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  1. You must be new here! Some people on here complain about Rolex as though they have the money in their pocket but it’s impossible to buy one at an AD, hence their frustration. I don’t see the same people complaining about purchasing property or certain models of vehicles, jewellery, clothing/trainers and those industries that have huge markups on just waiting lists where a a slot can be sold for a profit. but as soon as someone mentions the ‘R’ word then all hell breaks loose. You wanted people’s opinions on the Hublot you were interested in. You got opinions from some people who have no idea of the brand, models, the movements or even handled any of them in person. Yet they’re self qualified to tell others what they think based on a photo and if anyone disagrees with them then they must be wrong. I gave you my opinion and it got swept under the carpet and dismissed by many others. That’s fine it’s within your rights. But if this is the community you all want the forum to become then I’ll gladly leave. I can’t help but think if I started commenting on other member’s watches in the same way they speak about certain brands….let’s just say I don’t think it would end well.
  2. A strange thing to say isn't it? Why would someone spending their own money on something of their choice affect any aspect of your life? A forum is based on people's experiences and opinions. But there are still rules to follow to keep things civilized. Some members on here seem to forget that.
  3. I'm assuming he's referring to the fake bidders that push the prices up for those bidding genuinely.
  4. Not at all and hopefully its a lesson learnt that you'll take it to a proper service center next time. Cut your losses and enjoy it until the next service. Unless its really bothering you then get it serviced by Oris who can replace the hands and provide a proper guarantee afterwards.
  5. I'm getting a different price but maybe that's down to me being in Thailand and any exchange rate variances: https://www.omegawatches.com/customer-service/interventions-and-prices/price-calculator
  6. My Speedie 50th anniversary went to their service centre in Switzerland as Swatch service centre in BKK did not have the parts. Was around 590GBP including a few extra parts. What was the breakdown of the 675 please as that's higher than Swatck UK's normal service cost?
  7. Normally the hands would be replaced on a regular service if there are signs of corrosion. I don't think there is anything out of the ordinary with your watch especially being ten years old!
  8. Ideal for keeping solar watches charged up ;)
  9. I would like to know how it would look in the real world when the hands are not in line with the numbers. For example in your photo the hour hand would not be exactly in line with the number 9. Or say it was 9:27 or 9:45 how would the hands look in relation to the numbers on the dial.
  10. Ignore most of the negative comments on here. Most can’t even afford anything higher than a Parnis or Seiko and they wouldn’t know a decent watch if it hit them in the face :p Actually ignore most of that…the watch in question really isn’t one of the better Hublot designs and for that money I would go for a higher end Omega diver with a master co-axial movement. I got my Hublot after the Rolex Daytona and two AP Royal Oak’s, all with six months. It was the only one Xupes had in stock and after having more traditional style watches in the collection, I wanted something more high tech. Read up on the UNICO movement as it really is something truly in-house and special. LVMH purchased Zenith a while ago to get their technical knowledge of movements and it shows in their in-house Tag’s and Hublot. You are looking at double your budget though, which I appreciate probably makes my suggestion useless. I just don’t want someone to purchase something at such a high price point and then realise it’s one of the lower end models and becoming outdated. Here’s mine: <a href="https://ibb.co/SyzgFJ4"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/Pjdyqtv/213847-DB-804-C-4-E15-8843-976-FC78-B1-C96.jpg" alt="213847-DB-804-C-4-E15-8843-976-FC78-B1-C96" border="0"></a> <a href="https://ibb.co/4fV3wYt"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/N3ybgmC/3661-F7-E0-17-D8-4-AAE-9-F2-B-18-CE181-BB020.jpg" alt="3661-F7-E0-17-D8-4-AAE-9-F2-B-18-CE181-BB020" border="0"></a> <a href="https://ibb.co/sgZKKDJ"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/fXskkKG/1-AC323-A3-E063-4-C25-88-D9-5-D007-BCB9-C0-F.jpg" alt="1-AC323-A3-E063-4-C25-88-D9-5-D007-BCB9-C0-F" border="0"></a>
  11. The He on Omega divers is as iconic as a cyclopse on a Rolex; not everyone is a fan. Personally I hate cyclopse but I do love the He valve on my PO9300 as it makes it look more functional and a tool watch. The PloProf He is integrated as per the Rolex divers though. The pin and buckle are Ti as far as I am aware; same as the DSoM and GSoM variants. Both of mine have stood the test of time over the years.
