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Found 37 results

  1. I need help in dating this Waltham. I could not find a serial number, per se. On the movement I found Waltham Watch Co. Swiss -- don't know if made in Switzerland or just Swiss movement. It also says "unadjusted," 7j, WXO, Swiss HMX and the nunbers 1177. As it says incabloc on the dial I take that it must be from around the 1950+s.The original box says "Centennial Year"... as they started in 1850, I wonder if this is a watch from 1950... Any hellp?
  2. So I stumbled across This bad boy yesterday and wanted to get some opinions as I've never seen or heard of it my life before.
  3. After I opened my Hamilton wristwatch I found the serial number... didn't help much -- 56084F. I also had 19J engraved on the engine and Grade 753. When I looked in the chart provided in the pinned post I found some watches dated or listed by Grade... Don't know what Grade means, but it did place the manufacture between 1951-1954... On the chart the F appears at the beginning of the serial number. Anyone care to enlighten me on the Grade thing?
  4. I received this Elgin as a gift from my best friend's deceased father many years ago.... It has its original 726 English pigskin band. The movement is mechanical and it runs very well. It is an Elgin De Luxe... 14k gold filled.. Iwear it quite frequently... My watch repairman friend says that he doesn't dare to open it... The pattina is there to show the watches' age... Should I send it for a rejuvenation process? BTW, I don't kow how to date it but it seems to be circa 40s? I understand that Elgin's ar US made... I am right? Thank you.
  5. Hi, Looking for some thoughts on the pros and cons of vintage vs brand new. Obviously everyone will have their own view, just looking for some hints and tips before I take the plunge for a new watch. Looking to send between 500/700 GBP. Looking for an automatic, reasonably smart dress watch. My thoughts on buying new are - should work perfectly, guarantee of purchase, wide selection (but unable to afford the premium brands), For vintage my main concern would be condition. Would it need serviced? How accurate will the time keeping be? But the plus points being able to (maybe) buy a classic timepiece with a good history. Any hints and tips would be appreciated. Also websites that specialise in vintage watches. Thanks Kevin
  6. Hi, Have joined the forum as am doing some investigation into a new watch. Have been looking at he Hamilton khaki or Hamilton intra matic. Thinking of maybe getting a more traditional classic watch, rather than the chrono (which I have a few of already). Would love the rolex or omega but budget at the moment won't stretch that far - or will it if I opt for second hand vintage. Needs to be an automatic with a smooth sweep, ideally with white / cream dial and leather strap. Any recommendations? Current collection include - Seiko titanium Fossil Swatch irony Tissot PRC200 Thanks for any suggestions. Kevin
  7. Hi, Can someone educate me on the necessity of a watch winder to keep an automatic watch running? I know that this will save resetting the time / date etc if the watch is kept wound, but will it increase or reduce the lifespan of a watch? Is it better to keep the watch running or will it not do any harm if it runs out of charge. Looking to add an automatic to my collection, but will want to rotate with my others watches. Thanks for any advice Kevin
  8. Have you guys seen this new Instagram User @dailywatch? Pretty awesome gallery: http://instagram.com/dailywatch Found my next watch there! I think you would like it :)
  9. Hello all I just wondered if anyone had come across Brooklyn Watches before. I stumbled across an article on a gadget site a few months back about this guy David Sokosh who was taking vintage pocket watch movements and placing them in contemporary cases with new hands and faces. The watches are only available through his website or in person from the Brooklyn Flea market for between $500 and $1000 each and in my opinion look very nice! I'm pretty new to the forums so I understand I shouldn't post link to sales websites, but have a search as they are worth a look. My personal favourite is The Bennett Field watch. Here is a link to a short documentary called 'The Watchmaker showing how David Sokosh come about creating these watches http://vimeo.com/39194241
  10. Got quite excited this morning when the postman bought me ... I know it isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I do like the Lum Tec watches!
  11. I’m the web editor at Plaza Watch, a watch magazine distributed in over 45 countries. We are launching a new website later this autumn and I’m now looking for bloggers to team up with. I’m a regular visitor to Wrist Fashion and think we could do something really good together. Since you already have really good content perhaps we could share this somehow? And you would of course get a link to your website and a mention somehow. Would you be interested in this? If so then I will give you more info about the site and make sure you get the magazine on a regular basis.
  12. Hi Everyone, I'm new here so please excuse me if i'm posting this in the wrong place or in the wrong manner. Anyway I was at an auction the other day and I bought a lot of mixed watches and amongst them was this Texas Instruments Quartz LCD watch. I din't think much of it to start with but on further inspection and after countless hours on google researching I think it might be of some interest. If anyone has any idea what year it might be from or owns a similar watch or in fact any information at all that would be much appreciated! Also could it possibly be the first ever affordable quartz digital watch that I hear some people talk about?
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