the updated Miyota movement which has the hacking seconds unlike the original. AD gave a good deal and was prepared to swap the stock leather strap for this vintage looking one instead. Suits the case and dial colour much more than black leather. Bracelet was also thrown in free and one of my favourite. Nice shade of red on the chord and it’s more hard wearing than leather or rubber.
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