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  1. MTG today: I prefer the sizing on this that wears large, as opposed to being extra large in the previous gen.
  2. Frogman Origin Gold 35th Anniversary today:
  3. I came across this last week and it’s been playing on my mind ever since. It looks great and the quartz timing allows it to time to 1/100th of a second. There’s a red backlight and the pushers are hinged which feel great! The only issue is the price of it in Thailand. Think it equates to around £650 which is around £200 more than what it should be elsewhere especially as the model is a decade old? There’s currently 15% off the RRP but as you can see form the label there was a recent promotion that I missed out on which was 50% off. What’s your thoughts on the piece; does anyone on here have one?
  4. There’s a criteria in these shopping centres that have to be met before you can park in these designated areas. Nothing to do with what the owner thinks. Coincidentally I’ve just come to Khon Kaen Central Plaza and there’s a Range Rover (full day, not poverty spec Evoque et al) in a normal parking space. Squeezed in like a sardine in between normal cars. I’d have expected it to be in the VIP or supercar area :/
  5. I paid £15,000 for a watch that is now selling for £18,000 and upwards. So don’t even try to imply I’m thick and too stupid to understand your twisted and inaccurate ‘facts’. I’ve never belittled anyone’s watch or collection as everyone has different financial circumstances, priorities and interests in life. My collection is between £150-200k so no I’m not ‘stupid’ as you put it as only a drug dealer or someone whose worked damn hard would have that amount of disposable income over the years to spend on luxuries such as watches amongst other things. I don’t put myself on a pedestal or use my sources of information which are probably much higher and of more significance than yours to make myself look big on the online world. Let me ask you this. Would you talk to me in this manner to my face or are you just pretending to be bigger than you are online because you’ve underachieved in life? I find your comments quite insulting on a personal level. Both you and Jay. Mods I’m sure these are against the forum rules?@Roy any guidance?
  6. Is anyone else finding Tapatalk quite slow to browse and load the forum? It’s been happening for the past week for me. I don’t have any problems on other forums so it must be isolated to here?
  7. AP Forged Carbon today: Wonder if this would cause as many arguments as the s/steel Daytona considering they’re at the same price point. You get what is essentially a plastic case and a rubber strap lol.
  8. The vast majority of PM Rolex don’t hold their value on the used market and they are quite freely available at AD’s. Not sure why you keep mentioning PM pieces when the original argument was about s/steel Daytona models. You keep talking crap when it has nothing to do with the price of fish lol. Upset that you’ve been proven wrong? Maybe I should throw the ‘idiot’ cars right back at you....
  9. Sigh..... I’ll say it again. The precious metal variants are not in demand. No precious metal Rolex (and that includes two tone) are holding their value and the majority are easily sourced at AD’s. Why are you comparing apples to oranges? Your argument was invalid and now your just trying to make it personal by calling me an idiot and justifying what you’ve posted by stating a load of rubbish which has nothing to do with what was stated earlier. You and Jay should meet up.
  10. You really need to research the Rolex market over the last two decades before replying properly. This has nothing to do with the ‘hot models’ of the last two years. The Daytona (after the initial slow sales upon its release) has always been in demand on both the new and used market. It’s consistently commanded a huge premium on its s/steel variants. Even the pre-ceramic and non-Zenith variants are commanding a premium to date. Do you even own any Rolex models or are you just regurgitating what you’ve read by others online? Oh sorry....you have friends who have friends who have pet dogs that share a kennel with a Rolex trustee’s pooch. You and Jay should meet up. Lol!
  11. I used to see one of these occasionally by Warrington in the mornings. Takes me back to my childhood when I had posters of it in yellow on my bedroom wall and playing Need for Speed on the PC!
  12. Mine says hi: There’s a difference between RRP and market rate. RRP is over £9,000 but it’s impossible to obtain as an ordinary customer from any AD. I paid £15,000 in January 2018 via Xupes and that was after some negotiation (they offered me a used model for £14,700 or a new 2018 model for £15,200). Bare in mind if I was to sell it privately in the future I would break even on the purchase price and service costs. Now find me a new watch that is readily available from an AD for under £10,000 that you can sell on the future and not make a loss. I wouldn’t say the vast majority are bought by rich people who don’t care about money. Rolex are bought mainly by people who want to wear a timepiece as an investment. Either it’ll appreciate in the future or it won’t make a loss as much as any other brand. If they didn’t care about money they would go for another brand and take the hit through depreciation should they want to sell in the future. Bare in mind Rolex movements are extremely reliable as they’ve been tried and tested for decades (apart from the latest ones being introduced in some models last year but they’re more of an upgrade rather than a completely different movement). The customers want the image, investment and reliability from the brand which is why they go down that route. You can’t say the same about Tag Heuer or Omega or Breitling et al.
  13. Look for the Wolf watch rolls; I have four of them and they’re amazing. You pay a slight premium for the name but they are well made and protect the watches extremely well.
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