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  1. And this... ...and this... l had a great journey. Learnt so much. Forgotten most of it! Had some really great pieces. Wasted loads of cash. Met some great people. Still in touch with a few. So glad this forum is still going strong
  2. It's been a while... Life has certainly moved on. But I did manage to keep this...
  3. Great start. Less of those noisy motorised ones though please! Here is my daily commute (2002 I think, GIANT team issued) - it's a very very light frame. And my old race bike And my NOS (until I scratched it!) 1993 Specilized Stumpjumper Keep them coming...
  4. I've built two bikes from scratch this summer. It's been great fun sourcing parts and seeing the bike build up from just a frame. Here are my two: Isaac Force (2008) Kona Explosive Scandium (2001) So lets see what's lurking in your garage...
  5. These were taken before but don't really show you close up the difference
  6. Looks great Mike. Is that the original box and bracelet?
  7. Brilliant. Thanks Roger. 766660 makes it June 1977. The year and exact month my wife was born so this must be a keeper now for sure...
  8. I wanted to have my favourite Seiko refurbished back to near new condition so following Gary's posts about the lapping machine Rocco at Watchworks is now using it was an easy decision. My pictures aren't up th Gary's standards but you get the picture I'm sure. Very, very pleased with the result... Sadly I wasn't up to photographing the case back as it had too many reflections but needless to say it is faultless. Happy boy...
  9. Two kids, an expensive wife, mortgage, car and three bikes. Easy really! ;)
  10. Thanks. I've since replaced the scratched xtal so it's pretty much immaculate...
  11. I wrote sometime ago that I thought my (albeit little) collection was complete when I posted this image I had bought/sold perhaps 75-100 watches through the forums to get to a position where I felt I had tried pretty much everything I wanted to however, other priorities (and a sense of 'done that') meant that inevitably pieces got moved on. Since that time I've slowly rebuilt up a small collection again. A few pieces have come and gone within that period. I'm now in a position where I really am happy with my lot. I feel there is a nice balance between aesthetics (style / colour), brand and function / functionality. I'm not going to say 'that's my lot', but for the forseeable future, my work here is done. And to the members whom I've bought, sold and learn't from, a sincere thanks to you. You know who you are... Left to right: Seiko 6138 3002 (197? - does anyone know where the Seiko date calculator has gone?) Omega Seamaster 176.002 (1972) JLC Masterquartz (1972) Doxa SUB Professional (1972) Bucherer UDT Chronoquartz (late 1980's.)
  12. 176.007 Loving this and hasn't been taken off since it's return from STS
  13. Big thumbs up from me. Very very cool. I'm still waiting for gold to be fashionable again! LOL
  14. Yes that is one way of looking at it. I had a similar experience with a Chronoquarz. It really was a train crash which I took a massive gamble on which I ended up letting a fellow forum member have for what it cost me. I wonder where it is now?? Before After A fantastic piece but one very much for a collector which I am not.
  15. Not too sure. I've consulted the bible (AJTT) but it makes no reference to this. What it does mention though is that Albert Piguet was presented a gold version in 1977 with an engraving on the back celebrating his design of the Lemania movement on his retirement so no doubt there is a link there somewhere...
  16. No I simply typed the model number into eBay and it popped up. Like I said I took a massive risk as the pictures and description was really poor and probably paid over the odds but hey, ho, it was the only way I could finance one of these without selling something from my merger collection.
  17. Last winter I bought a complete train-crash from you know where. It was a massive risk as there was only a set of really poor photographs and a brief description to reference. I ended up paying good money for it since some git put a last second bid in which pushed the auction to right up to my maximum – three times more than the bid stood at with 3 second to go! Bu99er! L I couldn’t afford to buy one outright so I looked towards this as long-term project, spreading the cost in order to put one right. This is what arrived: As you can see it had been water damaged and was fitted with the wrong pusher and crown. I had no idea what the movement was going to be like but like you can guess there was corrosion inside. But essentially the case was completely unmolested and the bracelet complete so there was some comfort. Doing some research on this model I could see at least six variants for the dial chapter-ring, sub-dials and hand-sets. What I couldn’t see was something that recreated the F300 Speedsonic that was once in my possession which I deeply regret letting go and wanted to replicate: So a trip to STS and a few months what this is what arrived: Now I appreciate amongst the purists amongst you that this is indeed a franken, and nothing that Omega ever actually made however, I loved it and so did my non-horologist mates with admiring comments aplenty. However in the back of my mind it was nagging me that this was a frankin no matter which way I looked at it so back to Essex it went. Today I had a special delivery and this is what arrived: First impressions? Love it. Any regrets? Yes and no. Yes, because I think I still preferred to all blue variant. No, because I know this will grow on me…
  18. Original thread is here: http://www.thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=81690 Thanks to everyone who supported me through this challenge completed over the weekend. It was tough as expected however worth every bit of effort to finish the 300 miles. We (my mate Ian - the Rob Brydon lookalike and I) have raise over £2100 thus far but happy to receive more here if you can spare a few quid. https://www.justgiving.com/RyanMan-ThemValleyBoyz
  19. £1250 raised thus far for this very worthy cause. Every contribution most gratefully recieved no matter how great or small. 3 days to go before the off and getting quite nervous now... Cheers, Stuart
  20. £650 raised so far with just over two weeks to go before the big event. Please help me reach the the target I've set myself. No contribution too small and gratefully recieved. Thanks you.
  21. Here is my brothers latest single and video http://www.thelineofbestfit.com/videos/music-videos/watch-milk-biscuits-hairstyles-123380
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