  12. I have almost all the variants of the metal squares already in both stainless steel and titanium; the majority are going to be sold now as I have this multi-coloured version. A friend tried the metal square on rubber strap when I first got it and it sat fine on her tiny wrists. She’s one the smallest women I know at well under 5ft tall (short); I would ask others but I don’t want them to know about my watches lol! You might be surprised at how it wears once on the wrist and the larger screen makes the numerical easier to read than smaller watches with smaller displays. I don’t mind about the colours; as long as at leats one fo each colour is on either side of the bracelet then I’m happy! I guess it depends on how large or small one’s wrists are; at 6.75” it seems to size perfectly and I have at least one of each colour on each side.
  13. Was just about to post the same thing. Looks nice in photos but in person a 38mm chrono is not going to be very legible and the dial looks extremely cramped. It’s a similar problem to the Omega Speedmaster and the reduced variant; looks a bit feminine and the dial is nowhere near as good as the normal version. Rolex were on the mark with the 40mm Daytona (it actually measures a fraction smaller). Surprising how much of a difference 2mm can make!
  14. I could easily group the first three categories together. How you might ask? Supply chain. I despise the likes of Parnis et al as their parts are derived from factories that also supply the parts for the counterfeit trade. Do you think there are separate factories producing divers bezels replicating Omega or Rolex for example and then supplying them to the homage brands, and then separate factories producing the same style of bezels for the counterfeit market?
  15. The PloProf is certainly not none of the most aesthetically pleasing watches to look at but it is interesting and extremely functional. It grew on me like a rash grows on your skin! On a serious note it did take several passing glances over a few weeks in Beaverbrooks Trafford Centre before I even dared ask to try it on my wrist. Once it was on it genuinely surprised me just how comfortable it wore, and the more I looked at it the more I was drawn to its design. Did I mention it's orange!
  16. Omega PloProf with an LG Puricare mask:
  17. isn’t that classed as stealing? :p Looks like a miniature lion! I have two Persians and the Himalayan in the last photo. Cat hair all over the place!!! Used to have three Poms (not out of choice, just happened that way) and they are more fun and attentive than cats. I was tempted with the bracelet version as it has more of a visual impact surrounded in metal but iirc the dial was black and I already have a Speedie on bracelet. If I saw yours with the bracelet and blue dial my decision would have been made even harder as it looks great. Instagram wis guys decided at the time the blue dial was better so my mind was made up. Too many black dials in the collection anyway. Since being in Thailand I prefer rubber and leather over bracelets due to the heat. It smells of poo after a while
  18. Not sure how the colours would affect resizing the bracelet? We just removed the ones either side of the clasp. I love it, it’s not as vibrant as in the photos so it doesn’t really pop in your face. But managed to scratch the clasp and two links so a tad annoyed ha! Yes it met my expectations as I saw plenty of library and wrist photos before purchasing it.
  19. I have 6.75” wrists (maybe but bigger now) and wear the DSSD and the SD4000. The glidelock on the DSSD is amazing and lets you adjust the bracelet without taking the watch off. I would say try it first as my wrists are flat and it makes larger watches more comfortable to wear. But if your wrist is round then the watch may feel top heavy. If the DSSD is too big then have you considered the SD4000 or the newer SD43?
  20. Hi Justin you carry on and never use LVMH service centre ever again. Hats off to you! All service centres and independants have their issues. In my experience the main service centres such as LVMH, Swatch UK etc are more likely to put things right if something goes wrong. They’re all human at the end of the day. I had my Zenith that was under warranty have a full overhaul and new bracelet and hands after LVMH didn’t complete the warranty work twice in a row. They even extended the warranty and gave a letter of apology. That’s how they rectify a mistake once they are aware of it. Sure I used Instagram to raise my grievances and even mentioned the customer services individual by name but it got the result I was after. MIQ on here (I know him personally from car forums) had his Monaco replaced free of charge outside warranty after his watch came back with defects. I advised him to write a letter of complaint stating his grievances and it did the trick. They looked after him and he was made up with the result. I’ve had issues with Swatch UK in the past and they’ve always put things right in the end. Even completed work that was not covered under warranty completely free of charge. But you carry on and spit your dummy out the pram. Good on you!
  21. Love the green strap on the Panerai!
  22. Sounds like you want to make a profit on any purchases. All I will say is that if it was so easy, we would all be millionaires on here.
  23. Ti AP ROC today: Just a shame whole of Bangkok is locked down due to covid :(
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