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  1. Since manufacturing became more expensive in Japan and there were export issues with the factories in China, there’s been a few more factories around Asia making their normal watches Thailand has at least one factory. The premium models are still manufactured and assembled in their premier factory in Japan. The MR-G range has its own production line there too. Oi nothing wrong with AP! #banhim
  2. The issue I have with these aftermarket parts is that they are made in the same factories that manufacture the parts for the fake/replica pieces. Same issue I have with Parnis et al. At least they don’t say ‘G Shock’ on them or that would be asking for trouble on here! Oh snap! I got mine the other week on launch day with a small discount which is very rare in Thailand. If you don’t see their adverts then your likely not their target audience. I see their adverts everywhere, mainly online. Few posters here and there in Thailand too.
  3. G Shock MTG-B2000 (Blue Phoenix) today:
  4. I use Tapatalk for other forums, both watches and cars so it’s more convenient for browsing. It also makes it easier to upload images as you can do it in the same post without using a third party image hosting service. Having used the mobile version of the site, it is good but it’s a pain when you want to browse several forums one by one. It also doesn’t allow me to post images as easily as Tapatalk. Roy, other forums are still compatible with Tapatalk. Please see what you can do to make this compatible with it.
  5. For everyone saying it doesn’t matter what others think and wear what you want….I put this point across to you: Would you wear a suit that’s two sizes too large or small? A shirt that’s too baggy round the middle or skin tight? Image matters in this shallow society of ours. There’s a grey area and then there’s being outright ridiculous (take those huge Diesel watches for example!) Of course these are extremes and the OP’s watch in question could look okay with the bracelet adjusted. I think photos from other angles would be more helpful; perhaps a shot taken in a mirror would give a better perspective also.
  6. Tapatalk isn’t working anymore. Could be due to the update?
  7. I think this would be split into two parts for me. The first would be the thrill of the chase and doing a deal. I’d go for watches £100k-200k from the same vendor and would see just how much movement there would be on the price The second would be to actually getting the piece on the wrist and enjoying the complications and details that you only notice close up. A few manufacturers from the top of my head would be: AP Hublot Jacob&Co PP RM I’d also want the ultra high end models from Breguet, Omega, Tag Heuer etc. Mainly the tourbillon versions they only produce as showcase pieces. £10k-£50k buys you many conservative looking pieces. It’s the £100k mark where things go crazy!
  8. Next time take it straight to LVMH service centre. If the watch has monetary or sentimental value, the money spent on a proper service and warranty will be worth it.
  9. I use winders whilst others choose not to. There is very little difference between the two choices. As stated above, winders do NOT run 24/7. They also place considerably less torque on the watch than it was sat on your wrist. I also prefer to use them not just out of convenience but to protect the screw down crowns.
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