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  1. Rolex SeaDwellers as they’re the ultimate GADA watches: G Shock Frogman Arctic Research ROV edition:
  2. DSSD for the morning and changing to the Speedie for the rest of the day. No clients for a few days so taking a break from the G Shocks:
  3. I love my Hublot. Carbon fibre case and the UNICO is the first in house movement from Hublot. Chronograph, flyback, date, quick release strap and extremely comfortable to wear. Not cheap at circa £15k these days but it’s definitely one of my top 5 watches in the collection:
  4. Changed to the Zenith Grand Date Moonphase after midday:
  5. Omega Speedmaster Moonphase for breakfast: Ignore the incorrect date!
  6. Parnis SKMEI Any other brands using parts shared with fake/copy watches from the factories in China.
  7. I don’t have a Submariner but I do have have the SeaDwellers. I’ve also got a Planet Ocean and had the first gen PO chrono as my first proper watch. Do I put the Sea-Dwellers above the PO range? Yes I do. I’m lucky enough to own many watches from many brands and as a long term owner I can draw comparisons rather than just viewing them online or at an AD. Your comparing a dress watch to a sports watch so they’re not comparable. Longines produce many sports automatics priced higher than the VHP that are more comparable with the Tag Heuers in terms of price and for those that don’t like the Longines models they can purchase models from other brands. Tag Heuer are on par with Omega IMO and definitely a level above Longines. Just look at the bracelet and clasps you get with the Longines compared to those on Tag Heuers. What’s wrong with a non COSC watch? Omega created their own METAS certification and I know my AP’s and Hublot don’t have COSC. But most Monaco movements nowadays are COSC tested as the older movements aren’t used in the current models. So not sure what model you have but I know my Monaco Gulf is COSC. Not to mention you can get the Monaco’s discounted well below £5k ;) I do agree with this. Many times I’ve seen a watch and thought ‘If that said Casio would I buy it’. But luxury purchases are bought with the heart and logic goes out the window so obviously brands and image do factor into it.
  8. Tag Heuer have some of the most advanced models on the planet. Take a look at the Mikrotimer for instance. They also produced a proper in house tourbillion at a more attainable price point than any other manufacturer. LVMH purchased Zenith to gain knowledge of their movements and produce even better versions for their Hublot brand and higher end Tag Heuer models. What has Longines done in comparison? When was the last time the brand released an innovative movement or complication? The moonphase I have is based in the Valjoux 7750 and its a nice watch but it wasn’t produced by Longines. Priced at around £2.5k compared to my equivalent Speedmaster moonphase at £7k it’s a bargain but it’s nowhere near the Omega in terms of case design, finishing or movement. I didn’t buy the Longines and go ‘damn that Omega was a waste of money’; I bought it for what it was. Rolex has also started introducing an updated in house movement to compete with Omegas master coaxial. They produce all the precious metals in house too which is rare for most manufacturers. Have you seen the price of an Omega Planet Ocean? Your looking at around £5k as a starting point and that’s not a huge saving compared to a Rolex Submariner. It’s priced lower for a reason; if it was so much better it would be at a higher price point. Swatch and Rolex aren’t small companies, they know how to market their watches and what price point to set each model at in comparison to their competitors.
  9. Are you seriously comparing Longines and Tudor to Tag Heuer and Rolex? Completely different markets and price points. Swatch themselves position Omega above Longines and Tudor and Rolex are positioned at different price points and markets too. Rolex sports models were the ultimate GADA watch before they became jewellery. They’re in demand for a reason and the quality and durability is right up there as tool watches. Take a Submariner at RRP at around £6-7k depending on model. You cannot compare a £1k Longines diver in anyway. Omega is on par with the Planet Ocean range but again your on a similar price point for the master coaxial versions as Rolex. The only difference for the past couple of years are that the Rolex s/steel sports models have been available on the grey market only and not through an AD for the average person, whereas Omega et al have been readily available at AD’s and with varying levels of discounts. Pay extra to get one now for a Submariner and it’ll still hold its value over a decade or two due to demand and the inevitable price increases over the years. You may not break even but you won’t suffer anywhere near the same loss as if you sold an equivalent Omega model. You’ll also suit a Rolex as you get older whereas a cheaper Longines or a bright orange Omega will start to look out of place as you become a person of the older variety!
  10. My first Tag was the Carrera bullhead (which ended my relationship with Goldsmiths for good!): Second was the Carrera Caliber 16 that was a gift from my mother when she went to Pakistan a few years ago: Third was my Monaco Gulf: It’s not my ‘go to’ brand; that goes to G Shocks or the Omega brand. But I’m glad I have these in the collection. As with most brands, it’s not the actual brand that catches my attention but the specific model. Same goes for cars; a poverty spec BMW 2 series is just an affordable leasing option but a well spec’d M2 is on another level. People hating the brand often haven’t even owned one which doesn’t make sense to me. Watches are not political or religious symbols; if you like w specific brand or model then good for you. If you hate one then ignore it and look for something else. Hublot also get a slaying on this forum at times and that’s owned by the same parent company. Don’t think many on here own a Hublot either.
  11. King G Shock DGK collaboration: King G Shock DGK collaboration:
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