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  1. This one is custom made for the Orient Mako:
  2. I only have one option available for the MM300: http://forums.watchuseek.com/f30/fs-chisel-bracelets-sbdx001-sammie-sumo-others-2639209-post23026809.html#post23026809
  3. The article was written by one of my customers who invited me for the interview. I filled out some questionnaires and he did the rest. However, some contents were not true about me and they said it's hard to edit them once the article was posted. Please don't take that too seriously.
  4. Yes but that's very easy to handle and the outcome will be the same as those with correct pins.
  5. Yes, I can put the parts together on the SKX007 for you.
  6. Made for 3:00 crown but you can always modify it to fit the SKX007:
  7. I think it's easier to read now with the custom hands on the watch. Thank you Steve!
  8. I sell the complete bezel with bezel insert for US$80. I only have one bezel insert design at the moment.
  9. Hi there, I'm thinking of modding my Seiko SKX009 I am looking for a new bezel insert Blue/Black ( like the Rolex GMT/BLNR style) also possible a Tuna style Shroud in stainless steel. If you have such items in stock would it be possible to get a quote please, or would you be able to point me in the right direction of where I can find such items? (Apart from eBay)


    kind regards,



    1. yobokies


      Hi Justin,

      I'm sorry I don't have any of the named parts available for the SKX009.  i only have the shroud made for SRP227/229 and the bezel insert made for Orient GMT.


  10. Hi Harold

    I have mislaid your email address sorry. Please can you give me a price for a s/s shroud for the SRP227 and also the black one.


    Also - do you sell the bezel lume pips separately - i am after a few small ones?





  11. yobokies


    Thank you Barry!
  12. I'll post picture once I have them delivered.
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