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  1. Another London one for you, in Great Queen St, near Covent Garden: http://www.freemasonry.london.museum/
  2. Nice watch. Not so sure about the piece of junk HIFI it's sat on ;) :tongue2: The Cyrus kit has gone, replaced by lovely shiny naim components :thumbup:
  3. That looks very good :thumbup: Toshi's straps are good aren't they.......
  4. Great watch and I did exactly the same. Bought a getat to see how I got on with it and now on the hunt for the 'right' Pam too.......
  5. Excellent choice on both counts Sir! Make sure you get some pictures up when they arrive.
  6. Stowa don't take the cash until your watch is on the assembly line. You order it, they acknowledge, you get an email several months later saying your watch is ready to build and can you please pay now, a couple of weeks later you receive a nice shiny box full of Stowa goodness. :thumbsup:
  7. I ordered in September (end of) and delivery was due end of December but the snow played havoc with Stowa's deliveries. They did actually contact me to ask if I wanted to take the risk and have it sent out during all the bad weather or wait until the new year when they could guarantee delivery in a couple of days.
  8. My Antea KS arrived last week - it's even better in the metal than in the photos. I'm very pleased with it - the design is simplicity itself but oh so classy. I did seriously consider a Nomos instead but decided on the Stowa and spent the difference on some more watches!
  9. Present to myself for my 40th! Very pleased with it - the wait was worth it.
  10. I don't have one but my wife has 3 of his. They are very well made and feel far more expensive than they are. The packaging they come in also puts more expensive brands to shame. Having said all that - his latest models are definitely moving up a price bracket or 3! Give them a try - they have the 60:60 returns/warranty thing so you haven't much to lose. Guy
  11. I love the orange, good job we're all different :tongue2: The Combat is a great watch for the money...
  12. 3 excellent watch shops in Vegas: 1) Venetian Grande Canal Shops, just off the piazza/square but can't remember the name! Good range with all the usual mid to high end suspects. Willing to haggle and should offer a discount without much prompting. I got 25% off a Glycine with no trouble at all. 2) Tourneau in The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. Huge shop with a huge (and I mean huge) range. Everything from Casio to JLC. Spent over an hour in here just browsing and they are more than happy to let you try stuff. 3) Smaller shop (can't remember name) just down from Tourneau. Nowhere near as large a range but very friendly and helpful. As an aside, while you are there you NEED to go and see 'Le Reve' at the Wynn. Awesome show that will blow your mind. Well worth the ticket price. Guy
  13. Stowa Kleine Sekunde? Lovely looking thing and just about to order one......
  14. The CWs certainly hold their own in that company don't they. My 710 has 3 CWs but I've yet to take the plunge, hers are great though, nicely made and very solid.
  15. Do you know how patronising and gittish that sounded...... I'm interested in his kit list and I'm fully aware it's what the system sounds like and how it's put together. You can come off your high horse now.
  16. :jawdrop: :notworthy: Need more details and specs though please........
  17. Fear not - they live again :thumbsup: New Castle Speakers They were bought out by IAG sometime last year, expect the new range at a dealer near you soon.
  18. Very nice - oh to have rooms that size. What are we looking at kit wise? Here's mine, a little smaller than yours but still makes me smile every time I put a CD on. Cyrus CD7Q +PSXR, ACA7.5 +PSXR, 2 x SmartPowers in monobloc config, Castle Severn MkII speakers and some A/V guff.....
  19. If you like it then go for it. It is a design classic IMHO and mine never fails to elicit a response from people. Personally I think it's a watch that goes well for most occasions, I tend to wear mine when suited and booted but it goes equally well with jeans. The leather strap appears very thin and flimsy but it is actually very good quality and very supple leather.
  20. Good choice - I'm a big Glycine fan, very well made for not much dosh. Here's mine, purchased in Vegas for a very good price and now on the obligatory Toshi:
  21. New arrival for me today. Bought to see how I got on with the size/shape and it has confirmed I want a real one much to the 710's dismay :whistle:
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