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  1. The sad thing is that I came across these in a cardboard box with some other watches and it was in a storage area under a display. After I took the pix they went back the same way and were not catalogged or anything. There have been 2 new curators since then so I don't know if they are aware of these or if they are still hidden away. You certainly could request a research visit mention what I have said and see what they would say. I have not been there in a long time but they had a cabinet of over a thousand other watches, (most were pockets) that we catalogged, arranged in order and entered in a database. That cabinet is kept closed and unseen by visitors except by arrangement with the curator.At least if someone is researching those watches the database will tell if they have them and exactly what drawer and slot they are in. Once in a while they sell dupes though an auction house. When I was researching the article I wrote for the NAWCC on Waterbury rotary watches (1880s) I found some prototypes of them at the museum and no one was aware of how unique or importent they were.
  2. Wow, 57 views and not one comment! Guess prototype Hamiltons are not of much interest here. Nice visit, I'll get me hat.
  3. Well I'm coming up on the big 80 and still on the green side of the lawn so I thought I'd drop in and say hello. To keep it on the electric topic. I thought I would post these pix I took a few years ago while doing inventory at the American Clock and Watch Museum. I think I may have shown one before. Cheers
  4. Older than dirt but still looking down at the grass, Paul. :yes: Hope you are well also there on the shore. Haven't been doing anything with the watches but coincidently got an email this AM from someone wanting to buy my Swisssonic. I told him I hadn't thought about selling it but if the offer was right I would. The offer wasn't right. :D :D That made me look in on the forum and saw this thread coincidently.
  5. Paul either I mislead you or wasn't clear enough The 1969 Prestige line included 2 black dial and 2 white dial but the white ones did not have the BBs on the dial. 99041 had vertical batons at 12,6, and 9 and horizontal ones at the other hrs. It has the yellow round case . 99241 has the yellow cushion case and different markers in the same arrangement.The 1970 line was the same .
  6. Nice to see a few friendly faces that remember this old :censored: ! Mel, for you I'd add a blythe yuil an a guid hogmanay! My best to Mrs Mel. And Paul, I have pretty much given up on adding electrics to the collection when competetive bidding got beyond my pensions abilities. The only electric I added that you weren't aware of is a Hamilton Ricoh. I still have a few in need of repair when finances allow. Truthfully even my pocket watch collecting has been at a standstill and I gave up my membership in the NAWCC and the museum. With the economy I had to make hard choices where to spend :butcher: and those member dues were quick to go.
  7. to wish Happy Holidays to all and especially to any that might remember me from the past. :bag: Cheers :drinks: Bill
  8. Thanks for the well wishes but I think you are right. It's just an excuse to party after all these years. All we Yanks came from somewhere else (in my case my father from Scotland) but I imagine our Native Americans don't celebrate Independance Day. :cowboy: As for the Royal Wedding some here were fascinated to watch an event you all paid for. :grin: :cheers:
  9. Yeah, it's very bland and uninteresting, just a bunch of Timex collectors always willing to give helpful answers and share their acquired knowledge with folks who are polite and acknowledge the help. No joke pages, Japanese watch forums, Russian and Chinese forums,and all those necessary Off Topic sub forums. Very bland indeed. http://www.thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=63356
  10. If so, my sincerest apologies. It just came in my NAWCC newsletter today. I will endeavor to be more astute in the future.
  11. News flash "The Casio F-91W wristwatch, an inexpensive, widely available quartz digital wristwatch, has been identified by leading terrorism experts as an item in use by agents of al-Qaida. Briefing documents used to train anti-terrorism personnel at Guantánamo Bay advise that possession of the F-91W-- available online for around $10-- may indicate the wearer has been trained in explosives handling and bomb making by al-Qaida in Afghanistan."
  12. 312 dimensions are Hgt 3.6mm dia 7.9mm
  13. Congradulations Roger!. When I read the title I was fascinated by the thought of a cultivator powered by a sea bird. :to_become_senile: Very green and PC you know. Then I realized you Brits have a strange way with the language. :whistle: :pardon: :goof: Enjoy the bounty.
  14. On the wrist, I sometimes wear this 1887 Elgin (keeps excellent time). It was a ladies pocket converted to a wrist by adding wire lugs about 1918-20 When carrying a pocket this 1878 Benedict and Burnham Mind you these are only worn on certain occaisions with the Elgin getting more frequent use.
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