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  1. Has anyone owned a PVD watch for a long amount of time? How did the case fair against wear & tear?
  2. Hi all What are the thoughts on the Black Bay Chrono? If you were offered one would you go for it.
  3. Hey all Does anyone have an opinion on the Tudor GMT? I have been offered one at an AD and an considering it.
  4. Tudor Pelagos is required with all this rain.
  5. Managed to pick one of these up after a 3 week wait. Thinking about it I was super lucky, right place and right time.
  6. Funny old angle this.. my new acquisition!
  7. Strange, it says Last Piece available last time I checked
  8. Have an NTH Nacken Modern Blue myself, love it. Great quality.
  9. The NTH Nacken no date (Modern blue). Available from Page & Cooper.
  10. That's one way to celebrate! LOL. Fair play, I've never heard of something like that happening. Hoping to beat you in the final, though..........
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