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  1. And this... ...and this... l had a great journey. Learnt so much. Forgotten most of it! Had some really great pieces. Wasted loads of cash. Met some great people. Still in touch with a few. So glad this forum is still going strong
  2. It's been a while... Life has certainly moved on. But I did manage to keep this...
  3. Great start. Less of those noisy motorised ones though please! Here is my daily commute (2002 I think, GIANT team issued) - it's a very very light frame. And my old race bike And my NOS (until I scratched it!) 1993 Specilized Stumpjumper Keep them coming...
  4. I've built two bikes from scratch this summer. It's been great fun sourcing parts and seeing the bike build up from just a frame. Here are my two: Isaac Force (2008) Kona Explosive Scandium (2001) So lets see what's lurking in your garage...
  5. These were taken before but don't really show you close up the difference
  6. Looks great Mike. Is that the original box and bracelet?
  7. Brilliant. Thanks Roger. 766660 makes it June 1977. The year and exact month my wife was born so this must be a keeper now for sure...
  8. I wanted to have my favourite Seiko refurbished back to near new condition so following Gary's posts about the lapping machine Rocco at Watchworks is now using it was an easy decision. My pictures aren't up th Gary's standards but you get the picture I'm sure. Very, very pleased with the result... Sadly I wasn't up to photographing the case back as it had too many reflections but needless to say it is faultless. Happy boy...
  9. Two kids, an expensive wife, mortgage, car and three bikes. Easy really! ;)
  10. Thanks. I've since replaced the scratched xtal so it's pretty much immaculate...
  11. I wrote sometime ago that I thought my (albeit little) collection was complete when I posted this image I had bought/sold perhaps 75-100 watches through the forums to get to a position where I felt I had tried pretty much everything I wanted to however, other priorities (and a sense of 'done that') meant that inevitably pieces got moved on. Since that time I've slowly rebuilt up a small collection again. A few pieces have come and gone within that period. I'm now in a position where I really am happy with my lot. I feel there is a nice balance between aesthetics (style / colour), br
  12. 176.007 Loving this and hasn't been taken off since it's return from STS
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