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  1. Yes takes a bit of getting used to, almost like a GMT hand. Thankfully it’s bright orange and easier to remember not to use that hand lol
  2. I sent my father's quartz Omega Constellation in for a service for the second time to Swatch UK last year and being 15 years old I requested it have a full overall. Swatch UK came back to me and said it doesn't require one and a ~£150 battery change, seals and pressure test was sufficient. I'd imagine Breitling would do the same; although if they did send a quotation for £385 I'd imagine this would include a full polish and some other parts being replaced. Something Timpson and the high street cannot do in a competent manner lol.
  3. I love these transulcent sapphire cased watches. Hublot did the UNICO in the same style and in this day and age where manufacturers are using ceramics, plastics, titanium etc then it's only logical we'l see even more different materials used. It's fine if people don't like them; they're not priced at a level where ordinary people can purchase them. They're made in smaller quantities and for celebrities or those whose name begins with 'Sheikh'. For those whose lifestyle and social circles are completely different to anyone on this forum and whose idea of normality is again very different. They wouldn't hesitate to spend more money on a car than most do on several houses. Once you see into their mindset you begin to understand why some of these luxury items are designed and priced the way they are.
  4. You have to be pretty special in the head to think a Steinhart divers homage compares in any way to a Rolex Submariner. Take a Steinhart and all the others for what they are, but those who think they are in any way comparable to the big boys are deluded. I have no problems with anyone who wants to wear a copy or homage; Roy himself made a few RLT's that look similar to the pre ceramic Submariners and they look and feel great for what they are. The streets of Bangkok are full of people trying to sell fake watches; yes these have Richard Mille, Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer etc on the dials and from a distance they do look alike right down to the design and colour. I class these as fakes and not copies. But this topic is focused more on homage watches and as I said above they're fine for what they are. What annoys me is when people try to justify how amazing they are compared to the originals just because they were purchased at a completely different price point.
  5. I miss the roads around there and towards Fort William. Favourite being Glenn Coe! The roads are in amazing condition with the markers warning you how sharp the corners are and counting you down to each one. Great fast roads to drive on and people pull over to let you past too. Completely the opposite of England and Wales lol.
  6. G Shock MTG: The details on the dial are much sharper than the Rolex DSSD, but I’m guessing these weren’t applied by hand:
  7. It’s a great watch for the money. Substantial in size and weight yet still wearable for casual use. Running around 10 seconds fast a day at the moment. I seem to have to keep the strap a notch tighter than normal or it moves around the wrist. I don’t have this problem with the Emperor Tuna but that has a flat caseback whereas the PADI Tuna has a curved caseback.
  8. Thoughts with you and your family. A beautiful way to be close to your father having his watch on your wrist.
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