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  1. Today I have mostly learned about red X's :tongue2: Connect 4 is about right! Not my mug of char but each to thier own, good luck learning to read it but if its too difficult you could always learn Russian or Greek instead :lol:
  2. Us newbies don't get to see such hidden treasures :blink:
  3. WOW... I like em! I get people doing a double take just wearing Orange Monster or Yellow Citizen Promaster, do people cross the street or shield thier children when they see these coming? lol :eek:
  4. I took one of mine apart nearly that quick! :D I really miss that watch :cry2: :lol:
  5. I posted these on another thread but hey, you aked the question and might have missed them. Someone said he bought the same ones and they didn't last but I have been wearing these on different watches and had no problems at all. I have 5 of these straps, 3 Orange, one Blue and one Red. I Love them :P And the Blue one
  6. Me too, what are ebay doing, trying to cure the unwilling? has my wife got a job there? has my Bank Manager got a job there??? :blink:
  7. Croton Chronomaster reversable / two sided Owned it for a year, still never seen another. I wrote to Croton asking for info and got nothing. :huh: Fun watch anyway :D
  8. Sometimes you have to look into the past to see the future! This was his last creation... a snip at 3 zillion wongers!!! :lol:
  9. Great minds think alike! That's watch, strap AND worn today :eek:
  10. 'Very rare'??? If they are so rare how did this many come together? Special collectors meeting in the Dog and Duck? :lol:
  11. Thanks Peter, I have added him as fav seller and await a re-stock ;)
  12. just used your pic as a example to the 710 that I do not have a problem with watches :lol: :lol: :lol: So did I, and all she said was "You're not getting another one, let alone that many". :down: :crybaby: :sadwalk: I just tried that and mine said why don't you collect in moderation like that man?!?!? I admire the way you have stuck to your theme, I have strayed from the 5400/1 to Divers with a few DX's on the way :lol: and that doesn't include the random 'one bid wonders' I can't bring myself to part with. A collection to be proud of! Where did you get the stands from?
  13. As most of the 007 and 53 you guys have are modded i was wondering if they are easy to do or do you have to send them to a specilaist. I have a 007 which is great and a pleasure to wear, but I am lovin this picture, the strap sets the watch off and highlights the red on the chapter ring perfectly. bullet markers get my vote too! I feel a buy coming on :lol:
  14. Awww that's not good :huh: If its any consolation I have had the strap that's on the monster for about a year, I have had it on two different watches... saying that I only wear the strap once a month.... too many other watches to wear :lol:
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